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Javier Cabada (mod whimsy, abstraction, sculpture)
Hugh Cabot (frontier genre, illustrator)
Walter Cade (mod structure, collage, abstraction)
Paul Cadmus (nude figure, satirical genre, etcher)
Harrison Cady (illustrator, cartoonist, landscape)
Ralph Cahoon (contemporary naive, mermaids, genre)
Michael Cain (painter, outdoor sculpture)
James Cain (printmaker, museum curator)
Randolph Caldecott (illustrator, rural genre, interiors)
Alexander Calder (sculptor-heroic statue)
James Caldwell (plein air landscape)
Clyde Caldwell (illustrator, fantasy)
John Caldwell (illustrator-comics)
Pat Caldwell (still life, interior, landscape)
Frank Caldwell (California landscape)
Paul Calle (frontier, space genre, illustrator)
Sophie Calle (sculptor-assemblage, installation)
George Calvert (landscape, pottery, sculpture, etching)
Peter Cameron (panoramic landscape, waterscape)
Robert Cameron (genre-beach, figure)
John Cameron (landscape, portrait, genre)
Scott Cameron (marine genre, steamboats, coastals)
James Camlin (New England landscape, mountains)
Richard Campbell (modernist figure-imagery, etcher)
Edward Campbell (landscape, sculptor)
Charles Campbell (figure, genre, portrait, sculptor)
Steven Campbell (figurative expression)
Jim Campbell (Western collage panorama)
Kenneth Campbell (sculptor-figure, early abstract painter)
Don Campbell (mod still life)
Peter Campbell (tonalist western landscape)
Stephen Campbell (mod genre and figure, surrealism)
Albert Campbell (survey artist-sketches)
Duncan Campbell (wild animal)
Rebecca Campbell (genre, American scene)
Nancy Campbell (abstract prints, painter-gardens)
Walter Campbell (landscape)
Hugh Campbell (landscape)
Mary Campbell (landscape)
Bill Campbell (illustrator-'Weird-Ohs")
Milton Caniff (cartoonist-action genre)
John Cannon (geometric abstract)
Michael Cannon (still life)
Kitty Cantrell (sculptor-animals and birds)
Federico Cantu (mod landscape, figure, genre)
Al Capp (cartoonist, illustrator)
Leonetto Cappiello (vintage posters)
Charles Capps (printmaker-town-landscape)
Frederick Carder (glass designer,landscape)
Janet Cardiff (installation, audio walks)
John Carey (illustrator-Disney)
Paul Carey (mod figure, landscape)
John Carlin (genre, portrait, landscape, miniature)
John Carlson (landscape-often snow)
Robert Carlson (sculptor-glass, painter)
George Carlson (illustrator-cartoonist)
Franklin Carmichael (landscape, town views, graphics)
John Carmichael ()
Squeak Carnwath (abstract figure, graphics)
Anthony Caro (sculptor-abstraction)
Nicolas Carone (abstract figurative painting, sculpture)
Earl Carpenter (landscape, some still life)
Alan Carr (sculptor-horses)
Emily Carr (mod landscape, native icons)
Dora Carrington (painter)
Roy Carruthers (illustrator, printmaker, portrait)
Frank Carson (landscape, marine, graphics)
Richard Carter (abstract landscape)
Robert Carter (cartoonist-editorial)
Mary Carter (portrait, landscape, miniature)
William Carter (figure, street-landscape, genre)
Betty Carter (landscape, Indian genre)
Eva Carter (abstract)
Charles Carter (landscape, figure)
Gary Carter (Indian-cowboy genre, landscape)
Clarence Carter (mod genre, landscape, illustrator)
Anthony Casay (seascape)
James Casebere (sculptor-mod object, photographer)
Edward Casey (portrait-figure)
Bernie Casey (geometric abstraction)
John Casilear (landscape, banknote engraver)
Federico Castelluccio (portrait, still life, landscape)
Wendell Castle (sculptor-mod furniture)
Rip Caswell (sculptor-life-size wildlife)
Mark Catesby (naturalist illustrator, engraver)
Elizabeth Catlett (sculptor, figure painter, graphics)
George Catlin (Indian genre-figure, portrait)
Maurizio Cattelan (self-portrait in varying poses)
Tom Cavanaugh (mod sea-landscape)
Nancy Cawdrey (silk paintings of mod landscape)
Danville Chadbourne (sculpture-abstract forms)
Marc Chagall (painter)
Enrique Chagoya (mod portrait, drawing, video animation)
Pop Chalee (native figure, animal, mural)
John Chamberlain (sculptor-crushed automobiles)
David Chamberlain (sculptor-abstraction, graphics, painter)
Helen Chamberlin (Illustrator, portrait)
Richard Chambers (town-landscape, Indian genre)
Charles Chambers (portrait, illustrator, religion)
Benjamin Champney (sea-landscape, figure, floral still life)
Eva Chan (landscape)
John Chandler (geometric abstraction)
William Chandler (still life)
Wah Chang (animator, sculptor-animal, etcher)
Michael Chapman (cityscape, interior)
William Chapman (genre, interior)
Charles Chapman (illustrator, landscape, genre)
David Chapple (landscape, seascape, animal, sculpture)
Travis Charest (comics)
Larry Charles (trompe l'oeil still life)
Jean Charlot (figure-child, mural, illustrator,)
William Chase (plein-air landscape, interiors, genre)
Anthony Chen (children's book illustrator)
Jules Cheret (vintage posters)
David Cherry (figure)
Sandro Chia (abstraction-figure, sculptor)
Eduardo Chillida (sculptor)
Mel Chin (mod sculptor-assemblage)
Giorgio Chirico ()
Alice Chittenden (wildflower, portrait, landscape, genre)
James Christensen (fantasy in detail, underwater)
Ken Christensen (landscape)
Dan Christensen (minimal color field imagery)
Scott Christensen (landscape, still life, marine)
William Christopher (abstract imagery, collage)
Howard Christy (illustrator, figure-female, genre)
David Chun (town-landscape, genre, graphics)
Frederic Church (landscape)
Frederick Church (animal, allegorical, illustrator)
Frederic Church (majestic landscape, arctic marine)
William Churchill (portrait, genre, sea-landscape)
Seymour Chwast (illustrator-mod naive)
Jose Cisneros (illustrator-Spanish-border, horse)
William Clapp (landscape, genre, portrait, etcher)
Lucy Clark (urban landscape)
James Clark (sculptor-animal, habitat groups)
Paul Clark (animal)
Sally Clark (sculptor-gorillas other animal)
Eliot Clark (landscape, harbor views)
Tom Clark (mountain landscape)
Dane Clark (landscape-structure, figure)
Walter Clark (portrait, landscape, sculptor)
Joseph Clark (genre, figure)
Christopher Clark (genre, ethnic figure, mural)
Matt Clark (illustrator, horse-western genre)
Roland Clark (wildlife, huntsman genre, etcher)
Thomas Clark (painter)
Thomas Clarke (figure, genre, illustrator, sculptor)
John Clarke (woodcarver-wildlife, Indian genre)
Mary Clarke (still life)
Jean Claude (See Christo, Jean-Claude)
Mary Clay (portrait painter, sculptor)
John Clay (illustrator, genre, caricature)
Francesco Clemente (mod figure, abstraction, graphics)
Robert Clements (landscape-swamp)
James Cleveland (landscape, portrait)
John Clifford (landscape, graphics)
Henry Clive (illustrator, figure)
Carroll Cloar (portrait, genre, surreal views)
Chuck Close (photo-grid real portrait, figure)
John Clymer (genre-west, wildlife, illustrator)
John Cobb (seascape, landscape, marine, portrait)
Josephine Cochrane (landscape, still life)
Jean Cocteau ()
Henry Coe (landscape, coastal view)
Lawrence Cohen (genre, landscape, still life)
Bruce Cohen (super real architectural-still life)
Julie Cohen (mod sculptor)
Arthur Cohen (mod landscape, abstraction)
Larry Cohen (town-landscape)
George Cohen (figure, genre-interiors, portrait)
Rudolph Colao (still life, interior view)
Sarah Cole (landscape)
Max Cole (non objective other abstraction)
Jack Cole (illustrator-cartoon pin up)
Thomas Cole (portrait, figure-nude)
Willie Cole (sculptor-large household items, prints)
Peter Cole (sculpture-folk art, surrealism, pop art)
Joe Coleman (performance art)
Michael Coleman (genre-Indian, wildlife, sculptor, etcher)
Robert Colescott (mod satire-genre, crowds-objects)
Pat Collins (naive genre)
Jim Collins (sculpture, collage, animal, figure)
Jacob Collins (portrait-figure, still life, streets)
Gary Collins (modernist landscape, abstract)
Robert Collins (landscapes, etchings, drawings)
Paul Collins (figure, genre, ethnic studies)
Roy Collins (illustrator, animals)
William Collins (painter)
Ann Collins (race-horse portrait, western scene)
Heather Collins (landscape, figure, illustrator)
Charles Collins ()
Mary Collins (landscape, still life)
John Comer (landscape, coastal marine)
George Condo (post-surreal figure, abstraction)
William Congdon (mod landscape, non ob, sculptor)
Brian Connelly (trompe still life)
Bruce Conner (abstraction, collage, funk art)
John Conner (landscape, genre, religion, figure)
John Connor (See Conner, John Ramsey)
John Constable (painter)
John Conway (monument sculpture, figure, mural)
Houston Conwill (sculptor-found objects, installation)
Robert Cook (sculptor-figure)
George Cook (landscape)
John Cook (figure)
Mary Cook (See Cook, May Elizabeth)
William Cook (assemblage-construction)
Peter Cook (landscape, coastal views)
Paul Cook (landscape, floral still life, portrait)
Wayne Cooper (western-Indian genre, landscape)
Lee Cooper (western landscape)
Thomas Cooper (painter)
Michael Cooper (sculptor-kinetic)
Karen Cooper (pastel horses, Native American)
George Cooper (topo-townscape, portrait, genre)
Melissa Cooper (wildlife, birds)
Colin Cooper (landscape-buildings, floral, portrait)
Mary Cooper (coastal scenes, landscape)
Don Cooper (mod imagery-surreal genre-views)
Laura Cooper (sculpture-assemblage)
Diana Cooper (installation sculpture)
Marc Cooper (sculptor-abstract figure)
Matt Cooper (genre, figure, docudrama)
Richard Cooper (naive genre, religious)
Astley Cooper (landscape, Indian life, still life)
Daniel Cooper (figurative, landscape, illustrator)
Paul Copeland (painter, teacher, author)
Lawrence Copeland (educator, designer, metalworker)
John Copley (portrait, historical, genre, religion)
Fern Coppedge (landscape-snow, coastal view)
Robert Cormier (figure, portrait, still life)
Joseph Cornell (assemblage-boxes, collage)
John Cornell (landscape, ship portrait, panorama)
Dean Cornwell (illustrator, genre, interiors, mural)
John Cosgrove (nude figure)
Robert Cottingham (super real facades, mechanisms, text)
Robert Cotton (western landscape, illustrator)
John Coughlin (illustrator-pulp fiction)
Jack Coughlin (portraits, birds, animals, landscape)
Barbara Courtney (landscape, still life, portrait)
Frank Cox (landscape, theatrical scene painter)
Peter Cox (mytho-surreal figure, portrait, animal)
Tim Cox (cowboy genre, horse, sculptor)
Charles Cox (flowers in landscape, illustrator)
Renee Cox (satirical figure, genre)
Joe Cox (abstraction, mural, illustration)
John Cox (plein-air landscape, figurative)
Jerry Cox (sculptor-child figure)
William Cox (marine)
James Coyle (scene painter, narrative)
Petah Coyne (sculptor-wax installations)
Kinuko Craft (illustrator-fantasy and fairy tale)
Martin Craig (sculptor, early portrait painter)
Tom Craig (landscape, portrait-figure, genre)
Thomas Craig (landscape, animal-cattle, genre)
Charles Craig (Indian genre-portrait, landscape)
William Craig (landscape, harbor views, graphics)
Robert Crane (See Crane, Bruce (Robert Bruce))
Bruce Crane (landscape-seasonal aspects)
Walter Crane (illustrator)
Katherine Crawford (landscape, portrait, still life)
William Crawford (cartoonist, sculptor, illustrator)
Thomas Crawford (sculptor-portrait bust, classical statue)
Martin Creed (installation artist)
George Crionas (figure and portrait-clowns)
Joane Cromwell (landscape, marine, animal, mural)
Patrick Cronin (abstraction)
Jasper Cropsey (landscape, allegory, botanics)
Penni Cross (female Indian figure)
Louise Crow (see Boyac, Louise Crow)
Don Crowley (historical-Indian genre, animal)
Maxon Crumb (illustration, portrait)
Woody Crumbo (figure-Indian, genre, animal, etcher)
Raymond Cruz (illustrator-mod imagery)
Xavier Cugat (genre, newspaper caricaturist)
Robert Cumming (abstraction-prints, conceptualist)
Ben Cummings (water and mountain landscape, diorama)
David Cummings (abstract imagery)
Patricia Cunningham (mod genre-townscape, sculptor)
Robert Cunningham (illustrator, marine genre)
John Cunningham (abstract imagery, landscape)
Charles Curran (genre, figure, landscape, portrait)
Steve Currie (sculptor-mod objects)
John Currin (female figure, portrait)
Stephen Curry (illusionary still life, birds)
John Curry (rural genre, landscape, figure)
David Curtis (landscape)
Eleanor Curtis (illustration, genre, figure)
Mike Curtis (sculptor-bird)
Tim Curtis (sculpture-abstraction)
Philip Curtis (surrealist genre, figure, interiors)
Benjamin Curtis (allegory)
Robert Curtis (portrait including Indian)
William Curtis (figure, religious mural, illustrator)
Amy Cutler (sophisticated naive interior)


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