How to Submit an Artist's Biography to AskART

The artist biography that you submit will be featured under the heading of your establishment if you are an AskART Premier Dealer or a Museum, which in turn, underscores your professional expertise. We encourage a well-organized, comprehensive biography, written in sentence case and conversational style. Just the facts, please. Our editors are trained to delete any hype or advertising verbiage such as “most famous,” “internationally renowned,” and “extraordinarily beautiful works.”

Please include in your biography answers to as many of the following questions as possible:
1) Subjects and styles and other distinctive characteristics for which the artist's work is best known.
2) Formal education and training and other professional influences such as individual artists.
3) Geographical areas of special interest to the artist's career.
4) Art Movements of special influence.
5) Relevant Personal Background such as places lived, family, studio locations, etc.
6) Art Organization Memberships.
7) Special Awards
8) Museums (name, city, and state) that hold works by the artist in their permanent collections.
9) Required: Sources for the above information and name of person submitting.

We appreciate your participation in AskART. If you have any questions about submitting biographies, please send them to