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Bashka Paeff (sculptor-portrait and animal)
William Page (portrait, figure, history, allegory)
Raymond Page (sea-landscape)
William Pajaud (mod Afro-American figurative, landscape)
Fried Pal (See Fried, Pal)
Mimmo Paladino (landscapes, portraits, boatscapes)
Reinhold Palenske (genre-history, illustrator, etcher)
Blinky Palermo (color fields, installation views)
Albert Paley (sculptor-abstraction)
Samuel Palmer (landscape, animal, genre, etcher)
Richard Palmer (wood carver-wildlife)
Fanny Palmer (See Palmer, Frances Flora (Fanny))
Michael Palmer (abstract, landscape)
William Palmer (mod landscape-genre, abstraction)
James Palmer (genre, animal)
Jack Paluh (wildlife, landscape, Native American)
Juliet Pannett (portrait-notables, landscape, genre)
Eric Pape (genre-figure-exotic, sea-landscape)
Carl Pappe (mod landscape)
Phil Paradise (town-landscape, genre, horses)
Aaron Parazette (large scale conceptual, patterns)
Jorge Pardo (mod sculptor)
William Parish (seascape, marine scenes, landscape)
Richard Park (sculptor-portrait bust)
David Park (modern figure, genre, mural)
Alan Parker (abstract imagery, seascape)
George Parker (Hudson River landscape)
Paul Parker (architecture, coastal view)
Daniel Parker (sculptor-North American-African animal)
James Parker (art administrator, designer)
Steve Parker (landscape-Texas bayou)
Joseph Parker (Listed as artist)
Charles Parker (landscape, marine, portrait)
Lawton Parker (figure-nude, portrait, landscape)
Stephen Parker (portrait, figure some genre)
Ron Parker (wildlife, landscape)
C Parker (portrait, figure)
Greg Parker (landscape, wildlife)
Thomas Parker (miniature, portrait)
Bill Parker (modernist still life, figure)
Violet Parkhurst (wildlife, seascape)
Lee Parkinson (landscape, figure)
Bob Parks (sculptor-horse-western genre)
Peter Parnall (illustrator, wildlife, birds)
James Parr (abstract shore view-mod imagery)
Maxfield Parrish (landscape, figure, illustrator)
David Parrish (super real genre, still life-chrome)
Thomas Parrish (landscape, portrait, illustrator)
Alfred Parsons (landscape)
Leon Parsons (wild animal, landscape)
Betty Parsons (mod views-non ob images, sculptor)
Charles Parsons (lithographer-marine, illustrator, topo)
Tommi Parzinger (abstraction)
Ed Paschke (mod portrait and figure, illustrator)
William Paskell (landscape, marine)
John Patrick (animal, genre, portrait)
Ambrose Patterson (mod landscape, genre, figure)
Andrew Patterson (portrait)
Robert Pattison (landscape, portrait)
Andrew Paul (impressionist landscape, architect)
Philip Paval (portrait, landscape, sculptor)
John Paxton (landscape)
Edgar Payne (mountain-harbor views, figure, mural)
Hermes Payrhuber (mixed media wall reliefs)
Bob Peak (illustrator, portrait, landscape)
Sarah Peale (portrait, figure, still life)
James Peale (still life, portrait, miniature)
Charles Peale (portrait, figure, historical genre)
Charles Pearce (genre, portrait, landscape, religion)
Mary Pearce (still life, portrait)
Paula Pearl (western genre, Native Americans)
John Pearson (mod imagery)
Robert Pearson (marine-sailing ship)
James Pearson (wildlife-birds in skyscape)
Marguerite Pearson (still life, portrait, genre, interiors)
David Pease (modernist imagery-forms)
Charles Peck (landscape, portrait, panorama)
Sarah Peck (allegory, figure, animal)
Kirk Pedersen (abstract urban landscape)
Paul Peel (interior, figure, genre, portrait)
Fred Pegram (illustrator-book, etcher)
Gerry Peirce (landscape, etcher, illustrator)
Waldo Peirce (figure, children, landscape, still life)
Gene Pelham (rural landscape, magazine covers)
Alfred Pellan (abstract -biomorph image, views)
Agnes Pelton (landscape, abstraction, portrait)
Amado Pena (Mestizo and Indian figure, genre)
Tonita Pena (figure-Indian, genre, animal)
Joseph Pennell (etcher, illustrator, landscape)
Sir Roland Penrose (painter)
Beverly Pepper (mod sculptor, abstract painter)
Victor Perard (etcher, landscape, illustrator, portrait)
Gregory Perillo (western genre, animal, portrait)
Granville Perkins (harbor, marine, landscape, illustrator)
Charles Perkins (landscape, etcher, illustrator)
Bill Perkins (landscape, illustrator)
Brian Perry (landscape, portrait, cityscapes)
Enoch Perry (genre, figure, portrait, landscape)
James Perry (landscape)
Leon Pescheret (landscape, illustrator, etcher)
Michael Peters (cartoonist editorial and humor)
Carl Peters (landscape, marine-genre, figure, mural)
Andrew Peters (landscape, structure, wildlife)
Tony Peters (landscape, urban scenes)
Carl Peterson (folk art sculpture, animal, figure)
Karl Peterson (portrait)
Ray Peterson (genre)
Erik Peterson (See Peterson, Henry)
Larry Peterson (landscape, graphics)
Jane Peterson (town-landscape, genre, still life)
Robert Peterson (post real views-objects, non-objective)
Richard Pettibone (super real-pastiche, graphics)
George Petty (illustrator-pin-up girl)
Elizabeth Peyton (pop portrait-romantic figure)
Judy Pfaff (abstract expression, sculptor)
Paul Pfeiffer (abstraction-human body, digital)
Niki Phalle (sculptor-assemblage, abstract figure)
Robert Philipp (figure, portrait, genre, landscape)
William Philips (sculptor-figure)
Bert Phillips (figure-Indian, landscape, genre)
Gordon Phillips (genre, droll western, sculptor)
Tom Phillips (western genre)
William Phillips (ship-plane historical, landscape)
Richard Phillips (sculptor-soft figure)
Tony Phillips (neo-surreal figure-genre)
Henry Phillips (still life)
Grace Phillips (landscape)
Matt Phillips (modernist imagery)
Ammi Phillips (naive portrait, figure)
James Phillips (landscape, coastal view, seascape)
Robert Phillips (figure, graphics, photographer)
George Phippen (cowboy genre, wildlife, sculptor)
Le Pho (still life, florals, figure)
Francis Picabia ()
Richard Piccolo (figure, mod allegory, still life)
John Pickard (history, mural)
Linda Picken (animal-dogs, wildlife)
Charles Pierce (pastoral landscape, town views)
Henri Pierre (portrait)
John Pike (sea-landscape, illustrator, genre)
Joyce Pike (still life, sea-landscape, figure)
Polia Pillin (mod landscape)
Howardena Pindell (abstraction, collage, graphics)
Jerry Pinkney (illustrator, still life, genre-animal)
Jody Pinto (sculptor-environmental)
Biagio Pinto (still life, landscape)
Horace Pippin (naive townscape, genre, still life)
Camille Pissarro (painter)
Richard Plasschaert (wildlife)
Cynthia Plaster Caster (sculptor-rock star penises)
George Pocheptsov (fantasy, abstract)
Susan Point (large-scale sculpture)
Leo Politi (illustrator-children's books, painter)
Robert Pollard (painter)
Charles Pollock (abstract expressionism, landscape)
Henry Poor (figure, landscape, still life, mural)
Henry Poore (genre, landscape, illustrator)
Alexander Pope (dogs, still life, wildlife, trompe doors)
David Pope (still life usually fruit)
Bruce Porter (mural, landscape, stained glass)
Rufus Porter (naive wall fresco-landscape, portrait)
Charles Porter (fruit and floral still life)
William Porter (mountain landscape)
Tom Porter (cityscape, landscape, interiors)
John Porter (landscape, portrait, genre)
James Porter (figure-genre, portrait, still life)
Fairfield Porter (landscape, coastal, figure, genre)
Peter Poskas (landscape, still life, figure, interior)
William Post (landscape-streamside, harbors)
Harry Potter (illustrator)
Mark Potter (still life)
Larry Potter (color field non objective)
Mary Potter (figure, landscape, still life)
Don Potts (mod sculptor)
Lucien Powell (landscape-urban views)
David Powell (western figure, cowboy genre)
Jesse Powell (plein-air landscape)
Jim Powell (western landscape)
John Powell (still life)
Steve Powell (sculptor-ceramic)
Ace Powell (cowboy genre, Indian figure)
Charles Powell (genre, marine, historical)
Asahel Powers (itinerant folk portrait painter)
Thomas Powers (editorial cartoonist)
Susan Powers (naive still life, animal)
Harriet Powers (folk artist-Bible, astronomy, quilts)
Hiram Powers (marble sculptor-neo classical figure)
James Powers (lithographer and engraver)
Richard Powers (landscape, seascape, sci-fi illustrator)
Robert Pratt (genre, portrait-miniature)
Christopher Pratt (super real interiors, figure)
George Pratt (illustrator-comics)
David Pratt (town-landscape)
John Prendergast (town-landscape, genre, illustrator)
Maurice Prendergast (genre-crowds, landscape, still life)
James Preston (illustrator, cartoons, landscape)
Gary Price (sculptor-children, landscape)
Melville Price (abstract expression)
Alan Price (marine genre)
Joe Price (still life)
William Price (seascape, landscape)
Joy Pride (abstraction, graphics)
Antonio Prieto (sculptor-mod ceramic vessel)
Richard Prince (word play, non ob, views, sculptor)
Paul Pritchard (landscape)
Joachim Probst (abstraction)
James Prosek (fish, landscape, figure)
Martin Puryear (sculptor-wooden structure-abstraction)
Hovsep Pushman (Oriental-motif still life)
David Putnam (sculptor-life size animal)
Jean Puy (painter)
Fred Pye (marine, illustrator, landscape)
Howard Pyle (illustrator, history-marine genre)


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