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AskART — From Our Viewers' Perspective
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In addition to submissions of biographical, dealer, and museum information, the AskART staff receives correspondence from users around the globe. It is our pleasure to share some of the comments made about our site.  We believe they illustrate the popularity and success of in the world of fine art.

“Keep it up. Best art site on the web. Thank you so much.” DBR, Jr

“Your organization was a great find for me and it provides a very important service to the American art community. Thank you.”
Dick Cohen, Archivist
Philadelphia Sketch Club

“…liked the easy interface – obviously one of the big problems for sites like yours with lots of information. So I gave it the hardest challenge I could think of (i.e., an obscure artist)…lo and behold…well-organized, fast download, easy interface.”
Kenneth Hamma, Executive Director for Digital Policy, Getty Museum 

"I initially learned of your site during my thirty-year tenure with the Smithsonian Archives of American Art, and from that position as an art historian had underestimated the vast potential not just of AskART but also of the Internet itself"..."What you are accomplishing is dear to my heart: fulfilling the need to integrate long-overlooked regional manifestations, thereby enriching the national narrative, as I too was disappointed by the marginalization endured by virtually all artists outside of New York City."
Paul Karlstrom, Ph.D. Independent Art Historian .
Retired- Smithsonian Archives of American ART

“I use your site all the time and would be glad to pay you back in some way for all the help it has been.”
Margaret E. Bullock
Assistant Curator of American Art
Portland Art Museum

“Great site. I was able to find information on a very obscure American artist I am researching. You had everything that has taken me months to accumulate!”
M. Mcgrath
NY Times

“Truly amazing site listing tens of thousands of North American artists, linking each artist with numerous subject categories---dealers, museums holding work, auction prices, biographies, book and periodical references---and featuring a number of interesting categorical assortments and other details. They even have a value per square inch of the highest auction price of an artist's work. If there was a site like this for world art, our list would be unnecessary.”

“We really like your site.”
Richard E. McKnight
Indiana Department of Education

“We love your site and use it daily for research.”
Reading Public Museum
Reading, PA

“Writing about art for magazines like ARTnews, Art & Auction, Architectural Digest, and Forbes, I often used online databases. Some are wonderful with elaborate mechanisms, but none is as simple and clean as, which also has great cross-referenced links to periodicals, books, museums, biographies, auction prices, and images.”
Andrew Decker

“I am a conservator of art, working for over 500 clients yearly, with representation in the Vatican, Windsor Castle and the Hermitage, Russia! I must admit, as a certified appraiser…I am impressed. You are BOOKMARKED and I am boasting your site everywhere."
JPR, Conservator

“This is my first time on As I am just beginning to explore the site, I am very impressed. As an art student and aspiring artist, this is just the type of site I have been looking for. I will visit it often and hopefully it will help me learn how to get my career going.”

“I found your web site several months ago and have enjoyed it very much! My favorite painters are 19th century Americans. Before your site, I always had trouble finding images of that era. I paint landscapes and seascapes and your site is invaluable to my studies."

“I would like to let you know that I think your Web site is wonderful. I have spent so much time researching E.W. Deming and when I found your site I was so upset that I could have saved all the time at the library. ” Sharon

We started using the site. It has really benefited our business, we are a huge fan and shout it from the rooftops.” SB, Thomas Minckler Gallery

“Hi: I just registered with your AskART web site and have to tell you that this is the MOST helpful and comprehensive site on line I have ever visited, and I think I've tried them all. We are always researching paintings that we purchase and have never found anything close to your site. MANY THANKS for offering such a wonderful service on line. I will go to your site first from now on and proceed from there! Thanks again!”
CF at Times Past Antiques

“I couldn't find Arlene Hooker Fay when I tried a few days ago, but today when I posted her obituary from the Great Falls, MT Tribune, I saw a very interesting phenomenon – the entry has become a memorial site! People are not writing ABOUT her, but directly TO her! It's a little like going to the library, finding a book about a beloved person and leaving a flower in it! Very moving.” Prairie Mary

“You are offering a wonderful service. Very helpful to those of us working in museums and involved in acquisitions for collections.”
AG/Curator, Mill Grove – Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary

“Hello. Thank you for your email about fixing my errors. I am an ignoramus when it comes to computers, but I love the way your site works. Your concept is absolutely the best!!” Marlene

“…the site is wonderful, especially the listing of book and periodical references. They are such helpful resources for our librarian and research department. Best wishes and congratulations on an excellent site. I find it the best designed and easiest to get around.”
Spanierman Gallery, LLC
New York, NY

“I have just discovered your website today and think it is fabulous! We live in the country and the closest access we have to a library with any detail on artists is an hour and a half away. I will be a regular on your site and thank you so much for the effort you have put into it.” Victoria S.P.

“First of all I would like to commend you for a wonderful product. is by far the best organized and comprehensive source of information on American Art on the web. I would be interested in adding more artists to my list. Is this possible and what is the fee for the service? Thank you in advance for your help.” Josh E.

“Excellent Site! What a valuable service. Please contact me if there is any assistance that we might provide. Keep up the great work.”
JM, Morris & Whiteside Galleries, Hilton Head Island

“I love getting these updates! Keep ‘em coming.” Collector Bob

“I have enjoyed a 20 year passion for collecting. Then today I found your site. It is by the far the most informative, easily navigated, and superior web site of its kind and I could not miss the opportunity to tell how much I APPRECIATE your efforts. In no small way, your site has saved something of value for the future as well." Burnita S.

“Your new look is nothing less than stupendous. It is SO much easier to use. I have been confined to a wheelchair since a severe stroke in October and your wonderful site has made life a lot more interesting and easier to deal with. THANK YOU!” Don H.

“This is the beauty of the Internet, you find people who share your special interests. I have been to the site. It is beautiful, and something that has long been needed. I looked up a lot of my favorite artists, some were there, some weren't, some only partly (I could give you a great deal of research on a lot of artists that you don't have bios on). I saw that you had broken out some separate categories, and I didn't see a New Deal segment. I think I would love to work on that.”
Roger van Oosten, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide-Seattle

“It is a pleasure working for you and passing on research. You always say thanks. That doesn't happen very often anymore.” Sam R.

“Many thanks to you for including me in the AskART database. The database is a terrific resource; I use it often and recommend it to my friends, associates and collectors. Barry M.

“I recently started visiting a woman in her 90's in a nursing home. She's definitely much more refined than me. Yesterday she told me I should check to see if I could find artist Henry George Keller (her father-in-law) on the internet. I thought fat chance. What a thrill to find the information on him and his painting of Bathers at La Jolla Cove. Thank you!” Nici B.

“I've seen my listing on your site and it looks great.”
Gary Waselkov (artist)

“My wife and I bought the painting whose image is on this site as a wedding present for ourselves. Of course we love it.” Christopher M.

“Thanks so much!! Your people are the most responsive site I've worked with on the internet. Very impressive. I look forward to working with you all in the future. Thanks again!” Paul G.

“I am very impressed with your site. The artist Warren Eliphalet Rollins was my great grandfather. It is wonderful my family and others can see work by the different artists presented this way.” Chester R.M.

“Thanks for the update on the new book entry. I couldn't live without AskART!”

“I love your site and find it extremely useful. Easy to maneuver around and very user friendly. If we can help you in any way in return, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks”
Scot M. Levitt, Director, Fine Arts Dept., Butterfields Auctioneers

“Your site is a dream, very easy to navigate and comprehensive. Kudos on the site. As such, we'd like to know if there is anything we can do to facilitate or add to the information that you post?”
Jenny Bonilla, Illustration House

“I am loving the site! Your site has taught me so much about art. Many thanks.” Eddie

“I registered with you several months ago and was thrilled to be notified of an auction that had work by Karl Priebe, we won the auction and love our most recent addition! Thank you for responding!” Susan and John T.

“I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy “” It's a really great resource that I've turned to time and again for information, auction results, etc. What a great idea! In a way it's sort of like Ebay… an incredible concept that corners an entire market. Someone else may come along and try to compete, but you've gotten there first and your site is the best. No one could ever compete with you Congratulations!”
Dan Zimmer, Illustration Magazine

“AskART is the first site to visit for information on American artists. I am a long time dealer in American paintings, and just want you to know that I think your Web site is excellent. I have seldom been disappointed. I am also the art expert on and use your site and several other databases in order not to spend the entire day in my library. Thank you very much!"

“At last, a stunning, easily used web site for serious art collectors of North American Art. Invaluable tool for those with inquiring minds and eclectic tastes in little known artists. Thank you.”

“I just discovered your website tonight and found the largest collection of images I have seen on my grandfather, Orrin Augustine White. This is a fantastic site, and I would like to contribute information on Orrin White. I will get as much detail information as I can from my mother, Orrin's daughter, and send more emails. Thanks for the wonderful site!”

“Your site is fabulous.” “Thanks!” Some people from San Diego came into our gallery last week, because they had found us on Thank you!”
Laurel Sparrow
Sparrow Fine Art

“I discovered you by merely typing in the artist's name. I think your web site is terrific. It was especially interesting to see the other paintings he had done and to see what price they are fetching on the auction market. I had thought of taking them to Antiques Roadshow to find out more about his work and their value, but you saved me standing in those long lines! Thanks so much. Keep up the good work. I for one really appreciated visiting your site.”

“I love your website and am very dependent upon it as a resource for upcoming auctions.”

“I love your site--- used it for two days to research some artists and it enabled me to purchase 6 pieces including my favorite, a large oil by Edward Dufner! Thank you AskART.”

“I just wanted to tell you what a great web site you have developed. For biographical and/or price reference, I recommend to anyone interested in American Art.”
Jeffrey Moran, Vice President
John Moran Auctioneers, Inc.
Altadena, California

"A former professor of art history, former gallery director, and now a fine arts appraiser, I have been using your site ever since I stumbled upon it many months ago and find it wonderfully useful in my appraisal practice. It saves time for me and money for my clients, especially because of the book and periodical listings. I am also currently one of the editors for the American Society of Appraisers' Personal Property Journal."
Judith Vance

“I am really impressed with this web site. I am an appraiser, not strictly specialized in fine art, but I see quite a bit. This has been a most helpful experience, perusing your information. You have information on some of the artists who are not so well known.”

“I am currently compiling a database of information on Kentucky artists, and your site is a great resource.”
Robin L. Wallace
The Filson Club Historical Society

“As an artist, I felt like I met all the great artists I admired in one place---under 100 Notable American Women Artists. My inspiration was Mary Cassatt, Grace Carpenter Hudson, and Jessie Willcox Smith. Perhaps someday my name will be added.”

“I love your website and am very dependent upon it as a resource for upcoming auctions.”

“I absolutely love your web site!! I am the corporate art manager for the J.C. Penney Company in Plano, Texas and distribute bulletins about pieces in our collection about once a month. This is by far the most extensive site I've found for information on artists.”
Jeffrey Pirtle
JC Penney

“This is the most incredible site. Why didn't I know you existed before?”
Gracie Mansion Gallery
New York, NY

“Your site is a great asset to the art community.”
Richard E. Thompson, Jr.
Richard Thompson Gallery, Cotati, CA

“Thanks for the help. By the way, your site is the most helpful art site on the Internet.”
P. Pierce
Pierce Gallery

“Your site is wonderful!!”
Jeffrey Cooley Gallery
Old Lyme, CT

“What a great site.”
Verner Gallery/Museum
Charleston, SC

“I did not ever have an interest in art until I actually found an artist at AskART by accident and recognized her as a painter of a piece of art that hung in my living room when I was a child in St. Louis. That piece by Georgia O'Keefe now is in the St. Louis Art Museum as a donation from my father. Dad decided he did not want us kids fighting over it! Never knew who she was until now.”

“You are godsend to an old man crippled with arthritis who can't get to galleries anymore. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!

“I was amazed at the quality of your web site, the quality of information, and its user friendliness. Beau travail! Bravo!”

“…it's quite nice! Very informative and easy to maneuver. Thank you!”
Mead Art Museum
Amherst, MA

“I am well-acquainted with and have found it to be tremendously useful to me in my work as a researcher to obtain information for the over 400 artists in our collection.”
Dave Roberts
Hallie Ford Museum of Art

“I am a collections manager at a museum of American art, and I field many e-mail inquiries, from people seeking works of art anticipating selling works. I make many referrals to and have received many appreciative responses. I find your site to be an incredible resource---keep up the good work.”

“I just found your site today! And I love it---it is exactly what the art world needs for a quick and thorough reference guide. I may be able to remove the hundreds of reference guides that are piled on the window sills, overflowing the bookcase, and stacked on the floor.”

“My compliments to your web design people. This is one of the best sites that I have had the privilege of visiting in my years of perusing the web and teaching web design.”


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