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Submitting Artist Information to AskART
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  1. To Submit Biographies from Premier Dealers and Museum Professionals
  2. To Submit Biographies from Artists, non-Premier Dealers, Art Professionals, Researchers, Family Members, Friends, etc.
  3. Artists' Birth Dates, Death Notices, and Obituaries
  4. To Suggest Corrections to AskART Content - errata
  5. Submitting Artists Not Currently Listed in the Database
  6. How to Send Images
  7. Photographs of Artists
  8. How to Upload Images for the Artist Studio
  9. Books or Catalogues about Artists
  10. Periodical Listings
  11. Adding Artists to Museum Listings
  12. Links to Artists' Web Sites
  13. Auction Records You Wish to Contribute for Individual Artists
  14. Adding a New Auction House to Our Database
  15. Exhibition Information-Museums and Premier Dealers
  16. Discussion Board Messages
  17. Inquiries About Artists and Artwork Not Answered on the Site
  18. Contacting AskART
  19. Placing "Art for Sale" and "Art Wanted" Advertisements

1. To Submit Biographies from Premier Dealers and Museum Professionals

From our Home Page you may Log on at the Login / SignUp button. After you locate your list of artists, you may click on the “Biography Yes/No” box. You will then find our guidelines as well as a place to submit the biography.

2. To Submit Biographies from Artists, non-Premier Dealers, Art Professionals, Researchers, Family Members, Friends, etc.

We receive valuable biographical information from a broad range of contributors, so we welcome your input. Biographies for our listed artists range from complete to partial, and for some artists we have yet to gather any information. Our goal is to have full biographies for all our artists, and with this endeavor in mind, we welcome your help.

We invite you to submit any relevant data to either create a biography where none exists, or build on material already there. We also welcome new book references you see that we are missing. Please refer to #8 below regarding book information.

It is necessary for us to cite our sources for submitted material, so please give your background on your knowledge about the artist. If you prefer anonymity and are able to provide us with your credentials, we will be happy to accommodate special circumstances.

Before sending biographical information, we encourage you to first read The AskART Sample Biography for artist Paul Sample (click here).

·        Next, you may wish to click here for the AskART BIOGRAPHY GUIDELINES, which you can print out for easy reference while composing your biography.

·        Submit biographies via email or e-mail attachment to In the subject box of the email, please reference the name of the artist. At the top of the biography, please write your name and how you are an authority on this artist.

Once our Content Manager receives your information, it will be reviewed and posted if adhering to our guidelines. If we have any questions, we will get back to you via email.

3. Artists' Birth Dates, Death Notices, and Obituaries

We strive to keep our records accurate and current, so please send correct dates if you see an omission or error. Copies of obituaries are welcome because they often provide little known details about the artists' lives that we may be able to integrate into their biographical information. (Please cite the newspaper.)

·        This data should be sent to

4. To Suggest Corrections to AskART Content - errata

“To err is human and to forgive is divine.”

If you find an error, be divine, and let us know by sending us an email to We will review the matter and post a correction as soon as possible.

5. Submitting Artists Not Currently Listed in the Database

Adding new artists, living and deceased, is very important to our growing database.
rtists, artist agents/managers, estates, friends, and/or relatives who wish to add an artist to AskART now have the opportunity to create an Artist Studio. This new service provides the opportunity to create and manage their own studio page, provide updated biographical information, while at the same time being able to offer works For Sale and Portfolio works. the art marketplace.

·        If you have any questions about adding or updating artist information in our database click here to contact our registrar.

·        If you have questions about the Artist Studio, not answered on our site please click here to contact our studio manager.

6. How to Send Images

The AskART images for each artist are often artworks that have traded through public auction. If you find an artist is lacking an image, we would welcome your sending an example to us as follows:

·        Images should be in .JPG or .gif format (.JPG is preferred). Maximum file size is 100k bytes. 72dpi (dots per inch setting please). To fit comfortably on the page the image should not exceed 600 pixels in either direction. Our recommended image size is approximately 350 - 400 pixels in either direction.

·        Send to Although we will reference that the work is “An example of this artist's work”, please include in the email as much information as possible such as the title, date of work, medium (oil, watercolor etc.), dimensions (in inches) for our internal documentation. Also include who you are, so we may respond with any questions.

·        Please send only one image per artist.

·        Mailing a photograph of the artwork is another alternative: AskART, P.O. Box 8009, Scottsdale, AZ, 85252-8009. If you wish the photo be returned, please be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

7. Photographs of Artists

AskART is archiving photographs and self-portraits of artists from family members and other reliable sources to be added to the website. You may send them now via the two methods mentioned in #6. Please note for photography, copyright permission must be given by you.

8. How to Upload Images for the Artist Studio

Please read step-by-step instructions on how to upload the images.

9. Books or Catalogues about Artists

This area of the AskART site lists resources for additional research about artists, and additions are most welcome. Email alerts will be sent to users who have requested them, so they may know when listings for particular artists are augmented.

·        Send email to with the following completed:

Title and Subtitle of the book
Author or Authors
Date Published
Number of Pages in the Book
Color Reproductions Yes/No
Artist(s) names referenced in this book

·        If a reference includes numerous names, please copy the index, indicate the artists you feel receive significant mention, and send to PO Box 8009, Scottsdale, AZ 85252-8009.

10. Periodical Listings

AskART also welcomes magazine, periodical and journal citations to link to our artists. We subscribe to thirteen basic art magazines, and the regular cross-references from those monthly publications appear in the Periodical file for each artist. Listings you might submit may be placed within the artists' biographies.

·        To provide an artist to an article in a magazine, journal, or periodical, please provide the following:

    Name of the Publication
    Date of the Publication (month/year)
    Title of the article

Send entries to This list may either be sent separately or with other biographical information.

11. Adding Artists to Museum Listings

AskART is eager to have accurate museum records noting the permanent collections that represent the artists' works.

If you wish us to add a museum reference to an artist record,

·        First check the Museum section of that artist's record to make sure your entry would not be a duplicate. If the museum is not listed in our directory, we will need the Institution's name, address, phone, email and website addresses.

·        Send your message to with the name of the artist, name of the museum, city and state.

It is our policy to contact a museum representative to verify information.

12. Links to Artists' Web Sites

We can provide a direct link to the artist's web site through our Artist Studio. AskART may include an artist's website address as a reference if we receive useful biographical material from that website for use in the artist's biography. We will give credit to the source and provide  the URL for the artist's site (at this time, without live links).

·        Please email biographical material and the website address (URL) to

13. Auction Records You Wish to Contribute for Individual Artists

AskART has recorded the auction transactions for over 150 major International auction houses, and lists numerous others. (This list may be accessed from the Auction House Directory on the home page of AskART).

·        To add an overlooked auction record for auction houses in our directory, please send an email to with the following:
1. Auction House
2. Auction Date
3. Lot Number
4. Title of Work
5. Medium
6. Ground
7. Low/high estimate
8. Price realized

·        If we have made an error, we welcome your corrections. Please provide data as specified above.

14. Adding a New Auction House to Our Database

·        If you represent an auction house that is not on our list, but does provide timely pre-sale data, with images and post-sale results for original artworks, please contact

15. Exhibition Information-Museums and Premier Dealers

We are pleased to offer to Museums and Premier Dealers the opportunity to post their exhibition information directly online on AskART. (Dealers Note: For information on becoming a Premier Dealer, please Click Here.)

Exhibition postings will generate e-mailed content Alerts to our viewers, and therefore AskART is eager to have news of exhibitions as promptly as possible. Users of the AskART Travel directory also benefit from this information, as we will notify them of exhibits taking place in cities across the nation of their destination.

·        To create a notice of an exhibition, you must first Log on (for instance, from our Home Page), and input the following details:
Name of exhibition
Dates of exhibition
Artists whose work will be shown (you will simply ‘click' them in).

Once your exhibit is entered, links to your Museum or Gallery will be provided for our viewers to go to your site for further details.

16. Discussion Board Messages

Each artist in the AskART database is assigned an exclusive Discussion Board space where comments may be shared about the artist's work.

Discussion Board messages are intended to increase public knowledge of the artist and to stir dialogue. They are NOT the venue for sending messages to AskART staff, nor are they intended  for commercial use. Advertisements are forbidden in this space, and the AskART staff will promptly remove any discussion board postings that we deem inappropriate.

Please keep in mind that if you know something about an artist that you believe belongs permanently with that artist's record, consider sending such information also, however brief, to

·        To create a discussion board posting, go to the Biography section for an artist. Click on the discussion board option, which gives you a place for comments or addendum messages and will explain the procedure for entering the posting.

·        The Discussion Board requires an email address to be left so that respondents may communicate with you. If you are concerned with privacy, we suggest you establish a new, separate e-mail account on a free email site and select a generic name.

17. Inquiries About Artists and Artwork Not Answered on the Site

We regret that we are unable to answer special questions you may have regarding an artist, artwork, appraisal, identification of a signature or artist, or other such queries. AskART provides all facts we possess on the site, and we are unable to provide custom research services at this time. Please refer to the use of our Discussion Board (#16) in order to find out how others may be able to help you.

18. Contacting AskART

If your questions were not addressed in the text above, please contact (Reminder: AskART displays all our available information on the site, and we are not able to provide custom answers to queries or research services at this time. Please refer to #17 above.)

19. Placing Advertisements

  • Private Parties (individuals). Private parties may place 'classified' For Sale ads for artworks.  Please see details.

  • Dealers. Becoming a Premier Dealer provides the opportunity to place up to 80 ads -- both 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' -- plus special Premier ads.   Please see details.

  • Artists. Creating your own 'Artist Studio' will enable you to be found on AskART to showcase you and your portfolio, and/or offer your works for sale.  Please see details.

  • Corporate level. The AskART Home page has 4 sizes of ad space available.  Please see details.

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