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Dora Maar (abstract, genre, figure)
David Maass (wildlife-waterfowl, illustrator)
John MacDonald (landscape, figure)
William MacDonald (allegorical landscape, pottery)
Elizabeth MacDonald (landscape, still-life, printmaker)
James MacDonald (sculptor-portrait, landscape)
Flora MacDonald (landscape, still life, portrait)
Richard MacDonald (sculptor-symbolic figure)
Kevin MacDonald (interior view)
David Mach (sculptor-assemblage)
Frederick Machetanz (Arctic landscape, wildlife, genre)
David Mack (comic, fantasy-adventure)
Bill Mack (figure, sculpture)
David MacKenzie (sculpture, painter)
John MacKenzie (See MacKenzie, Roderick Dempster)
William MacKenzie (illustration, townscape)
Robert MacKnight (sculptor-classical figure)
William MacLean (landscape)
John MacPherson (landscape, botanics)
Kevin Macpherson (landscape, figure, genre, harbors)
Terry Madden (landscape, botanic)
John Magee (genre, interiors, portrait, cartoon)
Stephen Magsig (architecture-facades, cityscape)
Robert Maguire (illustrator-pulp book covers)
James Mahoney (surrealism, mural)
Aristide Maillol (sculptor)
Thomas Mails (Indian life in illustration)
Sam Maitin (figure)
Christopher Makos (photographer, eye-paintings, portraits)
William Malherbe (figure, genre, landscape, still life)
Kay Mallek (pottery)
James Malone (figure, genre)
Dave Maloney (landscape, wildlife)
David MaLouf (sculpture-wildlife, birds)
Paul Manes (abstraction, still life-stacked bowls)
Robert Mangold (geometric-minimal abstraction)
Middleton Manigault (mod figure, genre-symbols, views)
David Mann (Indian figure-genre, horse)
John Mann (portrait, figure, jewelry designer)
Paul Mann (illustrator, Indian figure, western)
Russ Manning (comic strip)
Guy Manning (society portrait, Indian genre)
John Manship (town-landscape, mural, sculptor)
Robert Mapplethorpe (photographe-nudes, abstraction)
Moissaye Marans (Sculptor)
Fabian Marcaccio (abstract psycho-imagery)
John Marin (mod landscape-coastal, etcher)
Tom Marioni (non ob, views, concepts, graphics)
Albert Marquet (painter)
John Marsh (western genre)
James Marsh (illustration)
Jean Marsh (landscape, miniature)
Margaret Marshall (illustrator, painter)
David Marshall (naive sculptor)
Robert Marshall (trompe still life, landscape)
Thomas Marshall (painter)
Albert Marshall (landscape-mountain)
Frank Marshall (landscape)
Ian Marshall (armored ships other marine)
Barry Marshall (landscape, seascape, sculptor)
Bruce Marshall (military genre, history, mural)
Joan Martens (landscape, illustrator)
Helen Martin (still life)
Ron Martin (abstract expression, figurative)
Caroline Martin (animal-cats, abstract)
Knox Martin (abstract image, collage, sculptor)
Don Martin (comic strip)
Dennis Martin (figure drawing-metal point)
Wayne Martin (wood carver-figure)
Agnes Martin (biomorph to minimal-grid images)
Jean Martin (landscape)
Dale Martin (figure, landscape, animal, still life)
Bill Martin (landscape-neo surreal)
Anthony Martin (architecture)
Matthew Martin (figure, landscape)
Bernard Martin (wildlife-bird)
Charles Martin (portrait, theater genre)
Fred Martin (non objective imagery, collage)
Sue Martin (still life, figure, Indian, farm scene)
Molly Martin (landscape)
Nancy Martin (illustrator-often surreal)
Doug Martin (geometric abstraction)
Richard Martinez (stylized Indian figure-genre)
Mario Martinez (abstract native American design)
Miguel Martinez (figure-faces, landscape, graphics)
John Martinez (coastal view, genre)
Albert Martinez (See Looking Elk, Albert)
Daniel Martinez (geometric design, abstract figure)
Antonio Martino (landscape, urban genre, still life)
Fred Marvin ()
Robert Marx (mod figure, printmaker, sculptor)
Robert Mason (genre, figure, illustrator)
William Mason (line engraver, landscape)
Jonathan Mason (portrait, figure, landscape)
Frank Mason (interior, figure, landscape)
Roger Mason (street landscape, interiors)
Richard Mason (dogs, landscape, still life)
Mary Mason (landscape, harbor, still life)
Roy Mason (landscape, marine, wildlife-genre)
Andre Masson (surrealism, abstract expressionism)
James Masterson (painter, illustrator, sculptor)
Andrew Masullo (sculptor-non objective)
Henri Matisse (painter/sculptor)
Roberto Matta (abstract figurative, surreal)
Rodney Matthews (painter/illustrator)
Donald Mattison (genre, portrait, sea-landscape)
Charles Mattox (kinetic sculptor, abstract imagery)
Jan Matulka (cubist figure, landcape, still life)
Maxime Maufra (painter)
Bill Mauldin (editorial cartoonist-war genre)
Peter Max (illustrator-sport, psychedelic, pop art)
William Maxwell (sculptor, environments)
Paul Maxwell (mix media abstraction, conceptual)
Russell May (rural building in landscape, mountains)
David Mayer (landscape)
Robert Mayokok (Alaska landscape, genre, animal)
James McBride (landscape, seascape, portrait)
William McBride (abstract figure)
Buck McCain (western genre, landscape, sculptor)
Robert McCall (illustrator, aerospace, fantasy)
Irish McCalla (figure, still life, sculptor)
Paul McCarthy (abject disfigurative, installation)
Helen McCarthy (landscape, harborviews, portrait)
Justin McCarthy (mod naive genre, floral, portrait)
Doris McCarthy (landscape, snowscene, coastal view)
Frank McCarthy (frontier-horse genre, illustrator)
Winsor McCay (cartoonist, crowd scenes)
Michael McClure (abstraction)
Tom McClure (abstract figure, genre, sculptor)
Michael McConnell (social issues, figure, genre)
John McCormick (harbor scene, landscape, floral)
John McCoy (landscape, portrait, botanics)
Robert McCoy (still life)
Michael McCullough (mountain landscape, Southwest pottery)
Robert McCune (See Grafton, Robert Wadsworth)
Ira McDade (still life)
Ralph McDonald (hunting genre, figure)
William McDonald (floral still life, figure, sculptor)
John McDougall (genre, figure, portrait, miniature)
Frederick McDuff (genre, landscape-figures)
Louisa McElwain (landscape)
William McEntee (illustration-figure)
Mike McFarland (sculptor-western figures)
Val McGann (marine, landscape)
Dave McGary (sculptor-Indian figure)
Bruce McGaw (Bay-Area figurative)
Barry McGee (installation, graffiti, low-life figure)
Paul McGehee (marine, harbor view)
James McGinley (landscape, wildlife, marine, urban view)
Robert McGinnis (figure-female, genre, illustrator)
Rollin McGrail (whimsical figure and genre)
John McGrath (marine)
Sherrie McGraw (still life, figure, portrait)
Pat McGuire (printmaking, collage)
Michael McGuire (abstract marine, landscape)
Harrison McIntosh (pottery-ceramic abstraction)
Frank McIntosh (illustrator-Hawaii views)
John McKee (illustrator-work genre, narrative)
Thomas McKnight (surreal landscape, figure, graphics)
Jean McLane (See MacLane, Jean (Myrtle Jean))
James McLaughlin (coastal scene)
George McLean (wildlife)
Bruce McLean (abstract expresssion)
John McNamara (modernist imagery)
William McNamara (landscape, figure)
Thomas McNickle (landscape, farm structure-animal)
Blanche McVeigh (landscape-structures, etcher, figure)
Joshua Meador (landscape, seascape, animation)
Henrietta Mears (landscape, etcher)
Dean Meeker (printmaker, abstract figure)
Edwin Megargee (sporting dogs, illustration)
Julie Mehretu (abstract architectural plans)
Leo Meiersdorff (caricature-jazz genre, food still life)
Leo Meissner (seascape painting, wood engraving)
Luis Melendez (painter)
Ed Mell (panoramic abstracted landscape)
Andrew Melrose (landscape, Indian figures, genre)
Athos Menaboni (birds, landscape, mural, decorator)
William Mercer (portrait, historical, miniature)
Philip Mercier (painter)
Richard Merkin (mod figure-imagery, printmaker)
Daniel Merriam (fantasy-animals, Victorian houses)
Marshall Merritt (impressionist seascape, coastal views)
Owen Merton (sea-landscape, still life)
Annette Messager (sculptor-conceptual, installation)
Gabriel Metsu (Biblical scenes, allegorical subjects)
Gerry Metz (frontier-Indian genre, sculptor)
Carolyn Meyer (landscape, cityscape)
Paul Meyer (painter)
Mary Meyer (color field-abstraction)
Helen Meyer (landscape)
Melissa Meyer (abstract expression, staining)
Jack Meyers (genre, figure)
Denise Meyers (still life on gourds)
John Middleton (archeo-topographic landscape)
Thomas Middleton (interiors, figure, engraver)
Sallie Middleton (wildlife, illustrator)
Pierre Mignard (religous portraits)
Mike Mignola (comic, fantasy-adventure)
Don Miles (desert landscape, harbor views)
Richard Miles (landscape-national park)
John Miles (landscape, still life)
Samuel Miles (landscape, genre)
Alexander Millar (painter)
Jean Miller (landscape)
Roger Miller (illustrator-western motif)
Anna Miller (naive memory images, portrait)
Sherry Miller (mod figure, landscape, sculpture)
Edgar Miller (portrait, figure, mural, sculptor)
Larry Miller (sculptor)
Doug Miller (figure, western)
Janice Miller (figure, genre, interiors)
Vel Miller (figure-Indian , portrait, sculptor)
Harry Miller (landscape)
Thomas Miller (landscape, western frontier genre)
Rod Miller (still life)
Maria Miller (landscape, still life)
Brenda Miller (sculptor, conceptualist)
Joseph Miller (sculptor-portrait, landscape)
Philip Miller (coastal view, landscape)
Terry Miller (religious iconography (I Ching))
Suzanne Miller (landscape, figure)
Ruth Miller (portrait, mural)
Kenneth Miller (figure, portrait, landscape, still life)
Sally Miller (landscape, seascape, still life)
Diane Miller (land-seascape, still life, portrait)
Charles Miller (marine, photo illustration)
Helen Miller (etcher)
Scott Miller (mythology)
Ron Miller (illustrator-science fiction)
Kate Miller (landscape, urban life, portrait)
Carl Milles (sculptor-classical figure)
Clarence Millet (genre, landscape, view-streets)
Kate Millet (abstract)
Jean Millet (painter)
Rosemary Millette (wildlife-birds)
Robert Mills (landscape, seascape, graphics)
David Milne (mod town-landscape, illustrator)
Lisa Milroy (abstraction, mod object)
Peter Milton (printmaker-surreal)
Marilyn Minter (pop images, mod figure, mural)
John Minton ()
Harry Mintz (abstract imagery, mod landscape)
Joan Miro (painter/sculptor)
Berge Missakian (abstract still life)
Charles Mitchell (illustrator-female figure)
Gary Mitchell ()
Fred Mitchell (abstract imagery-landscape)
Thomas Mitchell (landscape, printmaker)
George Mitchell (illustrator, townscape, snowscene)
Dean Mitchell (regional landscape, black figure, genre)
Joan Mitchell (abstract expression, mod figure)
Peter Mitchell (abstract urban view)
Neil Mitchell (marine, landscape, nocturne)
Arthur Mitchell (cowboy-frontier genre, cartoonist)
Bruce Mitchell (town-landscape, social real genre)
Laura Mitchell (portrait often miniature)
Jim Mitchell (comic illustration)
Orren Mixer (cowboy genre)
Frederic Mizen (landscape, portrait-Indian, illustrator)
Ugo Mochi (wildlife, graphics, sculptor)
Richard Mock (expressionist, printmaker)
Robert Moesle (landscape, architecture, marine)
Guido Molinari (abstract-op art-stripes, sculptor)
Patrick Monahan (illustrator-figure)
Hugh Monahan (seascape, wildlife)
David Montgomery (mountain landscape, mural, prints)
George Montgomery (sculptor and painter-western subjects)
Paul Montgomery (landscape)
Louis Monza (naive genre-often violent)
Tom Moody (spherical forms, calligraphy)
David Moody (topographical artist, lithographer)
John Moody (engraver, lithographer)
Ronald Moody (painter, sculptor)
John Mooney (trompe l'oeil, portrait, sea-landscape)
Henry Moore (painter)
Susan Moore (female figure, portrait)
Al Moore (illustrator-figure, genre)
Julie Moore (wildlife in landscape)
Margaret Moore (landscape)
Tara Moore (wildlife)
Richard Moore (illustration, comics)
James Moore (landscape, figure)
Joseph Moore (naive portrait)
Thomas Moore (landscape)
William Moore (wildlife painter)
Francisco Mora (Indian, still life, primitive nudes)
Armando Morales (mod figure, still life, collage)
Percy Moran (genre, landscape, portrait, etcher)
Mike Moran (sculptor, figure, animal)
Earl Moran (illustrator-pin-up girl, figure)
Paul Moran (portrait, landscape)
Giorgio Morandi (interior, still life)
Maher Morcos (romantic western genre, portrait)
David Moreno (abstract design, assemblage)
Henri Moret (landscape, figure, seascape, marine)
Russell Moreton (seascape, landscape)
Mary Morez (figure-Indian, abstraction)
Helen Morgan (classical figure)
Jane Morgan (portrait, figure)
Patrick Morgan (abstraction)
Bill Morgan (architecture up close)
Theodore Morgan (landscape, wild flowers, marine)
Matthew Morgan (genre, illustrator-cartoon)
Susan Morgan (figurative, impressionist landscape)
Jim Morgan (wildlife, landscape, still life)
Frederick Morgan (painter)
Ann Morgan (landscape)
Malcolm Morley (super real views, genre, ships)
Owen Morrel (sculptor-outdoor installation)
Edmund Morris (landscape, Indian portrait)
Charles Morris (coastal landscape)
Sarah Morris (text painting)
Thomas Morris (landscape, portrait)
George Morris (landscape-coastal)
Henry Morris (See Morris, Dudley (Henry Dudley Jr))
Larry Morris (sculpture-geometric form)
Arthur Morris (snowscene-landscape)
George Morrison (portrait, still life, landscape)
David Morrison (landscape, genre)
Keith Morrison (painting, printmaking)
Norval Morrisseau (mod-Indian figurative motifs)
Dean Morrissey (illustrator-children's book)
Philip Morsberger (mod comic figurative, abstract painter)
Valentine Morse (desert landscape, still life, portrait)
John Mortimer (painter)
Elizabeth Morton (illustrator-book)
Andrew Morton (painter)
Richard Morton (portrait, military illustrator)
John Morton (landscape, genre, portrait, animal)
Kurt Moser (mountain landscape)
Barry Moser (book illustrator, landscape)
Zack Mosley (cartoonist, illustrator)
Michael Moss (townscape, landscape)
Zero Mostel (abstraction)
Robert Motherwell (abstract expression, collage)
Filastro Mottola (plein-air landscape)
Stanley Mouse (illustrator-record album)
Alphonse Mucha (art nouveau design, figure, portrait)
David Mueller (figure, portrait, genre)
Karl Mueller (landscape, townscape)
Michael Mueller (landscape)
John Mueller (illustrator, designer)
James Muir (sculptor-horses, western genre)
Fritz Muller (naive ship portrait-genre)
Anton Muller (landscape, seascape)
Max Muller (landscape, animal)
John Mulvaney (See Mulvany, John)
Vik Muniz (non objective)
Sir Alfred Munnings (painter)
Rie Munoz (figure-genre, lithographs, mural)
Janet Munro (naive rural views, pictorial history)
Frank Mura (landscape, animal, illustrator)
Gerald Murphy (proto-pop artifacts-word play)
Christopher Murphy (genre, illustrator, graphics, mural)
Bill Murphy (landscape-Staten Island views)
Jack Murphy (marine, landscape)
George Murphy (photo real town-landscape)
Terry Murphy (sculptor-wild animal)
Todd Murphy (figure)
Catherine Murphy (land-cityscape, figure-genre, objects)
Margaret Murphy (sea-landscape, marine, teacher)
Caroline Murphy (See Bowles, Caroline Hutchinson)
Robert Murray (sculptor-steel, mod painter)
Gregg Murray (wildlife-scratchboard)
Richard Murray (street scene)
George Murray (portrait, landscape, engraver)
James Murray (land-townscape)
Jim Murray (photo-real figure, portrait)
Tom Murray (photo real landscape, wildlife)
Paul Murray (New Mexico landscape)
Wangechi Mutu (whimsical figure, mixed-media collage)
Jerome Myers (urban-street genre, portrait)
Gary Myers (western genre)
Steve Myers (sculptor-Indian figure)
William Myers (portrait, historical)


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