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Dealer known for:  We are dealers specializing in the sale of American paintings and works on paper from the late 19th to the mid 20th century. We have been actively buying and selling fine works of art for over 30 years. Our paintings have been placed in major museums and important collections.

Dolly's Liberty Party
Grace Drayton

Girl with Doll
John Templeman Coolidge Jr

Conversation in the Jungle
Juan DePrey

Department Store Madonna
John Atherton

Paul Starrett Sample

The Gold Chair
Alice Pike Barney

Abstract 1946
Margaret Stark

Soldier and Rifle on the Ground
Desmond V Rushton

Man and Woman
Enid Diack (Palanchian) Bell

Michael Lenson

Woman Playing Accordion
Lilian Saarinen

Harriette Bowdoin

Central Park
Harriette Bowdoin

Nude Combing Hair
Henri Burkhard

Crab Apples
Frieda Voelter Redmond

Nude on a Sofa
Lawrence Lebduska

The Engulfed Cathedral
Raymond Breinin

Man and Woman on Picnic
Robert McCaig

Tag, You're It
Sylvia Wald

Lady with a Muff
Edgar Walter

Portion of the Illuminated Peristyle of the Palace of Fine Arts, Panama-Pacific International Exposition
William Bull

Mother and Child
Robert Ingersoll Aitken

Horace Armistead

Men with Sombreros
Juan DePrey

Max Weber
Aline (Vollmer) Fruhauf

Henry Schoenbauer

The Lovers
Charles Schlein

The Inquisition
Julio De Diego

Six Personnages
Jean Olivier Hucleux

Interstate Park
Nicholas Luisi

Wife and Children
Edmund Franklin Ward

John Atherton

Fred and Ginger
Donn Russell

Brenda Putnam

The Hunters - Variations in Brown - Green
Benjamin Kopman

Red Headed Woman
Alice Mary (Beach) Winter

Study for Toledo
Earl Horter

Study Arrow Shirt Ad
Joseph Christian Leyendecker

The Secret of the Rose
Rosina Emmet Sherwood

Two Mexican Girls in Forest
Juan DePrey

The Watchmaker
John Masteller

The Neophytes 1933
Alexander (Alejandro de) Canedo

Fernand Longchamp

Hamilton King

Pueu Tahiti
Charles Sarka

To God
Mitzi Cunliffe

Fall Leaves and Acorns
Ellen Bowditch Thayer Fisher

Children Playing
Alton Pickens

Where ere She Walks
Caroline Rimmer

Sleeping Bather
Noel Rockmore

Picnic Riverview Park Chicago 1956
Noel Rockmore

Wild Iris
George Zachary Constant

Trickery at the Polls
Don Freeman

The Father
Dane Chanase

Fort at Antibes
Virginia Berresford

Mural Study
George Barse Jr

Purple Flowers
Virginia Berresford

Animals in Landscape
Lawrence Lebduska