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Dealer known for:  American paintings, etchings, lithographs, & sculpture with a special emphasis on art related to the Southern states

Tryon NC Mountain
Lawrence Mazzanovich

The Bridge
Chevis Delwin Clark

Cotton Gin & Warehouses
Eliot Candee Clark

The County Fair
Margaret Moffett Law

"Claudette Colbert"
Mabel (Sarah) Pugh

"Appian Way"
Rudolph Ingerle

Stanley Bate

Looking South on Aviles Street
Emmett John Fritz

Golden Evening
Frank Rehn

The Bridge Builders
Carl Blair

Cottages by the Lake
John Spelman

Nonpareil & Japanese Rose
Edward Von Siebold Dingle

"Burn in the Moor"
Kenneth Smallwood

"Summer Evening"
Russell Moreton

Reynolds Selfridge

African American Female
Dox Thrash

The White Dove
Cleo Hartwig

Landscape with river
Lawrence Mazzanovich

Early Autumn
Camillo Adriani

Orlando Rouland

"The Natural Bridge"
Eleanor Rutherford Craighill

Headwaters of the Cumberland
Henry Kemper

Spring in the Park
Gladys Nelson Smith

The Rose
Clara Weaver Parrish

Early Morning
Lawrence Mazzanovich

Buffalo Gap Mill - Crozet, Virginia
Eliot Candee Clark

Circus # 3
Homer Ellertson

"Swamp Idyll" (Louisiana Bayou Country)
Colette Pope Heldner

Pipe and Wine
Cornelius Hankins

The Garden of Dreams, Charleston
Fanny Mahon King

The Rocky Stream
Reuben Gambrell

Moonshiners Cabin
Will Henry Stevens

Enchanted Forest
Rudolph Ingerle

The Black Pool, Charleston S.C.
Walter Whitcomb Thompson

Appalachian Mountain River
John Spelman

Winged Creatures
Aaron Bohrod

Mother & Child - #7
Stanley Bate

Dawn at Kiawah
Jim Booth

Stanley Bate

Stanley Bate

Mother and Child
Stanley Bate

Stanley Bate

"Old Lumber Mill, North Carolina Mountains"
John Cuthbert Hare

A Boy and His Friends
Hal Morrison

Cathedral Rock-Newport Tennessee
Rudolph Ingerle

Glenna Latimer

"Hickory Nut Gap" Lake Lure NC
Rudolph Ingerle

"Newfound Gap, Great Smokies, NC"
John Cuthbert Hare

Will Henry Stevens

Fantasy Garden
Lucille Quinn

Texas Magnolias
A D Greer

Seated Nudes
George Segal

Early Morn, Ogunquit
Eliot Candee Clark

Red-bellied Woodpeckers
Anne Worsham Richardson

Ship Builders
Maurice Compris

Trompe-l'œil Rabbit
Hal Morrison

Bright Clouds From Bald Head Cliff
Howard Russell Butler

Still Life with Figurine - Orchid
Robert Gammell

Cafe in East Chester N.Y. State 1941
Hayley Lever

Low Country View
William Stacks

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