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 Mario De Ferrante  (1898 - 1992)

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Lived/Active: California      Known for: futurist compositions, graphics, mural, printmaking

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painting history and value
I have a 4 by 6 (?) Textured Painting of a bridge with Albert signing at the bottom. The back has serial numbers 22254 and t22254...stamped with copy righted 1995 Art master Studios. Anyone know anything about this nice piece?

Bonnie Resor

Lotus Fan
We have a 3' high by 4' wide painting by artmaster studios, we think the artist is W Gent Brummel? not sure. Does anyone know any thing about this painting.

Vicki herold

1986 artmaster studios. Franco t1455
We bought a home in SW Florida and found this 3 1/2 x 5 painting in garage. It has 4 egrets?? Standing in water. Should I hang on to this? Does
It have any value?'


We have a painting in our office purchased in 1983 with the Ferrante signature. It features native Americans riding horses toward their teepees. Some detail and much abstract in muted tones with blue accent. We still love it. We are about to retire and like everyone else in this thread are wondering if the painting holds any value.


I purchased a very large framed picture. Maybe oil. A large vase of flowers with Fallin pedals sitting on a round base. Light pastel color with frame. Date stamp 1987 artmaster studio on back of frame and T668 written on maker on back of frame. Can someone please tell me the value of any?


I have a oil canvas painting by FERRANTE 40x50 on the back of the painting it has these identifying letters and numbers. ATM 10-101-8004 (0232990) A-Harmony picture. Can anyone tell me more about it and its value.


I have a approx. 5x5 ft. kind of abstract
harbor painting. a harbor view with a lg. sail boat w/yellow sail and grey hull. w/3 sailboats in the backgrnd. Colors: grey/blk./touch of peach/ & alot of popular green color.Signed in left corner (caps)
I bought 2013' Sarasota FL.Any comments?

john lewis

Mario De Ferrante Oil on Canvas
What's the aprox. value on a 40 by 48
oil on canvas w/ signature Siamese Cat by Mario De Ferrante?

Bobby Cathcart

Egrets Swamp Marsh Bayou
I have an original by Ferrante. It is numbered T-2201 on the back. I'm wondering the value of this painting.

Jamie Gerrard

Franco & Letterman - Artmaster Studios
I have 3 large paintings on canvas from Artmaster Studios in San Fernando, California. Two are signed by Franco (one a carousel horse and the other a southwestern horizon) and the third is signed by Letterman which is flowers. The only dates I can see on them are 1986.
I know nothing about them and I'm not aware of any art galleries in Salt Lake to take them to, so I was wondering if you had any information on them?



Could you tell me a little about a very large Mario de Ferrante carousel painting? thanks if anyone can tell me about this painting would be great I can send pictures if needed.


I have a 40"x50" Oil on canvas painting signed on the lower right .Ferrante. The frame has a number T294 in pencil and 294B in marker ink. The scene is a scene of 6 indians wrapped in blankets in the right foreground with teepees in the left background. All appear to be on a raised plateau. It appears not to represent what I have seen as his work after 1950 but it is a bit abstract and representational. Is there a catalogue of Mario De Ferrante's work that would help me establish an age on this painting?

Laurie Vandenhecke

Ferrante Large Umbrellas/Rain
I purchased a very large textured oil painting in Arizona for $80 at an auction in 1993. The colors are very muted, blues, taupes, greens, yellows and brick red and grey/black. It looks like an abstract of multicolored umbrellas, one is detailed, the rest are an impressions. the top of the canvas has lines that start in the middle that radiate outward like a ray that are raised. the umbrellas in the foreground are also possessing a raised outline but yet aren't detailed. The signature is toward the left in capital letters Ferrante. I haven't seen anyone else mention anything resembling my painting. I measured the canvas inside the frame and the dimensions are 49 X 39 1/2 inches. I'm not interested in selling but looking to find out more information about the artist. Thanks!

Marty Stephenson

FERRANTE Textured Landscape
I have a large textured landscape (sun rising/setting over the ocean). Can anyone tell me about the artist? FERRANTE is in lower right corner. It is about 3'x5' and sand type texturing. We live in Chico, Ca. What does Chico have to do with the artist?

jeff Baltozer

Ferrante canvas painting
I have a canvas painting signed w/ the name FERRANTE in all block/cap letters. It is a city scape, possibly the World Trade Center before the event with reflections in the waters edge. This was purchased in the mid to late 90's. The colours are muted in very pale to pale shades of white, green, taupe, mauve and blue and probably done w/a combo of brush/palet knife. Any info would be appreciated.




Hi everyone. It's really interesting to read this thread and see how art can take on a life of it's own. I was a designer at Artmaster Studios and unfortunately (maybe?) Ferrante is a ficticious pseudonym for a designer producing that style of art. Lee, Reynolds, Huntington, Paulson, Andrew were among others. That doesn't lessen the quality of these pieces though, they were painted by incredible artists, virtuoso's in the medium, from all over the world who would reproduce paintings from an original design. Exciting times back in the late 80's, early 90's. Hope that clears up your questions.


I have the same painting as catherine
Hi Catherine,

I have the same paintingyou describe in your post. My grandmother would have purchased this many years in the Albany NY area. I have always thought the images had a native american feel. It is interesting to find someone else with this painting. I have been looking online for the longest time for information about the artist but have not found anything.

Marie Turriziani Andersen

My Uncles Art & Signature
Having lived with my Aunt anna & Uncle Mario in th 1940 and having faimly paintings that date back before than. I can say that he is not "Ferrante" I have early paintings..1930's that have been in the family for years and he some times signed them with "M"de Ferrante small de. Ocasionally he would sign for a family member Mario deFerrante or for a speccial paintting he did for my Mother Mario de Ferrante.

The stories and memories i have thru the years with them both are priceless.


Ferrante Painting
I also have a huge painting that is in pastel hughes. It also appears to be done with various knifes and also some brushwork. I really enjoy the painting and rescued it from being thrown away from a business complex that I worked with. It has sailboats in the background, as well as some birds. It also has mountains and pines in the foreground. I would really like to know more about the artist and considering that I rescued it I haven't a clue. Any help would be great.


Mario de Ferrante
Could you tell me a little about Mario de Ferrante carousel painting? Thank you so much!!

Carol Fletcher

I bought a very large painting a few years ago - 40"x60" and it is signed FERRANTE. The colours are muted in very pale shades of white, green, taupe and mauve done with what looks like a knife and brush strokes. There is also some glitter in the painting - looks like silver. Very modern and I love it. I would very much like to know a bit more about the artist. When I bought the painting, there were a few others available but I wasn't quick enough to buy them. They were all large and in muted tones. The owner said that he purchased these in California several years ago from Ferrante and paid between $500 and 1000 per piece. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.


Ferrante painting
I have a 48x62 heavily textured floral oil painting signed "FERRANTE", all in caps. Does anybody have information about this artist? Please email. Thanks in advance. Terry


I have a large painting of white flowers. In the lower right-hand corner there's a signiture of "Ferrante" in blue block letters... not sure if it was painted by Mario De Ferrante or not, but it was painted thickly so there is a lot of textures and such...


Ferrante Painting
I have a large 36 x 60 canvas oil painting that is abstract with three raised canvas at an angle. There is a tag on the picture that it came from Artmaster and Ferrante name is bold and in block letters. After reading others people questions we all are seeking for an answer of who is this artist. His work is wonderful and I would appreciate hearing if anyone as found the answer.
Thank you.

Adrienne Levy

Mario DeFerrante
As his Granddaughter said in earlier post and as I have researched, this artist signed his name "deferrante". There is a slight gap between "De" and "Ferrante" - but this was style - not to be confused with Spanish style "de Ferrante" .

"ferrante" signature
is not his signature...he was not Spanish - he is Italian hence DeFerrante is his full last name - not Ferrante

I do not believe there are nine signatures out there - maybe variations but not different spellings. You must take into account more than a signature, also, style, materials, subject matter...many things aside from a signature.


Where's Ferrante?
I have a painting signed Ferrante that has cream and brown tones of flowers with blue highlights and is a pretty large canvas. I to have search but haven't gotten even close to knowing who the true artist is of this wonderful piece


I also have a 36"h by 60"w canvas painting of wild horses running out of a dust cloud. I bought the painting from Sears home center about 15 years ago. It is signed FERRANTE and I have searched a couple of times with no luck.


an answer
Nancy I do know that those numbers mean that it has been auctiond and is just a number they used to identfy the painting at auction.


Ferrante painting
I have a painting signed "FERRANTE" in all caps. It is of a carousel. It is very large, and was my grandmother's...she was an artist and collected some art. I have done some looking around online, but none of the paintings resemble this one. it is not abstract. looks as if it was done with various sizes of palette brushes. any info would be greatly appreciated! thanks.

morgyn doyle

ferrante oil
I have a Ferrante oil on a canvas with three raised canvas on top. very very stunning, it is a dimensional art work from the studios of san fernando california. signed ferrante in block. i bought it in antwerp . photo available, love to know its history..belguim. a letter from ferrante is attached to the rear of the art work ..


There are 9 different Signatures of Mario de Ferrante
Hey, I just got the following response from an auction house in California. There are 9 different signatures, amazing. However, she says that at auction the prices don't exceed $700, but I have researched past auctions and prices have reached almost $2,000 dollars or more.
There are 9 different signatures for this
artist on one of our data bases. His prices at auction rarely
exceed $700. Val Brown


Ferrante Fisherman Painting?
I bought a huge Ferrante painting. Beautiful, drop dead gorgeous. For me is one of his best work so far. I have been comparing lots of painting and mine is the best so far. The painting is in the blue, white, and gray tones for the exception of a little bit of orange in the boats. The painting is 3 boats, in the middle boat there is one person looking back at what appears to be a village.The village is represented as 3 different buildings.The painting is sign Ferrante, not deFerrante. At the back it appears to be an auction number? maybe? who knows, but it says T488. I found this painting in Georgia.

The painting is very pleasant to look at.

Can anyone tell me something about the painting?

Glynis thomas

Mario deFerrante
I am Mario deFerrante's granddaughter and lately I have been browsing the internet looking at his arkwork. I must say there is alot of work out there attached to his biography, but is clearly not his work.
He had a very distinctive style and was not big on landscapes, etc.. His signature is not Ferrante, it is deFerrante, small "d" capital "F". Hope this helps a bit.


Mario Ferrante Artist & Art Teacher In Auburn California
Did any of you happen to read what Anna posted to this discussion board on 2/6/08? Maybe you should try taking a looksy at it. It might be your answer.

Kristy Johns

Ferrante Oil Painting
I have a big oil painting of daisies. Very serene, yellows, greens and whites. I am not sure who the artist is. Like Bonnie Starks, it has a signature of "ferrante". Any help any one has would be great, I am trying to locate this paintings origins.


I also have two large 40 x 60 paintings signed "Ferrante". They both have a thick texture as bonnie mentioned and are both abstracts with native american themes. One features a canoe with huddled figures and the other a bridge-like row of teepees that seem to melt into a waterfall. The color palette is very neutral with both pieces featuring orange and blue highlights. If anyone finds out information about the artist please post.


I have a great uncle named Mario Ferrante who lives in Auburn, CA and used to teach art at the local high school. He has turned out many, many oil, watercolor and other medium paintings and sculptures that I have seen in many other places. I have seen a lot of the large canvas oil paintings, mostly scenery and still lifes with some abstracts, also. Some of these works may be his.


I have an oil painting that I enjoy very much. It is signed Ferrante in block letters and is unique by having thick textures in the paint that was applied. Anyone assistance in verifying the artist would be appreciated.


looking at some of these comments
nancy you and some of the others may have angila ferrante oils of the pottery she did this type of oils try there good luck


Ferrante Painting
I have an oil painting by Ferrante entitlted "the Riviera" from 1960. Can anyone give me from information regarding this painting.


Ferrante Painting
Just wondering if anyone has info on 'Ferrante' and not 'de Ferrante'. I have a large canvas painting approx 50 x 50 abstract?

Donna Chapman

Artmaster Studios
I have a large framed canvas painting aprox. 50 X 60 , (purchased in late 1980's)partly brush & palette knife of very large flowers on a vine covering a picket fence.A card attached to back of frame reads Created by artists associated with Artmaster Studios, San Fernando, CA. Painting is signed (hand printed) FERRANTE. Can anyone give me info about this painting or first name of the artist?


Sail boats in Harbor
I have a painting appx 48"x60" signed "Ferrante" and have not found the exact author yet. I am told it was originally purchased in Colorado


Ferrante Painting
I have the same Ferrante painting mentioned by Erika, people dressed outside a cafe, 40x60, signed by Ferrante. Got at a garage sale because it was interesting. I would appreciate knowing anything more about it. Thanks to Arthur, best info I've seen yet. Will keep checking this site for more info and a first name!


Forgot to mention, the Artmaster Studios Ferrante piece I own (and others which I've seen elsewhere) have all been an interesting technique of serigraphy with hand-done oil embellishments (brush and/or knife).

They are beautiful paintings. Not going to sell for millions, but wonderful to own.

Coincidentally, the Artmaster Ferrante which I own has the exact same signature as the other one I just mentioned having seen recently on an auction site... The seller does not appear knowledgeable to me. Again, caveat emptor.


Artmaster Studios
Artmaster Studios produced many paintings signed Ferrante among others (not the same as De Ferrante). I recently saw a painting on an auction site signed Ferrante which the seller represented as Mario De Ferrante, but it was not his signature. (Caveat Emptor is always the rule of eBay.)

I do not know the history of Artmaster but I do know that both Artmaster and Vanguard Studios (which by the way was started in the 60's by Lee Reynolds Burr) were both acquired by Interiors, Inc. of NY.

In the late 90's Interiors, Inc. merged the Artmaster subsidiary into the Vanguard subsidiary. The Artmaster name was dropped in lieu of Vanguard.

I do not have a list of all the artists from Artmaster, but a couple I recall are Ferrante and Huntington. As with many commercial studios, the art is decent quality.

Many of the Vanguard artists from the early days (under the tutelage of Lee Reynolds) went on to their own solo careers.

Many Vanguard pieces are signed Reynolds, but only a few of the early ones were painted by Lee Reynolds...the later paintings were painted by his students and when they were approved by him, they were then signed with his name (Reynolds).


How did Mario De Ferrante sign his paintings
ie : De Ferrante or just Ferrante

John Stewart

Worked in De Ferrante's studio........
I worked in Ferrante's studio in Glendale in 1961, helping him with his serigraphs. He showed me some of his student drawings and his knowlege of anatomy was aparent. He was a Duke of the Vatican and had a certificate showing this. We mostly worked on realistic subjects done in serigraphy for a New York gallery (Plummers). I met his wife, and she was very gracious and very tall.


Large Ferrante painting
I have a 44" x 36" painting of abstact pottery ~ southwest/aztech looking. It's signed Ferrante and the canvas is stamped 60240. As everyone else has asked, does anyone have any info????? Thanks!


Ferrante painting
I have a painting signed Ferrante - not de ferrante - is it by Mario De Ferrante? It is 40" x 60" of flowers. Mums and daisies I think. Can anyone help me?


Suzanne von der Burg

I have a signed Ferrante painting that is very large. It is an abstract painting. It is signed Ferrante not de Ferrante. Is this Mario de Ferrante? Can anyone help?


looking for information
Dear Readers I am Mario DeFerrantes great grandson and would like to learn about him. If you have any information on him I am 16 and he died when I was 2, so I"m just looking to see what's in my roots. If you have any info, email me or any pictures send me a pic of them. Thank you.
David DeFerrante

m. matthias

signed painting
I have a huge oil painting signed by Ferrante. It is of some kind of flowers, maybe daisys, basicaly only a couple of colors. it is rather larg about 46x34. can anyone help me identify this or the artist


Mario DeFerrante was my great grandfather, if anyone has any questions regarding his work please contact me. I am pleased to see others taking interests in his work and so will his son my grandfather. We would love to answer any questions you may have. Dale.

Mike Bly

de Ferrante Painting
I have a signed Ferrante Oil measuring 46x34 of Mum like flowers and Im unable to determine if this is Mario de Ferrante's Painting, Can anyone help. Thanks. Mike

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