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Dealer known for:  Early and contemporary California art.

Sunlit California Hills (unttled)
Ray Stanford Strong

Violinist Joseph Joaquim
Ludwig Michalek

Henrietta Mary Shore

Monterey Coastline (untitled)
William Posey Silva

Green Hulls
George Post

Clouds and Seascape
Stephen Seymour Thomas

Yesterday's Town
James March Phillips

Pines and Aspens, Taos
Leon Gaspard

Lanscape (untitled)
Russell Chatham

Ship Off Coast
Albert Barrows

Yonia Fain

Moon – Cry of the Bird, The Universe
Sueo Serisawa

Mt. Diablo
William Seltzer Rice

Monrovia, '17
Burton Shepard Boundey

Landscape, Marin County, 1913
Gottardo Fidele Ponziano Piazzoni

C Kline

California Coast
John Sykes

Two Girls
Maxine (Hall) Albro

Artist's Study
Claude Buck

Monterey, "Cannery Row" house
William Constable Adam

Sparkling Waters
Frank Harmon Myers

Potato Stilife
Judith Barbara Deim

Seagulls in a Seascape
Charles Dormon Robinson

California Boats
Nell Gertrude Walker Warner

Woman, Morocco
Michael Katakis

Luxembourg Gardens,Paris
Michael Katakis

Ruins, Greece
Michael Katakis

Sunny Day, Point Lobos
Belle Xuan Yang

Landscape with California Wildflowers
Charles Dormon Robinson

Going Home
Warren Chang

Promenade, Cheltenham
Michael Lyne

The Polo Game
Lucy Valentine Pierce

Great White Throne and Wall of Windows, Bryce Nat. Park
H Wells Culmer

Narcissus Farm Near Carmel Valley Village, California
Belle Xuan Yang

Joseph Yang at 86, Carmel, California
Joseph Yang

Carmel Coast
Paul Lauritz

Drying the Nets
August Gay

Two Boats
Armin Carl Hansen

Warm Sky
George Kennedy Brandriff

Andy Warhol

Hoback River
Scott Christensen

Pear Blossoms
Belle Xuan Yang

Joao De Brito

Joan Savo

Maya Lin
Michael Katakis

Big Sur Beach
Gene Elmore

Refugees, Near Canton, China
Donald Teague

William Saroyan

Hooded Figure
Nicholas Africano

Monterey Bay
C Kline

San Juan (Mission San juan Bautista)
Mary DeNeale Morgan

Percy (Henry Percy) Gray

Point Lobos, Monterey Coast
William Ritschel

Monterey Coast, California
William Ritschel

Reading in the Night
Joseph Yang

Park at The Pinnacles
Arthur Knott

Sherman-Halleck Adobe
M Evelyn McCormick

The Rising Moon
Granville Redmond

Coastal Cypress
Si Yuan

Carmel Coast
Carl Sammons

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