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Richard Wagner (landscape)
Robert Wagner (portrait, genre, figure, illustrator)
John Waite (genre)
Thomas Waite (landscape, animal)
William Walker (genre, cartoon, landscape, portrait)
John Walker (portrait, still life, genre, etcher)
William Walker (cotton kingdom genre, landscape)
Jeff Walker (landscape)
Kara Walker (genre-figure, ethnic, silhouette)
Peter Walker (realism)
Stephen Walker (farm landscape)
Charles Walker (landscape, engraver, monotypes)
James Walker (historical battle, portrait, animal)
Bernhardt Wall (Indian, frontier genre, historical)
Jeff Wall (mod interior, installation)
John Wallace (still life)
John Walsh (town-landscape, printmaking)
Bill Walton (mix media, minimalist)
Peter Ward (wildlife)
Don Ward (landscape, still life, figure)
Bill Ward (comic strip)
David Ward (landscape)
John Ward (impressionist harbor scenes, fishing)
James Ward (painter)
Richard Ward (illustrator-cartoons, sculptor)
Arthur Wardle (painter)
John Ware (landscape, genre)
Andy Warhol (pop-mod multi-images, silk screen)
Margaret Warner (illustrator)
Boyd Warner (Native American)
Nell Warner (landscape, floral still life, harbor)
Darren Waterston (abstract landscape, non objective)
Jean Watson (landscape, coastal view)
Cameron Watson (See Watson, N Cameron)
John Watson (naive portrait, miniature)
Bill Watterson (cartoonist, illustrator)
Robert Watts (neon sculptor, pop art painter)
George Watts (figure, genre, portrait)
Frederick Waugh (seascape-surf, landscape, floral)
Gillian Wearing ()
William Weaver (still life, figure-Indian)
Frank Webb (town-landscape, marine)
Max Weber (cubist figure, still life, sculptor)
Carl Weber (pastoral landscape, marine, wildlife)
Martin Weekly (cowboy genre, landscape)
William Wegman (surreal dog activities, sculptor)
Rex Weil (sculptor-installation, abstract)
Lawrence Weiner (sculptor, abstract word imagery)
J Weir (landscape, portrait, still life)
Jack Welch (illustrator-droll family activities)
Paul Weller (figure-genre, graphics, designer)
Neil Welliver (landscape, figure, animal)
Robert Wells (mix media, abstract)
William Wendt (landscape, coastal vistas)
Fritz Werner (portrait, figure, genre, still life)
Paul Wesley (landscape)
John Wesley (pop images, cartoon-like figure)
Tom Wesselmann (pop nude figure, mod real images)
Benjamin West (history, allegory, religion, portrait)
Samuel West (portrait)
David Wheeler (abstraction)
James Whistler (figure, landscape, portrait, etcher)
John Whitaker (painter)
Charles Whitaker (engraver)
Randy White (pseudo pictographs, abstraction)
Charles White (painter)
Emily White (landscape, marine, miniature)
George White (landscape, coastal view)
John White (landscape)
Paula White (portrait, still life, landscape)
Alex White (abstraction)
Charles White (black-American figure, genre, mural)
Jack White (portrait, landscape)
Walter White (landscape, coastal view)
Robert White (trompe l'oeil still life)
Rachel Whiteread (sculptor-common object)
Worthington Whittredge (landscape, portrait, marine, genre)
John Whorf (street-landscape, marine, figure)
Gustave Wiegand (landscape, still life)
Olaf Wieghorst (western-Indian-genre, horses)
Joyce Wieland (abstract expression-grids)
David Wiesner (illustration)
Guy Wiggins (landscape, still life, street scene)
John Wiggins (See Wiggins, Carleton (John Carleton))
Billy Wilder (illustration, genre)
Irving Wiles (portrait, figure, sea-landscape, marine)
Kehinde Wiley (portrait-full length)
Charles Wilkes (sketches Pacific Coast 1841)
Michael Wilkinson (sculptor-romantic realist)
Frank Willard (illustrator-cartoonist)
Paul Williams (figure, landscape)
Chuck Williams (naive figure, word play)
Mark Williams (abstraction)
Isaac Williams (landscape, architectural, portrait)
Dan Williams (sculptor-birds)
Abigail Williams (animal, portrait, landscape, draing)
Dennis Williams (portrait)
Roger Williams (Indian genre, landscape)
Adam Williams (abstraction, portrait, human issues)
John Williams (video, sculpture, painting)
Stephen Williams (landscape, portrait)
Roy Williams (illustrator-cartoon, modernist)
Tiffany Williams (domestic interior, genre, miniature)
Don Williams (landscape, suffused architecture)
Esther Williams (landscape, genre-figure, still life)
Joyce Williams (landscape, marine)
Charles Williams (portrait painter)
Walter Williams (sculptor-figurative)
David Williams (Indian genre)
Robert Williams (funk genre-figure)
Todd Williams (plein-air landscape, figure)
Keith Williams (portrait-figure, history, graphics)
Danny Williams (abstract expression)
Elizabeth Williams (still life)
William Williams (naive full-length portrait, allegory)
Richard Williams (illustrator, portrait, landscape)
James Williams (cartoons, western genre, sculptor)
Helen Williams (landscape, floral, figure)
Louis Williams (modernist figure)
Guy Williams (minimalist expression)
John Williamson (landscape-water-shore, still life)
James Williamson (illustrator, genre-figure)
John Willis (illustrator-book)
Wesley Willis (mod naive urban views)
Jim Willoughby (newspaper cartoon, animation, sculpture)
Mary Wilson (genre-urban views, figure)
Will Wilson (interior, figure-portrait, still life)
Paul Wilson (landscape-storms)
Douglas Wilson (geo-abstraction, sculptor)
Matthew Wilson (portrait, miniature, interiors)
Anne Wilson (collage, abstraction)
Fred Wilson (sculptor-figure installation)
Charles Wilson (portrait, Native Amrican, illustrator)
Richard Wilson (painter)
Woodrow Wilson (See Big Bow, Woodrow Wilson)
John Wilson (marine-sailing ship, landscape)
Gahan Wilson (illustrator-cartoon)
Evan Wilson (portrait, figure, still life)
Caroline Wilson (sculptor-portrait bust and figure)
William Wilson (portrait, landscape)
Robert Wilson (non objective, graphics, sculptor)
Greg Wilson (wildlife, birds)
Thomas Wilson (naive landscape)
David Wilson (marine)
Michael Wilson (watercolor landscape, seascape)
Donald Wilson (super-surreal animal, floral, humor)
James Wilson (dioramas, landscape, animal, genre)
Paul Winchell (circus genre, graphics, figure)
Dalhart Windberg (romantic landscape, still life, marine)
Henry Winslow (etcher-coastal landscape)
Don Winslow (illustrator-figure and genre)
Lumen Winter (landscape, illustrator, sculptor, mural)
Terry Winters (mod-biotic expression, printmaking)
Gray Wolf (Indian figure)
Lone Wolf (western-Indian genre, landscape)
James Wolfe (welded steel sculpture)
Robert Wolfe (landscape, illustrator, graphics)
Sarah Wood (wildlife)
Molly Wood (see Pitz, Molly Wood)
Ashley Wood (comics illustration)
Christopher Wood (painter)
Beatrice Wood (ceramic vessels, collage)
John Wood (landscape)
James Wood (portrait, genre, structure, allegory)
Grant Wood (rural genre-portrait, landscape)
Robert Wood (landscape, coastal view, still life)
Wally Wood (comic, illustration)
Robert Wood (mod harbor-landscape, figure)
Ian Woodner (floral still life)
Hale Woodruff (abstraction, narrative, snow-landscape)
David Woods (animal-horse, portrait, landscape)
Louise Woodward (landscape, sculpture, craftperson)
Helen Woodward (landscape, genre scene, sculpture)
Robert Woodward (landscape)
Mark Workman (sunset landscapes, still life)
Sir Christopher Wren ()
John Wright (painter)
George Wright (genre, town-landscape, illustrator)
Joseph Wright (abstraction, mod figure)
Charles Wright (landscape, portrait, poster illustrator)
Robert Wright (cityscape)
James Wright (portrait, marine, landscape, floral)
Richard Wright (street scene, landscape)
George Wright (expressionist)
Frank Wright (portrait, genre, history, landscape)
William Wright (landscape)
Sarah Wright (still life)
Russell Wright (designer, sculptor)
David Wright (landscape, American history)
Bernie Wrightson (illustration)
N Wyeth (illustrator, genre, sea-landscape)
Jamie Wyeth (animal, architecture, portrait)
Andrew Wyeth (figure, portrait, landscape, genre)
Bob Wygant (landscape, rural genre, animal)


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