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Hans Haacke (conceptual, calligraphy, graphics)
Richard Haas (architecture, graphics, murals)
Diane Haber (nude figure)
Michael Hague (children's book illustrator)
William Hahn (genre, sleigh ride, bird)
Susan Hale (landscape)
Leslie Hall (surreal collage, pottery)
Elizabeth Hall (landscape, Indian)
Thomas Hall (landscape, figure, portrait)
Susan Hall (painter)
Robin Hall (landscape)
Mary Hall (coastals, landscape, seascape)
George Hall (coastal views, marine)
Charles Hall (seascape, landscape, movie artist)
Henry Hall (landscape)
Tom Hall (illustrator-advertisement)
Richard Hall (interior with figure)
Lee Hall (abstract expression)
Doug Hall (non objective)
Caroline Hall (landscape)
Peter Halley (neo-geo abstract, sculptor)
William Halsey (portrait, landscape)
Hamilton Hamilton (landscape, figure, genre, portrait)
Charles Hamilton (naive townscape, genre, sculptor)
Edward Hamilton (landscape, genre, portrait)
James Hamilton (landscape)
Paul Hamilton (floral still life)
Robert Hamilton (portrait, landscape, genre, mural)
Jane Hammond (abstraction, assemblage, graphics)
David Hammons (installations, African-American genre)
John Hampton (cowboy-Indian genre, sculptor)
James Hampton (sculptor-naive religious)
Sarah Hanley (landscape, genre, harbor view)
John Hanna (rural landscape, still life, portrait)
Jack Hannah (comic-Donald Duck)
Thomas Hannah (town-landscape)
James Hansen (abstraction, marine)
Rick Hansen (landscape, still life, portrait)
Al Hansen (figure, collage, performance)
John Hansen (marine)
Armin Hansen (genre, illustrator-children's book)
Duane Hanson (sculptor-super real figure)
Al Hanson (calligraphy, collage)
Robert Hanson (modernist)
John Harding (portrait-child)
James Harding (painter)
Sarah Harding (See Hardinge, Sarah Anne)
David Hardy (landscape, portrait, still-life)
Mary Hardy (miniature, landscape)
Thomas Hardy (sculptor-animal, birds, printmaking)
David Hare (sculptor-surreal forms, collage)
John Hare (sea-landscape, rural scene)
William Hare (naive portrait, marine)
John Hare (drypoint portrait, etcher, illustrator)
Keith Haring (pop-modern graffiti figure-genre)
Louis Harlow (landscape, flower, figure, etcher)
William Harnett (trompe l'oeil still life, figure)
Robert Harris (portrait, genre, coastal landscape)
Paul Harris (modern figure, soft sculpture)
William Harris (figure, mural, designer)
David Harrison (still life)
James Hart (landscape, animal, genre, figure)
Marsden Hartley (mod sea-land imagery, still life)
Linda Hartough (landscape, golf)
G Harvey (western genre-streets, nocturne)
John Hauser (Indian portrait and genre, frontier)
Palmer Hayden (figure, ethnic urban genre-views)
John Haymson (townscape-monument, illustrator)
Peter Hayward (urbanscape, coastal, sculptor)
Edith Head (illustration, movie star portrait)
Martin Heade (sea-landscape, hummingbirds, orchids)
Adolph Heinze (mountain and seasonal landscape)
Knute Heldner (bayou landscape, work genre, portrait)
David Henderson (military genre, interiors)
Richard Hennessy (abstract imagery)
Robert Henri (portrait, genre-city streets)
Edward Henry (idealized genre, sea-landscape, portrait)
Charles Henry (views-structure, graphics, mural)
Barbara Hepworth (sculptor)
James Herbert (figurative expression)
Roger Herman (mod pop interior-views-objects)
George Herman (figure, portrait)
Patrick Heron (painter)
Joe Herrera (dance figure-Indian, abstraction)
John Herring (painter-coaches and racing genre)
Edward Herrmann (landscape, non objective)
Susan Hertel (mod figure-genre, animal, streets)
Paul Herzel (sculptor-animal, painter, illustrator)
Eva Hesse (modernist imagery, constructions)
John Hewitt (landscape)
Anne Heywood (landscape)
Edna Hibel (figure, mod genre, lithography)
Sidney Hicks (marine, landscape)
Thomas Hicks (portrait, landscape, genre, figure)
Wayne Higby (sculptor-ceramic)
Victor Higgins (genre-Indian, landscape, portrait)
Robert Higgs (town-coastal-landscape, illustrator)
Rowland Hilder (mod landscape, etcher, illustrator)
William Hill (illustrator-cartoons)
Clinton Hill (abstraction, collage, sculptor)
Andrew Hill (landscape, animal, portrait)
Tom Hill (see Hill, Thomas (Tom))
Bill Hill (animal, frontier figures)
Arthur Hill (landscape-coastal, allegory)
David Hill (painter/photographer)
Samuel Hill (printmaker, town views)
Peter Hill (abstract expression)
Laura Hill (fruit still life)
Thomas Hill (landscape, early career portrait)
Clara Hill (sculpture-classical)
Mike Hill (plastic toy figures)
George Hill (genre, figure, coastal view, mural)
Julia Hill (sculptor-figure)
Howard Hill (farm yard fowl, animal, landscape)
Charles Hill (rural landscape)
Thomas Hill (Hispanic genre, Indian, buildings)
John Hillen (genre, war reportorial)
Susan Hiller (installation sculpture, audio, video)
Anna Hills (landscape, marine, genre, figure)
John Hilton (landscape-desert, illustrator)
Damien Hirst (installation-medical and pharmacy)
David Hitchcock (island-volcanic-coastal landscape)
Ivon Hitchens (painter)
Jacques Hnizdovsky (woodcut, poetic landscape)
Quang Ho (figure, still life, illustrator)
Mark Hobson (underwater marine, wildlife)
David Hockney (mod figure-imagery, designer)
Margaret Hodge (archaeological artifacts, Indians)
Jim Hodges (sculptor-conceptual)
Howard Hodgkin (abstraction)
Syd Hoff (illustrator-cartoonist)
Edward Hoffman (sculptor-figure)
Charles Hoffman (naive landscape)
Malvina Hoffman (sculptor-portrait and figure)
William Hoffman (western genre, seascape, landscape)
Martin Hoffman (street-landscape, illustrator)
John Hoffman (frontier genre)
Mike Hoffman (book illustrator-fantasy)
William Hogarth (painter/printmaker)
Burne Hogarth (cartoonist, illustrator, animal)
Lisa Hoke (sculptor-mod object)
James Holden (landscape, still life, mural)
Geoffrey Holder (painter, muralist, actor)
Edwin Holgate (landscape, figure-nude, genre, mural)
Tom Holland (abstraction, geometric wall relief)
Francis Holland (landscape, coastal views)
Robert Holland (animal, landscape, Indian)
Mark Holland (sculptor-wildlife carving)
Brad Holland (cartoonist-mod real symbols)
Daniel Holland (cartoonist-newspaper)
Stephen Holland (sports figure, genre)
Bill Holman (cartoonist, illustrator)
Michael Holman (confederate flags)
Robert Holmes (sculptor-abstract figure)
Michael Holmes (sculptor-wildlife)
Winslow Homer (genre, marine, figure, illustrator)
Rance Hood (mod figure-Indian, horse, sculptor)
Edward Hooper (town-landscape, graphics)
Budd Hopkins (abstract expression, collage)
William Hopper (landscape)
Edward Hopper (town-landscape, genre, figure)
Paul Horgan (illustrator western landscape, buildings)
Istvan Horkay (collage, mixed media, abstraction)
Alex Horley (comic strip)
Rebecca Horn (sculptor-installation)
William Horton (landscape, beach figures, still life)
Charles Horton (landscape, still life, portrait)
John Hoskins ()
Harriet Hosmer (sculptor-idealized figure)
Howard House (landscape, seascape, portrait)
Allan Houser (sculptor-Indian figure, genre painter)
John Houston (landscape, genre, portrait)
James Houston (Inuit genre, glass designer, printmaker)
Hugh Howard (landscape, marine)
Richard Howard (genre, landscape, portrait)
Donald Howard (landscape)
Emma Howard (painter)
George Howard (engraver)
Robert Howe (illustrator-magazine)
James Howell (monochromatic geometric paintings)
Frank Howell (post realist Indian figure)
John Howland (landscape, animal, illustrator)
John Hoyland (non objective)
John Hubbard (abstract landscape)
Gary Hudson (abstract expression)
Thomas Hudson (painter)
Charles Hudson (town-landscape)
William Hudson (portrait, landscape, animal)
Henrietta Hudson (illustrator, still life)
John Hudson (marine, landscape-topo, genre)
Charles Hughes (illustration)
George Hughes (portrait, genre, figure, landscape)
Alan Hughes (illustrator-western)
Mary Hughes (florals, nature, figure, portrait)
William Hughes (marine, landscape)
Patrick Hughes (landscape, seascape, interior)
Holly Hughes (abstract shape)
Edward Hughes (painter)
Victor Hugo (erotic art, figure, performance)
Clark Hulings (town-landscape, genre, still life)
John Hull (figure in landscape, genre, animal)
John Hulme (Native Americans)
Gary Hume (painter)
David Humphrey (figure-genre, illustrator, graphics)
Maud Humphrey (illustrator-figure)
William Hunt (portrait, landscape, genre, figure)
Peter Hunt (folk art furniture, silkscreen, drawing)
Robert Hunt (western genre, wildlife)
David Hunt (interior, still life-found object)
Richard Hunt (wood carver-totem and mask)
Bill Hunt (sculptor-wildlife)
Ann Hunt (genre, streetscene, figure, portrait)
Lynn Hunt (illustrator-outdoor genre, wildlife)
David Hunter (minimalism)
Tim Hunter (bird silhouette)
William Hunter (sculptor-portrait, figure)
John Hunter (See John Young-Hunter)
George Hunter (painter)
Clementine Hunter (primitive genre-other naive)
Andrew Hunter (still life)
Peter Hurd (landscape, genre, portrait, etcher)
Wilson Hurley (landscape, some western genre, mural)
Will Hutchins (seascape, graphics)
James Hutchinson (landscape, Indian)
John Hutchinson (marine-fishing genre)
Robert Huth (figure)
Alfred Hutty (street-landscape, genre, etcher)
James Hyde (non objective, gestural, sculpture)
Helen Hyde (oriental figure-views, graphics)


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