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AskART™ offers classified advertising options for individuals and other private parties who occasionally wish to sell paintings, sculpture, lithographs, prints, and photographs. (Art Dealers click here)  
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  Placing Your Ad:   Step 1:Tell us who you are.
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    Step 2: Once you have logged in, click the "Place a Classified Ad" link underneath your user name.
    Step 3: Locate your artist in our database, or add the artist using our New Artist form.
    Step 4: Enter the details that will help describe your artwork, such as a title, size, style, subject, the year created, your asking price (also optional), and a JPEG image. Then Submit the ad, and make any edits, if necessary.
  Cost:   30-day Option: $18-$75     60+ day Option: $12-$49/mo
plus automatic 30-day rollover until cancelled
      If you post your asking price:     If you post your asking price:  
      • The ad costs 1.5% of the asking price
• Minimum ad fee is $18. Maximum ad fee is $75.
    • The ad costs 1% of the asking price per month
• Minimum ad fee is $12 per month. Maximum ad fee is $49 per month with a 2-month minimum.
   asking price $1,000   -> ad fee $18  
asking price $2,000   -> ad fee $30  
asking price $25,000 -> ad fee $75  
   asking price $1,000   -> ad fee $12/month  
  asking price $2,000   -> ad fee $20/month  
  asking price $25,000 -> ad fee $49/month  
      If you do not post your asking price, the ad fee is $75.     If you do not post your asking price, the ad fee is $49/month.  
      Calculate the fee for your 30-day ad:     Calculate the fee for your 60+ day ad:  
       = $     ? fee for ad
     = $     ? fee for ad per month
  Who:   For individuals or private parties who occasionally have artworks to sell (Dealers click here)
  What:   Place ads to sell paintings, sculpture, lithographs, prints and photography by artists from anywhere in the world. If the artist is not already in our database, you can use our New Artist form to enter the artist and place your ad.
  Benefits:   • Your ads go live on AskART immediately, giving you exposure to our over 70,000 daily visitors.
    • Ad notification is automatically sent to all collectors in our database who have registered an interest in your artist.
    • We offer low fees and easy administration
  • Buyers contact you directly - AskART collects no other fees or commissions.
  Requirements: • Advertisers must own, or be the duly authorized agent for the artwork (see Terms)

  Classified Q&A:
  Q:  Does AskART expect any payment beyond the cost of my ad?
  A:  No. We charge a one-time ad placement fee for whichever plan you choose
  Q:  What do I do if I wish to place an ad for an artist not listed in your database?
  A:  If while placing your ad you discover that the artist is not yet in our database, you will be given an opportunity to enter the artist's information before entering ad details.
  Q:  Do I get a discount or partial refund if for any reason I wish to cancel before my ad expires?
  A:  Unfortunately, we are not able to offer partial refunds at this time.
  Q:  Why does it cost more monthly if I do not wish to post my asking price?
  A:  Without knowing your asking price we are simply not able to calculate the best fee for your ad, which ranges from 1% to 1.5% of the value of your artwork depending on the plan you choose. You will find AskART classified ads to be a bargain compared to ad fees and benefits offered by other sites.
  Q:  How many artworks may I place for sale in a single classified?
  A:  Our classified ads are limited to one artwork per ad.

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