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 Walter E. Brightwell, Jr.  (1919 - 2005)

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Lived/Active: Florida/Maine      Known for: coastal landscape and marine painting, combat artist

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Terrence O'Malley

Walter Brightwell
Independence Day in Cajun Country - Original Water color 21-5/8" x 13" was used as the cover art for July 1977 Ford Times magazine & complete work is shown on pages 16 & 17, looking for a value? I also have a box with 17 Prints, not signed or numbered (same size)

Donald Glenn

THE VILLAGE SMITHY/walter brightwell
it's 43 and a half inches long buy 23 and half inches in height. signed bottom left corner a brass title plate middle bottom looks like the real Mcoy??

Brenda Wheeler

A Day in June by Brightwell
I have a signed print #409 what would the value be

Debbie J

Goin Fishin by Brightwell
Hi, I have a Winde Fine Print No. 430 "Goin Fishin" by Brightwell. 12x24
It is one of the items I received from when my Grandma Passed.

Would like to know more about it and what is the value.

Thank you :)

Ruby Smith

Goin Fishin by Brightwell
I have a Winde Fine Print No. 430 "Goin Fishin" by Brightwell.

Would like to know more about it and what is the value.

Thank you.


parkhurst and brightwell
i need help- ihave a parkhurst painting with date and more called mountain view on the back paper cover. it had a rip in back and i seen another painting by brightwell i belive it is goin fishing. how does those two painting get framed together. can i rip the rest of paper to get out the brightwell or do what do i do. the tan paper in back has the parkhurst info from the 1972


sea harvest Brightwell
I have a 48 ins x 24 ins a copy I think on board brought from USA ca 1960 where can i find a pic to compare please?


Goin Fishin
I have this painting. Can you please tell me how much it is worth?


sea harvest painting
4 fishermen in a boat
I have a large oil painting of 4 men in a boat fishing with a net and its signed bottom right hand corner Brightwell, can you tell me anything about it??

Peggy Miller

4 fishermen in a boat
I have a large oil painting of 4 men in a boat fishing with a net and its signed bottom right hand corner Brightwell, can you tell me anything about it??


Goin' Fishin' prints
After reading through all of the posts on this discussion board, it's apparent that many people are confused as to whether they own a print or an actual painting. Most likely if your piece of art is on a type of paper board, has a company name and serial # on the back, it's going to be a print. A real oil painting by this artist is most likely going to be painted on canvas which is secured to a stretcher with staples or nails. The surface of the painting will have actual paint with texture that matches the color and strokes of the image. Using a good magnifying glass can help you determine if it's real paint. A print will feel flat to the touch and will have a dot matrix pattern when viewed under magnification. A plaque with the artist's name attached to the thin frame is only for decoration and identification. I googled this painting and artist and found a recent story about the original Goin Fishin painting. Hope this info is somewhat helpful in determining if you have a print or actual painting.


Morning in June or Rustic Mill?
I have a copy of what sounds like Morning in June (a scene of a bridge,autum trees, a stream, water mill wheel, a cottage and cottages in a far background, a man fishing and westal signed in bottom right corner). But this one says Rustic Mill down near the Westal signature. Are they one in the same? Is there anywhere to see pictures of Walter Brightwell's paintings? Thank you for your time.

Command Master Chief

Refueling At Sea
I have a large framed print (Which I believe was made from a painting) of the USS Boyd DD-544 refueling from alongside an aircraft carrier (Name & Hull Nr not visible). The printing beneath the print reads ? REFUELING AT SEA? Walter Brightwell, then there is a signature on the lower right corner of the print which reads; Brightwell ?60.

What I find interesting about this picture is the fact that the USS Boyd DD-544 (Destroyer) is refueling from the port (Left) side of the aircraft carrier. I believe this is due to the fact that Walter Brightwell (Whom I believe was aboard the USS Boyd DD-544) made a print from a negative and, that the negative was printed in reverse by mistake. I served aboard four (4) destroyers and we would always refuel from the starboard side of an aircraft carrier due to the angled flight deck on the port side.

Does anyone have any insight on this print and it?s worth?

Stewart Martin, Command Master Chief, United States Navy (Ret)

janice mullins

T. W. wood dated 1882
would like to learn more about this artist & the painting


gone fishin
this is very old & there were many prints made of this. see if u have a print or painting.


i know the painting well. it's a good sized oil. find if u have a painting or print. this was a maine scene & that was his true passion. his larger paintings like that were selling anywhere from 12,000. to 15,000. a few yrs ago.


destroyer is a painting my father , walter brightwell, did when he was in the service. he was also an official nca navy combat artist, however he was in army. he has done work 4 the navy throughout the yrs. u can find his work in the national navy art collection, he is also printed in their textbooks


Westal and Brightwell paintings looking for answers
I have a painting by Walter Brightwell called "A Day in June"

and a Westal painting which has a scene of a bridge,autum trees, a stream, water mill wheel, a cottage and cottages in a far background, a man fishing and westal signed in bottom right corner.
Any information as to the value and the painters history would be great as these paintings was left to me by my uncle, and he bought them in an auction 30 to 40 years ago.

Kanida B.

Village Smithy
I have a painting by Walter Brightwell called "Village Smithy" and I want to know how much could it be worth


to find out how much goin' fishin' is worth
i have a goin' fishin' painting i want to know if everyone know how much it is worth



Marietta McLawhorn

Destroyer Man by Brightwell
I have a signed print "Destroyer Man" which I retrieved from a trash bin. It reminds me of my "Destroyer Son" who's in the navy and my tiger cruise on his ship. I'm curious about the artist but can't find much on him


Destroyer Man Painting by Brightwell
I am looking for additional paintings by Walter Brightwell. Any ideas where I look for these and their costs?


the daily ride
i was given a painting by my late grandparents and i was wanting more info on the painting the daily ride

Angie B.

Sea Harvest
This post is for Kal about the Sea Harvest painting. I have this print hanging on my wall, you say the man standing was your Grandfather? I worked with your Grandfather the last few years of his life and I also know who the other men are standing in the dory. I know alittle bit of information about this painting and welcome your inquiry.

ingrid g.

i have a westal painting
I have a westal painting and I can not find it on the web. I would like to know more about it. It was my mother's painting. I do not know where she got it. It is a scene of a bridge,autum trees, a stream, water mill wheel, a cottage and cottages in a far background, a little boat and westal written in bottom right corner.

rufus holder

brightwell paintings
I was on board the uss boyd dd544 when walter brightwell was on board. I would very much like to see some of the paintings he made from photographs he took at that time. I picked up a navy broshure about thirty years ago. It featured some of his works. I have since lost the broshure.Some of the subjects were people I knew very well. One is of myself. Please reply.

Gayle Houghton

Westal signed Watercolor
I don't know anything about art but I have what I belive to be a watercolor done on hardboard.It is 2'X5'and is of what I believe to be a Maine costal scene.I obtained it in the late 60's.Does anyone know something about this other than that it was probably done by Walter Brightwell?


Goin Fishin
We have a 24" x 48" brightwell oil in an excellent frame . The painting is in excellent condition,titled goin fishin and signed brightwell .Any ideas on value or interest?

Dea.Raymond E.Johns

"Brightwell" 76
I have a watercolor,by a person named "Brightwell" on the front rt.corner with 76-and on the back it has 3-22-76 it is a 12"x8".will you please tell me what it may be worth.--Thanks.

Nancy Schneider

goin fishing
I also have a painting of goin fishin #239 16by20 please let me know how much it ia worth.Thank you


Sea Harvest
I posted here a while back, and didn't get any responses, but that may have been because I misspelled my email address...

In any case, I ran a google search and found this:
Kal-- The Brightwell print which you have is called "Sea Harvest" and is of particular ... in the front middle on bottom that says "Sea Harvest - Walter Brightwell. ...

With a link here. However, I cannot find that on this page.

If anyone knows anything more about Sea Harvest, I would love to hear about it, as the man standing in the boat is my grandfather. Thanks!

Gary J.

Painting by Brightwell
I also have a Goin Fishin with the boy, his dog and the red barn. Don't know enough about the photo but just looking at it is worth a million. Any info that has been found from all the people posting looking for info, would be a great help !


Walter Brightwell
I have a print called "A Day In June". This belonged to my grandparents who passed away in the early 70's. It means a lot to me. Does anyone have any info about it?

michael martin

Phyllis Ihave the same painting Ihave no idea what
they are worth


Walter Brightwell
I have a print by Walter Brightwell called "Destroyer Man". Was Brightwell in the Navy?

Tricia Brown

Rock-Bound Surf Print
I have just acquired a print by Walter Brightwell from my great grandmother's house. I just wanted to get more information regarding it.

Frank I. Argyle

Goin' Fishin'
I was at a yardsale in Canadian cottage country and picked up a print of Goin' Fishin' by Brightwell. I purchased it
because it reminded me of when I was a kid and I'd be
dressed exactly as the boy
depicted in the picture as well as would have had my dog along with me as well.
The barn in the background was also reminiscent of how
most barns looked back when
I was a lad. I'm closer to
50 years of age than 40 so that will give you the era I'm referring to. I bought
it because I did fall into the essence captured in the
artist's mind. Oh, and by the way? It is in mint condition and framed and I paid a whopping $0.50 for it. That's right, fifty cents! Best bargain to say
the least but I wouldn't sell it for $100.00 for the
simple reason $100.00 can't
take me back in the same way this particular print did, can and always will be
able to do each time I look at it.

Jay Arsenault

I see a lot of people here inquiring what thier piece is worth . Most of the Westal signed pieces out there are prints , but reguardless , what is your piece worth to you ? do you lose yourself in it does it take you to another time and place ? I'm pretty sure that they weren't ment to be trading cards , it was a mans interpurtation of the world around him , treasure the gift he has given us and stop trying to put a dollar value on everything , life is not about money or the pursuit of it , it's the little moments that make you smile and feel at total peace with the world , and you can't put a price on that


I have 2 Paul Detlefson paintings, one is Memories and the other I'm not sure of the title. It's two boys playing in the water behind a water wagon on a street. I'm trying to find the value and more information about these prints.


Walter Brightwell
I have a framed Brightwell print on board 48"x24" that has been in the family for about 45 years. It is a farmscape with a red barn in the background and a man leading a black horse with a little girl on it's back in the foreground.

I am interested in the name of the painting.


We have a very old print in our house of my grandfather and 3 of his friends pulling a net out of the water into the dory they're standing in. I've never been quite able to make out the signature, but I think it might be Brightwell. If this sounds familiar to anyone, please let me know. I'd like to know the title of the painting.


Brightwell paintings
I to have a painting that has Brightwell on the botton right. With 4 men in a boat that has a net.Trying to find out if this is worth any money.And to see if this was the real Brightwells paintings? Could any one let me know my answers? Thanks


Painting of Ships
I have a painting signed Brightwell. It is a painting of 6 Navy ships, Can anyone tell me anything about it




is it real
i have a brightwell painting with a name plate red bran j ashley is it real thank you


Autumn Pasture by Westal
I have this painting and was wondering if someone could tell me more about the artist and his amazing art.

Lyle Hoskins

Would like to know about painting
Westal painting of a man on a horse,crossing a bridge with a dog following him in a wooded area. Has a golden plaque that says "golden days" any help would be appreciated. thanks, Lyle


Goin Fishing
Has anyone found out information on the Brightwell painting, "Goin Fishing" I also have one and would like to know more about it.

Paul Rennebu

Looking for a painting
I am looking for a painting called the Viilage Smithy or The Village Black Smith. Can any one tell me where to find it?


I have a painting titled "Golden Days". It was painted by an artist named "Westal". It pictures a person riding a horse across a bridge through a wooded area during what seems to be the fall season. I would like to know where can I learn more about the artist and the painting.

ruby morris

i,m trying to find infro about a panting by westal.
my mom passed away she gave me a panting i,m trying to find something about the artist.


"Golden Days"
I'm looking for information regarding the painting "Golden Days". Depicted are a girl on a horse traversing a bridge. I have a reproduction and I'm wondering about the original. Ownership? So on.
Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!


Daily Ride
My mother has a painting that has hung on her wall for 25 years called the (Daily Ride) and was wanting to fnd info on this piece of art_ the name is on a brass thing and the signature is on the lower right hand side- Any info would be appreciated. Thank You

Carolyn Gayle

Westtal Painting
I bought a framed print (?) signed by Westal at a thrift shop 4 years ago. I love this work; a red barn in the background, boy fishing in small boat on pond with dog.

I have searched off and on for information and came across your postings. I am so happy to know the artist's 'real' name. I love his work and want to collect more.


an old Brightwell
I have a painting of an old barn and a little boy with his fishing pole walking down the dirt road.It is signed but I would like to know more about it.I have a picture of the painting.


A Day in June
I have a large(4'x2') print of a boy by a barn with a dog by a dog house and two horses.The print was made in 1963 by the Donald Art Co.It is signed Brightwell.Any info I can get would be great.Thank you


Westal Painting
I have a painting signed "Westal" in the right hand corner. It has a plate on it calling the painting "Rock Bound Surf".
Was wondering if it might be something painted by Mr Walter E Brightwell?

Terry G.

Walter E. Brightwell, Jr.
Walter Brightwell, Jr., divided his life into three parts:

First: From his birth in 1919 in Temple Texas, until World War II. Of this time he writes that he "lived with the family and my little circle, never traveling." During this time he lived in Temple, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee.
Second: During World War II he entered the military and traveled to Georgia, Kansas, Washington State, New Jersey and then went on the Queen Mary to Scotland. He traveled to England, Algeria, Sicily, Italy. He made four Atlantic crossings.
Third: He studied art in New York at the Art Students League of New York. Brightwell, Jr., did drawings and painting from a young age. For two years, prior to his military service Brightwell, Jr., studied at a commercial art school in Nashville, Tennessee. Brightwell did many paintings and a number of them were issued as prints. He sometimes signed paintings "Westal" (his middle name was Estal). He painted a good deal on military themes, in the Northeast (i.e. Maine) and he lived the last 30 years or so in Florida (he lived in Vero Beach when we corresponded). He painted much of the landscape and nature of Florida. He uses light in some extraordinary ways.

Brad Mayberry

"The Village Smithy"
I just inherited a Brightwell (2ft.x4ft.) framed print with a brass plate named "The Village Smithy". Wanted any information on this possible. It came from my grandparents house who past away recently. My sympathy to Nina!


Painting by Brightwell
My husband and I have a very large piece of art that we do not know the history of. The brass plate on the artwork reads "Daily Ride Walter Brightwell" and it is signed Brightwell. Can anyone tell us anything else about it?

Monic M. Monahan

painting by Brightwell

sorry to hear of the passing of your father. my sympathies to you and your family. could you tell me if your father signed his artwork by anything other than his last name?? very curious to know?

thanking you in advance



Walter E. Brightwell recently died;
he was my father.

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