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 Frederic Sackrider Remington  (1861 - 1909)

/ REM-ing-tun/


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Lived/Active: New York/Kansas/Connecticut      Known for: western painting and sculpture, illustration

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Mark Kunkle

Chief Indian Head
I have 2 lead indian heads that are exact replicas of the large indian head in the museum at Painted Post, NY. Do you think they might be prototypes for the original?


Chief No more Fire Water
I have a very old framed portrait of an Indian Chief. It is done in chalk , signed Frederick Remington and has a brass plate on the frame with the title and artist. The artwork itself measures about 23 x 15 inches. I can find no info. and I am wondering if it could a early undocumented piece or a fake. Any information would be greatly aporecuated. Thank you.

john parfait

remington repro?
ray thomson,i have a remington repro from 1964 with the name aaron ashley inc.iv'e come up empty on my search.this is a 22x39 copy of "a dash for timber" made for the amon carter museum.tags are still in place.could this be the a.a. you're searching

ray thomson

fredick remington stampeed print
i have a remington print signed in right hand conerand in the left hand cover it has c A. A. INC. 1964 trying to find value and if it is a rare print

Susie Holmquist

The Breed
I would be interested in knowing if you have seen a print by Remington with an Indian on horseback wearing a Hudson Bay Blanket in green, yellow and red around him. His signature is in the lower right corner with 1901 under it. I would be interested in your feedback.

Dana McCain

Info on painting
I have a Frederic Remington thanksgiving picture painting on back of glass in a frame. Don't know anymore bout it I found it in a old car in a junk yard bout 20 years ago. Can anyone tell me any info on this please.

Carole Webber

Fredrick Remington Art
Douglas Montgomery did you ever get any info on you Remington Cheyenne Scout block. I have one, as well. I don't know anything about it either.

Robin Fennell

Remington Bronco Buster Replica
How Can I Find Out The Value Of My 1970 Bronco Buster Statue? My Web Searches Are Showing A Wide Range Of Values. What Is Criteria For Appraising The Statue.

Douglas Montgomery

Remington Cheyenne Scout Block
I found a 9 by 12 old plastic (Bakelite?) block of Remington's Cheyenne Scouts. Any idea as to value. I have never seen anything like this before.


The Stampede by Reminton
why do come copies of his work show one lighting bolt in the background and others show a lighting bolt in the background with like 4 bolt coming off the original bolt

Christine Karl

22" Remington Rattlesnake
The inscription has copy next to signature. Is this an authentic Remington, or a fake? Thank you!

caryn moss

My buddy has an old pic "the last of his race" how do we know exactly what it is & what its worth?

Chris Graham

cork board
I have a cork board
print three cowboys or three miners on a mountain pass Remington low right diagnally any info on it.

ray thomson

1964 print of the stampede by fredick remmington value 30 by 20
there ia a trade mark c then 1964 in left hand corner. can't seem to find any info or price for a 1964 print

Linda Dunbar

How do I know if my Remington print is old?
I bought a Remington print at an antique shop. I found it online and the title is "The Buffalo Runners." It looks very old and is framed under glass. The frame is old and chipped dark wood and the print may have some water damage. On the back is a label that says $125 in pencil. That looks old too. How do I value it for insurance and should I even bother?


did Frederic Remington do a seascape
if anybody could tell me in Frederic Remington did a scapeand maybe help me to put a price on it


I want to know the value of my remington 1901 waterpaint sketch of native a
Curious of the possible value of this?

Cindy Burns

value of paintings
I inherited 2 Fredrick Remington pictures, actually etched on the glass. Interested in their value?

eutha Scholl

Fredrick Remington
I inherited a remington Photo om glass I would like to know it's value

michelle edwards

fredrick Remmington sculpture cheyenne
I came across a Fredrick Remmington sculpture named the Cheyenne. I no nothing about sculptures. I did research a little and found that he had a rare signature. As does mine. It is sculpted beautifully and resembles the few I have seen even has a fragile whip if you will. It is in perfect condition. I am afraid to bring to a dealer fear of being scammed. What to do? I have pics

Tina richerson

Frederick Remington painting. the smoke signal
My painting. Says on the side of the frame amon Carter museum. Also about midway there's a # no. 262

Darrell Hunter

Indian Dancer Remington Frogery
I have a bronze with Fredric Remington signature in casting. It is the same one attributed to Karl Kauba. About 22" tall. Does it have any value as one of the first forgeries?


Remington Wicked Pony
I have a large Remington statue of the Wicked Pony which is signed F Remington. It sits on a marble base. Did he ever sign anything F Remington? Thank you

Michelle edwards

Fredric Remington carved signiture cannot see a number anyone interested?
Fredrick Remington carved signiture worth?

Sherry Taylor

Reminton 8x10 on artist board
I have what looks like a 1887 Metal Engraving of "Burning the Range" on artist board. "72" is on back. Any ideas what this is?

Tim steward

Remington on glass shadow box of a bucking bronc and rider
It's a 26"x32" would like to know value


bronze figure
I purchased a bronze figure of a large naked sitting woman, with the letters co or cu EVAS 1976 etched on the bottom. Can anyone tell me who it is?

Christine Ballano

Is there an artist that displays a small horse on the bottom left of his artwork as his or her signature

Matthew eschenberg

Did Remington ever do a portrait of the Mona Lisa
I have a painting signed Remington it is a portrait of the Mona Lisa I know this is not his usual type of work but was wondering if any one knew if he painted works other than western ones thanks for any info

Evelyn Shaw

Purchasing Rights for Logo
I am looking to buy copyrights of a Remington Print "The Cowboy" for use on a Logo. Can you tell me who owns the copyright or where I might inquire?

peter galvin

FYI on Remingtons Artworks
The Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, NY. provides some interesting insites in recognizing his works (also a fascinating place to visit).They can be found on the web. I have been reading the discussion board and it seems there are a lot recasts and copies out there. If its on a base other than Bronze, and bearing Remingtons signature, with the foundry name ( Bonnard or Roman Bronze Works ) under the base with the model numbers sequentially, it probably isn't an original.


Frederick Remington bronze statue/rattlesnak
Oh...just adding the number 7 is on the underside of the base. The statue is not mounted. I have read that he kept inaccurate records of his work and there were early works that do not have a foundry mark? How do you age a bronze? Can one tell if it is sand/lost wax technique by looking at it? Thanks Lynnette.


Fredric Remington Metal Engraving
Hello, I have a limited reproduction of a Fredric Remington piece, called "A White Trapper." It was made in 1969 by someone named Homer L. Owen, and was sold through an Art Gallery in Austin, Texas, named Country Store Gallery. I was wondering if anyone would know what the item is worth today. It has a letter attached to it from Homer L. Owen to one of the owners of the Art Gallery explaining how it was engraved by hand, and that it was limited run of 20 engravings. It is matted with burlap and in a solid, heavy wood frame. It is very nice and came from the boardroom of a Fortune 500 company. I am interested in knowing it's value and if anyone has seen one of these before. Thanks, and I look forward to any replies.

Michael Taylor

Remington Mountain Man Bronze statue
I have a bronze statue of the mountain man by Frederic Remington. I don’t know what value I can place upon it. It weighs a ton and I can't lift it anymore. I don't know where to look for the number[[][[]]s] on the bronze. It is resting upon an authentic stone foundation. Where would I look to find the casting number? It was originally owned by Joe Fields, co founder of Chyrsler Corporation and he had the means to purchase an expensive bronze statue.


Remington bronzes
For those asking about Remington bronzes, limited editions marked with a fractional number like 30/100 are reproductions. Original Remingtons only had one number and a foundry mark - and there aren't many of them around. See the Remington art museum site for more information.


His Mother?
Does anyone know anything about FSR's mother? Is that Joan? Was she an artist in her own right, around the turn of the 19th, Hudson River/Valley genre? I have inherited a beautiful oil, unsigned, but claims to be FSR's mother. Thank you


Frederic Remington (Indian Head)
I bought a plaque and on the back was the Certificate of Authenticity. It is # 3 of 1000. Plate was cancelled. It is a large bronze indian head (indian wearing feather head dress)round plaque.The original plaque was made for the P. Lorrillard Tobacco Co. It was exhibited in a show of "Old Cigar Store Indian Relics' in 1912 in New York.
The original was made by Frederic Remington. The reproduction was by Creative Designs Inc. It was reproducted in 1964. Does anyone know anything about it?


Remington Bronzes - numbered
I have 5 Remington bronzes. How can I obtain their value?
The Norther - 30/100
The Rattlesnake - 36/100
The Outlaw - 29/100
Coming through the Rye - Roman Bronze Works-second cast
The Cheyenne - no numbers


Joan Remington
Joan Remington was my grandma on my moms side. She died al least 20 years ago. I believe she was the first to start painting on slate. She live in Mariposa, a small town outsie of Yosemite. She would sell her paintings at local shops.

Liz bowsher

Glass remmington
I found a Fredrick remmington on glass at a garage sale for 1$. It was made by lucid lines 1974. It has a number on the back engraved w108.


Frederic Remington "Rattlesnake" bronze sculpture
My husband and I purchased the Rattlesnake sculpture back in 1997 at an antique shop. A friend of my sister's who is a docent in Eugene, OR was visiting recently and said she thought the sculpture was quite old and could have been a reproduction allowed by his wife. How do you tell? Above his signature at the base it says copy and I believe the intials mgr (but I'm not positive). Does that mean anything? I plan to keep it and give it to one of our children but she has piqued my curiosity.

Doug B

Lucid lines W218 Indian Party (Remington)
What would the value of this art be today. I purchased this about 28 yrs ago at a garage sale.


frederic remington
did he ever paint on glass like a window


A numbered buffalo horse by frederic remington
Im trying to get some information about a bronze "buffalo horse" by Frederic Remington. It is marked with R.C.S. R.86/175 any ideas who to call to get more detail about this art?


fredeick remington bronco buster as8
I have a 14 inch bronze bronco buster which was purchased at a second hand store in 1968 , as8 is casted on top of bronze base, can anybody please let me know what as8 stands for?


I too have a seascape which is signed "Remington" in the bottom left corner. The signature is very similar to the sample signature (printed) presented by AskArt. Since Remington once owned his own beach, is is illogical to think that he could have painted a seascape?


Remington originals
If you have what would be considered an "original" Remington bronze, you've got a million bucks. I hear a lot of people say they think their Remington is original. Almost all of the "originals" are cataloged and accounted for. As he received orders, Remington would number them 1,2,3 etc., not 12/100 like is common for more modern releases. Also, there will be a stamp from the Roman Bronze Works in New York. Anything that is not configured as described would be an un-authorized copy. There are countless bronze factories doing copies now-a-days. That doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable to have and to look at. You can find out more by going to the Remington Museum website. Good luck.


Remington Seascape
Much like Greg (05/02/07) and Catherine (09/30/06) - I too have a seascape (ocean, beach, light house, fence) signed Remington with an authentic looking signature. I know the comment is "Remington never painted seascapes" but I think "never" is a strong word and thought I'd post here anyway - Art History can be interesting in how things are discovered.


Remington "The Cheyenne" Lamp
I have a lamp that features the bronze statue of "The Cheyenne" at the base as well as a Frederic Remington signature on it. Was just wondering if this could be an original or if it is some sort of reproduction? I cannot find anything like this that has a lamp. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

effa beauette

Anyone ever heard of Aribu
Sorry..misspelled name at previous posting...looking on info on this sculpture artistwho uses lost wax. Works called "Wonders sof Sea" . Any info on Mancini Foundry?

Effa Beauette

I have several pieces of sculpture by this Cuban artist...Lovers I and II and coral reef...anyone have info on Aribou


Could someone help me find out about our statue "coming through the rye" it weighs over 300lbs on the bottom right is Fredric Remington name and something that reads circ(?) perdue(?) cast. #19
What does this all mean. I was told it had something to do with a Rockfeller..

Richard Evans

Frederic Remington
This is an oil painting with Calvery, Scout in red shirt and Indians riding together with a bleached cow skull in the right front. It is signed Frederic Remington 1901. How do I tell if it is original. It is in excellent condition

Roger & Denise Cousino

Buffalo Horse Bronze Sculpture
Bronze Buffalo Horse. The Buffalo has a front leg fastened to base and the horse has a rear leg to base. The tail of the horse is sticking out. This is different from the sculptures I see on the web. It is signed by Fredric Remington. Can you tell me more about this?


Frederic Remington Indian Art
I have what looks like a reverse stensil or Frederic Remington's Cheyenne Scouts Patrolling the Big Timber of the North Canadian Oklahoma. I am not sure what this is. It shows the image, in complete detail, with the signiture, but it is not a painting. Its more of a carved plastic or foam 12"X24" panel. What could this be?

Jon reuter

Remington etching
I have a beautiful remington something... It sounds like one referred to by Dee Tiger in May of 2007. Mine actually looks like some old fiberglass or dense faom backing with a very detailed etching of 2 indians on horseback in military clothing. Any idea what I may have??

chris R

How do you know?
How do you know if a remington bronze statue is authentic or a copyright piece? HELP PLEASE!

Kathy J.

Plaster etchings
My step father collected western art. I found 4 approx. 8x11 what look to be plaster slabs that are etched. The signature said REMINGTON, so in looking on the internet I've found this site. One of the blocks/plates is identical to the picture "Cheyenne Scouts Patrolling the Big Timer". I'd like to know more about this art that I have. Is it considered an authentic print? How and by whom was it made? What is it made out of? How much could it be worth?
Any answers would be great!
Thank you for information,

Jean W

ink painting on leather
I acquired an 11 x 24 'possibly ink painting' on leather. Looks like Remington? On back stamped 102 Surpirse Party and Arthur S. Miller Man. Canoga Park, CA? Anyone know about this by chance?


Remington Print
I am not sure how to explain this item. It is on a very light type wood and is 8 x 11 inches. On the front is a Remington picture. It has men coming around the side of a mountain with a mule packed with supplies. It is actually a carving like piece. It has indentations and very detailed around each thing in it. It has Remington signature. Any help would be greatly appreciated in finding out what this exactly is?


How can I tell if it's a true Remington?
How can I tell if a painting is true? A long time ago my father was given a painting and i'm trying to find out about it. I think it is "Fight for the Waterhole" It has a signature on the bottom right that says "frederic Remington and something else. It is encased in frame with glass and mat. It looks like its been painted. Should i be looking for something to authenticate this? If so please let me know..Thanks


Remington original painting "His First Lesson"
Does anyone know the whereabouts of this original painting? I have seen many prints offered of it but would like to establish ownership of the original. Thanks




Dedicated to John Hay Norther
I also have a Remington Bronze The Norther which is ingraved (on the back in the bronze) DEDICATED TO JOHN HAY SECRETARY OF STATE 1909. It is approx. 22" tall by 17" wide and sits on a green marble base. I sent the museum an email about it but thought I would post this to see if many of these were reproduced or if this could be on from the collection. Thanks :)


frederick remington sketches on hide
i bought 2 pictures at a yard sale that were done on hide. one is of a cowboy on a bronco jumping and the cowboy's hat is in the air. the other one is of an indian on horseback with the horse holding his head down.did artist do work on hide?


frederick remingtonsketches on leather
i have two pictures that i purchased at a yard sale and was wondering if this artist ever did sketchings on leather. one is of a cowboy on a horse and the other is an indian on horseback

Allan Hart

Frederic Remington signatures
20 October, 2008

Most people, including most art dealers and so-called "experts", don't know the difference between a print and a reproduction. Most people call reproductions prints. They aren't. A print is hand-pulled by the artist or an artist printer and is either an etching, engraving, lithograph, monoprint, or wood block print. A reproduction is a photograph of an original work of art that is then printed. The book on South- west Artists' signatues does not have all examples of Remington's signatures. I own a small Remington graphite drawing (actual- ly, a sketch completed within one minute) of a Native American.I"scooped" it up under all of their noses at the Southwest Antique Show in Albuquerque this year. All the dealers and so-called "experts" passed it up. The drawing is signed "FR" in a small rectangle. It is superbly drawn, by a master draughtsman. There are only two artists active in the Southwest between 1870 and 1900 who could have drawn my drawing of a Native American - Henry Farney and
Frederic Remington. When first seeing the drawing, I knew within three seconds
that it was by Frederic Remington. Then, i saw the signature "RF". YUP!
Sincerely, Allan Hart


John Hay's Bronco Buster
I would suggest first doing some background research to substantiate the information found on the dedication plaque. The Library of Congress houses the John Hay Papers. Once you feel confident enough that a bronze was given to Hay, I would suggest contacting the Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, NY

Diane Patridge

wood block etching
I came to own Remington's
wood block etching of "The
dance of the Buffalo ....
I noticed it's signed on
right side and Dori is on
left side. I copied a print
of famous print and it seams an inch has been cut
off wood block. Is that so
it can never be printed
again? What would that be

Clel Lee

Bronco Buster
How many different markings
om the bottom of the Bronco Buster are there. to prove its a real piece?
Roman Bronze Works NY and Henry Bonnard? I have one thats got the sig named written on the top of the base and only 3 or m thats on the bottom? Any ideas?

S Kauffman

Coming through the Rye by F Remington
The artwork was sold has "Coming through the Rye", and weighs approximately 300 lbs. an estimate as it takes 3 burly men to lift it. We bought this and other items from a dealer who was going out of business. Art dealers seem to have the same deminsions but the weight difference is 90lbs compared to 300lbs. Can anyone direct me to where we can find out why there is such a difference or if this is truly a Remington.


Name of Work
I have a Remington and cannot find out the name. It looks just like the work Victory Dance except there is a row of dogs running in front of the Indians. According to the mark in the corner it's a Collier and Son 1908.
Can anyone help me?

jim halloran

remington proof sets
I akso have acquired the remington proof set with cover. Looking for any information regarding this set.

John R

mountain man
How would I find out if the statue Mountain Man by Frederic Remington I have is authentic?


Does anyone know if Remington ever painted on hide? Thanks for any information.

Sharon Tomaszewski

In Aug 07 Joan Scritchlow asked about her Remington Rattlesnake Dedicated to Theordore Roosevelt. I have 7/50 dated 1905 No foundry mark. Is this a repro as I am assuming her's is. My people paid $10,000 at So. Florida Auction with NY auction house . Hmmmm.

Charles Rogers

Stolen Remington and Charles Russell art work
In 1969 I bought 160 acre parcel in the mountains with a small lake and many trees about 60 miles from LA. The property was originally homesteaded in 1886. The seller to me was a LA businessman who used the property for entertaining friends and clients. I bought the property from his window after estate probate. The sale included all personal property on the property.

Aside from a fairly large house there remained the original empty homestead house with a basement. In the basement I found many art objects such as a collection of hardcover Popular Mechanics from 1996 through 1919 and other things. I still have most of the items, except two paintings. Included in the items I found were a western oil painting signed by Charles Russell and a lithograph by Frederic Remington of a British coach with 4 white horses and two dressed servants in the front and one in the rear, also signed by Remington dated either 1917 or 1919, I can't recall for sure.

In 1970 a Ventura art appraiser offered to buy the Remington for $58,000 and the Russell for $6,000. I passed and wrapped and stored the paintings in the attic and forgot them for a number of years. Later I remarried and after about 6 months I thought I would officially have the paintings appraised. They were gone.

My new 6 months wife said she took them to an art shop for new frames and forgot them, neither could she find a receipt but she said she would pick them up that next morning, as she new the owner. I was very upset and reminded her the art work was separate property. Later she called me at my office and said no one at the art shop recalled having any such paintings, and since there was no receipt they could not be held accountable.
Several years later I discovered my wife and adopted daughter had several bank accounts totaling over 7 figures which I knew nothing about and two homes in my adopted daughters name. She was young and single. I am convinced the money came from the sale of my Russell and Remington paintings.

My purpose in writing to you is to hope to get some idea of the value of the paintings assuming they both are in good condition. My intent is to turn over the issue to a investigating entity on a co-share basis of some sort to be defined, to re-trace the reverse ownership to a certain date of 1973, when the paintings disappeared from the art shop?????

I am not financially capable any longer to front the expense. To go forward with that plan I need to know the parameters of approximate values of each painting, so as to direct me with my negotiations to find the paintings.

Can you help with some rough values if the paintings exist in good condition?

I see you have an email address, so after your initial response and possibly some viewers thoughts expressed, we could converse by email.

If you choose to not proffer values, could you suggest where and who I might obtain a ballpark figure of their possible worth? I see in one art sale some Remington paintings value expressed in the neighborhood of 50 million. Not that I might have one of those but the guy who I got it from was extremely rich and the paintings were in good shape according to the art dealer in Ventura, even though he tried to low-ball me by his offer of $58,000 for the Remington it seems.

I hope you can provide me with some insight.


Unknown Remington Sculpture
I have a bronze sculpture that is signed by Frederic Remington, I cannot find any information on this particular bronze. I took it to a local foundry and they are not sure if it is an original, it appears to be an older bronze 70+ years however there is no foundry mark. The sculpture is of 2 cowboys running on horses shooting in opposite directions. One is wearing a hat, one is not. The detail in the faces does look very much like Remingtons work. Are there any commissioned pieces that he did that this could be? It came from an estate in Ft. Worth. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


bronco buster table or desk lamp
hello,I have a lamp bronco buster combo. It sure looks like it has some age.The lamp is heavy,the casting appears to be bronze.It is mounted on a rectangular lamp base.On the left front corner,a post,with a twisted swirl design rises up to an armature that swivels 360 degrees.It has a leaded glass shade,with 48 panels. The armature has a tension lever to hold it where you like.I know of the working partnership between R.B.W. and Tiffany & co.I have also looked at the design of several tiffany table lamps and the armature looks very much similar.My question is does anyone know if Tiffany's ever made a lamp,using a small bronco buster on the base.The neck of the shade has a #36 on the metal rim.The bronco buster has Frederic Remington molded in the base,running forward from the horses right hind leg.When I first saw the signature it was hard to read,it looks jumbled and run together.Of course I'm hoping that's the way it should be.Thanks for any help or comments.It is a sweet piece, whatever the case.I can send photos,or measurements,good hunting.


His First Lesson, Artist proof
I have a 1903 copyright of Frederic Remington titled His First lesson. The orginial paper on back of fram shows emblem and stamped artist proof and date...If anyone knows anything about the print or its aprox. value, I would like to hear from you. Thanks


bronze cheyenne 50/100 dedicated
i have a large bronze remington cheyenne statue dedicated to theodore roosevelt 1905 50/100 any help would be appreciated

rob hutcherson

remington's sergeant
I have a solid silver roman bronze works, 4/50, sergeant statue. Anyone know what this is exactly? Silver not bronze on a small green marble base. thanks


remington painted or etched on the back of glass
this picture is framed in a dark wood very plain. It has a brass plate on bottom of frame that says it took best display in 1976 at the santa barbara antique arms and collectors show. it is in very good condition. It is of maybey a soilder and indian scout they are both standing and the indian scout is pointing. It has a yellowish brown paper behind for dimension anyone with any ideas on wwat this is. It is also signed. thanks for any help.


Remington silk print
I have six silk prints, which were all rolled up in a cardboard tube. One is a Remington, one is a Beard, one is a William Keith, and I forgot the others. The Remington is of an Indian on a horse herding sheep and goats. It is not large, I am guessing about 12X18 inches.

What is this medium called? Is it actually a photo transferred onto silk, or what?

Thank you for whatever information you can give me.


Brand on rear of Bronco
Is there any importants to the Bronco Bronze if it has a brand mark on the left rear of the horse? A circle with an upside down triangle?
Thanks for any info,


Fredric Remington
I would like to know where I can find the creation date on one of his Bronzes. It is placed on a marble base so I was wondering if a clue could be under the base?
Thank you for any help.


frederic remington oil painting
I have the signed painting "Signal Blanket".It is an oil on canvas stretched over a simple wood frame.How would one go about finding out if it is authentic?P.S.I bought it at a local auction for 5 bucks

Regi Cutler

Remington Suede print
I am interested in finding out any information on any history of these pieces. I have contacted the Remington museum and they do not have any information on them, though they know they exist.


Help! How do I know if my 1908 Remington is an original or re-print
This painting is what I call the buffalo hunter. The buffalo is ramming the horse and indian hunter, both horse and indian hunter are being tossed. It appears to be an "original print" or an original. It is signed, by Frederic Remington and is dated 1908. The canvas appears to be of that era and has a marvelous petina. While there are some cracks in the oil, it is in particularly good condition. Can you please help or direct me where to research this?


Frederic Remington Wooden Etchings
I have a wooden etching of a cowboy riding a horse in the middle of a stampede. The right corner has Remington's name on it. The left corner has a fella named Evan's on it. Nobody seems to know much about this piece. Can any body shed some light?


Souix Chief
Did Frederick Remington draw or paint a picture of a Sioux Chief?


frederic remington
I purchased a poster called The Light of Western Stars by Zane Grey, under that title is 50 Cents, signed under the horses front legs is Frederic Remington, Bottom left corner is Copyright 1901 Robert Howard Russell, I bought this for a very small amount and it just looked very interesting to me, Do you think I found a deal ? even if I didnt I still like it , It does have a small tear on the top right corner, other then that it seems to be in good shape, Hope to hear back from you soon, Thanks Connie

john mercurio

remington cheyenne sculpture
I have a cheyenne sculpture given to me by a friend who says it was an antique in 1949. It is 10.5 in. high including the one inch greenish marble base. Has brass name plate stating, "
cheynne fredrick remington". Also signature on actual earth of sculpture. Anyone with info about this possible antique, please contact me. thank you in advance


Black and White print
I have a framed Remington print of horses being herded through a mountain pass down a trail with one Indian leading the first horses and other Indians in the rear guiding the herd. I do not find any prints on any Remington site of this print. Anyone have a clue to the NAME of the print?

Tommy McCain

Frederic Remington painting on back of glass
I have a picture that is a painting on the pack of the glass of 2 men each on a horse,they have been on a hunt.One man is caring a deer,the other has a rabbit and duck.There is a pack horse behind them.There is snow on the ground.One man is smoking a pipe and holding a rifle.
If anyone can give me information on this I would love it.Thank you.

Christin Munro

Remington Work on Suede
I have a painting that is done on suede from Frederic Remington that looks like it is signed from Remington in pencil. The name of the picture is "The Cowboy". On the back of the painting it says, "This product was made especially for: Arthur S. Miller Manufacturing Co. 8575 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park, Ca 91304 (213) 341-4171". Stock #323. My question is I cant seem to find any of his work on suede like this. Can anyone tell me anything about this?

Ryan H

Frederick Remington Bronco Buster
I recently inherited a "Bronco Buster" from my Grandfather. I know he was 'well-to-do', and wonder how authentic it is. Here is what info I have on it:

20.5" tall (from bottom of base to top of hat) [[]Did not measure marble base]
6.5" wide
14" long

It has a mark on the lower left front that says "ROMAN BRONZE WORKS N.Y."
Also on top of the "ground" it says:

Copyright by

its on a black and white marble base.

I did not see any other marks. If there is some other place I should look, or if anyone has any information I'd love to hear. Thank you.

Ryan H.

phyllis james

Numbered engraving of Cheyenne Scouts Patrolling...
Several years ago I happened across a framed, numbered engraving of Remington's " Cheyenne Scouts Patrolling the Big Timber of the North Canadian Oklahoma", c. 1889.

I have had it in my possession for 4 years and have yet to have it authenticated.

Any recommendations about this work will be greatly appreciated.

Terry M. Smith

Remington-coming thru the rye
The under-side of my sculpture has a gold capital T small i (no dot). WA-. 14. Size is 14 1/2 X 14 1/2. There are also markings in blue(N) red (Ts) and red (cross with inverted h).

Dee Tiger

remington art
found a very detailed signed etching of 2 indians, each on their on horse and looks like they are dressed in military uniforms.8x10x1/2"thick (approx.)what seems to be on plaster a paris. Any ideas to what this may be?

leonard berean

remington, bronco buster
i have the bronco buster left by my father 22"by14" on the side it has fsh 49/120, on top it sign copy right frederic remington, is this old tks leonard


The Mountain Man
I have a Mountain Man Bronze. How do I tell whether it's an original. Bought it at a store that deals with antiques but the guy who sold it to me had no clue about it. It's inscribed with "Frederic Remigton" and not Remington so I don't know if it's and original. Please help.

steve cope

I have two prints ?
My wife grandmothers has two painting of frederick remington. The title on them are On the Southern plains in 1860. and the other is . Idian simulating buffalo c1909. I just wanted to know if we had something that is value.

dan klavitter

frederick remington
I have a water color or pencil of an indian on an horse, the horse head is down and looks tired. The indian has a head dress and an old looking face. It is not numbered and is in a very old frame, 1910-1930 frame. I have opened the back to find just a very old backing, old tape of some kind. It is signed frederick remington and i can not tell if it is original or a copy.


Beach painting
Sorry, Remington never painted seascapes or beaches. These beach canvases are not Frederic Remingtons.

greg lominick

beach painting
I think I've got the same painting Glazener posted 9/30/06. A beach with waves and rolling clouds. It's only signed Remington in the bottom right hand. Does anyone know if it is a real Remington.
Thanks Greg


frederic remington bronze sergeant
How can I tell if my Frederic Reminton bronze statue is real? It has his signature on it and 8 of 25.


Remington painting on glass
I have been trying to find information on cheyenne scouts patrolling the big timber.It is painted on glass and framed by a wood box type looks 3/D in some light.Dose anyone know anything about It.Your Infformation would be really appreciated Thank You

David Cooper

F. Remington's "Buckskins"
Frederic Remington prints
1956 Penn prints, NY
Original Jacket/folder

Anyone know anything about these prints?


I have had this piece for 35 years , it's very old & worn around edge's, the signatur'e is the same but different texture , if anyone has any knowledge of his signature please contact me. Thank's HEATH


I have a picture of a mule train comming down a mountain, with a white hrose leading the way and he has a cow bell around his neck . I cant find another copy like this anywhere. can you tell me where i can look thank you.

Catherine Glazener

Remington Sea side picture
I have a painting I purchased 27 years ago, it is a seaside painting with sanddunes, seagulls, clouds and the ocean. It is signed Remington on the bottom right side. Did he ever paint anything with this discription?

william king

Do these paintings still exist?
I am looking for information that might confirm the whereabouts or existance of two Remington paintings. One is called "Return of the Hunters" and is listed as #1938 in the catalog raisonne. The second is "Buying Polo Ponies in the West", #2745 in the raisonne. Any information would be appreciated.


Remington painting
I recently found a painting,(canvas pasted-on board) approximately 9"x10''of a sea-sidescape- (sanddunes,water,birds,sky with clouds)signed,"Remington" in the lower right hand corner. I looked up Frederic Remington's signature just on the outside chance that being born and having lived on the east coast he may have painted other(local)scenes. To my surprise I found the signature to be identical--It seems that sometimes he signed his name with just his last name. I realize that Remington is famous for his Western/Native American paintings, but does anyone know if he painted other scenes? The painting is very old. Any information would be greatly appreciated, G.McNulty


Buffalo Signal
Does anyone know -
-How many ORIGINALS there are.
-Where one can be viewed.
-What was the size sculpture made in the ORIGINAL mold.
-What the story is behind the ORIGINAL piece ...what does it proport to portray?

francisco puente, jr.

"Scalp" by Remington
I have a sculpture by Remington that bears the inscription "Frederic Remington,
Henry Bonnard Bronce Co.
Joondeur New York 1892" on its base. In addition, I have noticed that my piece has the warrior holding the scalp up with his left arm and the horses' left front leg is raised, unlike copies that have the right arm and leg raised. Does this mean anything? I also noticed that most copies that are for sell have a long piece of hair, as opposed to what looks like the actual top part of a human skull attached to a ponytail that the warrior is holding. One other note: the buck knife and circular handbag on his waist are detailed...bag has some sort of bird etched on it. Any comments?


paint on glass
We have a signed, what seems like 'painted on glass' work by Remington... first of all, does anyone know if this is a lithograph, or if this is even a style of art... it appears to be very old. I know nothing about this artist...

Elaine Lemasson

Remington Screen
I am writing you for information on a piece of original art work by Frederic Remington. It has been in our family since the early 1900's and consists of three original lithographs under glass, in a wooden panel screen-which we have learned might possibly have been made by the Stickley Company. There were originally four lithographs within this screen (we now only have three). The pastel watercolors are from the group of 'A Bunch of Buckskins' that Remington made for CM Russell, and this piece of furniture depicts this theme with stitched rawhide making up the bottom half of the screen. It is an interesting and extremely old piece of work, and we wonder if anyone has any information on it.

The colored pastel lithographs are; "A Trapper," "An Arizona Cowboy," and "A Calvary Officer." The copyright on the bottom left side reads; "Copyright 1901 by Robert Howard Russell." Frederic Remington's signature is also shown, with date 1901 on one of them.

This 4 panel screen is quite heavy, possibly made of oak, measuring 71 3/4" across, by 68" high. The upper glass portion that houses the lithographs measure 14 3/4" across by 19 1/4" high. And, like I said the bottom portion consists of a brown rawhide, with stitching, which has become very fragile with age.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Elaine LeMasson

MJ DeRosa

Mountain Man Sculpture
Im trying to research information about a Remington "Mountain Man Sculpture". The one that I have come accross has an inscription that says "presented to secretary harris in 1903" along with the other signature of Frederic Remington and a copywright too. If anyone could give me any info. on this piece, I would really appreciate it. thanks


Remington./Robert Howard Russell?
My mother has been in possession of a framed picture of an adult, male Indian sitting on a horse. He would be facing the viewer. It says copyright Robert Howard Russell, 1901. On the right hand side (both down on the bottom) Frederic Remington, 1901. The back of the frame it says "Joseph Horne Co., Pitt. PA.)

We would be interested in the name of the work, as well as any other pertinent info. It has never been out of its frame., and is in very good condition.

Help? Many thanks.

Donald K

Remington Ink On Canvas
There is an auction coming soon that has two ink on canvas (or at least appear to be ink on canvas)size approx. ten inches by twelve inches each. They seem to be yellowing yet have a clear 'jell coat' on them. If they are genuine, would Remington lay a heavy gouache or tempera over the ink on canvas?
One is a 'Prong Horn' leaping straight up in the air over a rattle snake.
Prints or copies???????

Henry Porter

Bronco Buster Authenticity
I have a Bronco Buster without a Foundry Mark. It appears to be authentic. It is signed by the artist and labeled # 3. Can anyone tell me if he produced any without a Foundry Mark?

Beth Christoffel

Does any one know anything about a little known artist In New York State, possible named Boursin, who supposedlly helped influence Remington's work? Somewhere sometime, I saw a mention of this and can't find it again, nor can I find the correct spelling. Many thanks!!

Randy Cone

The last of his race
I have a oil on canvas that seems to be hand painted of "The last of his race". The "original" is in the Yale museum. I know from records that this picture has been in the family since around 1910 or before. A local dealer has suggested that it may be a study of the original oil on wood. Does anyone know if this piece was duplicated shortly after Remington died? or could this be a study as suggested.


I found a small oil on masonite, Plein-air, seascape, signed Remington, I compared to his signature, has same g and t strokes, I read he did some landscape, plein air, but did not let to many folks know, can anyone help me find out any info on this piece I think is 8by10 thanks Cindi


Frederic Remington
I have an original signed Reminton. We are not sure what it is as it looks almost like a photo on a peice of silk. It depicts an Indian with a herd of sheep. It is not dated although it appears very old and fragile. Looking for more info. Please help!


The Last American
I am looking for information on a piece of art by Remington that intrigues me. It is what I would consider a proud and regal Indian. I am sure it is 1908 but I cannot locate anything on it. I have read that the original was sold at the Congress Hotel of Chicago for $1.00 and other considerations in May 1935 and had been sold to that seller by the Doran Galleries in 1925. I would like to see at least a photo of this piece of art, I am a total amateur but do appreciate beauty when I see it. Thank you

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