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Baozhuang Xu (1810 - 1885) China
BBoru Xu China
Beihong Xu (1895 - 1953) China, Singapore
Beiting Xu (1908 - 1993) China
Ben Xu (1335 - 1393) China
Ben Xu (20th Century) United States, China
Benrun Xu China
Bin Xu (born 1960) China
Bing Xu (born 1955) New York / China
Bingtun Xu (born 1983) China
Bishan Xu (1850 - 1912) China
Bo Xu (born 1963)
Can Xu (c. 1618-1698) China
Cao Xu (1899 - 1961) China
Changjiang Xu (20/21st century) China
Changming Xu (20th Century) China
Chao Xu (19th century) China
Cheng Xu (born 1968) China
Chengxi Xu China
Chengyao Xu China
Chenyang Xu China
Chongju Xu China
Chu Xu (16th Century) China
Chuang Xu China
Chunling Xu (19th Century) China
Chunyuan Xu (20th century) China
Chunzhong Paul Xu (born 1938) California / China
Ciming Xu (born 1948) China
Cong Xu (Qing Dynasty) China
Congyou Xu (1902 - 1989) China
Da Xu (1332 - 1385) China
Dahuzi Xu (20th Century) China
Dan Xu China
Daoguang Xu China
Daoning Xu China
Deying Xu (16th Century)
Di Xu China
Ding Xu China
Dongbai Xu (1900 - 1989) China
Dongrong Xu (born 1947) China
Dongsheng Xu (20th/21st Century) China
Dun Xu China
Enqi Xu (21st Century) China
Fan Xu (21st Century) China
Fang Xu (1622 - 1694) China
Feng Xu (17th century) China
Feng Xu (1925 - 2003) China
Feng Xu (1843 - 1927) China
Fu Xu China
Fushan Xu (born 1970) China
Gang Xu (born 1968) China
Genhu Xu (born 1966) China
Gu Xu (1823 - 1896) China
Gu Ling Xu China
Guangdi Xu (born 1949) China
Guangju Xu (born 1974) China
Guangzuo Xu (16th Century) China
Guofeng Xu (1951 - 2006) China
Guoguang Xu China
Guohuang Xu (born 1950) China
Guoyou Xu (20/21st century) China
Haidong Xu (21st Century) China
Hailong Xu (born 1977) China
Haiou Xu (born 1954) China
Haiying Xu (born 1975) China, Germany
Hanguang Xu China
Heng Xu (born 1977) China
Henry Xu (born 1942)
Hong Xu (born 1970) China
Hong Xu (born 1959) China
Hongfei Xu (born 1963) China
Hongji Xu China
Hongming Xu (born 1971) China
Hongwen Xu (20th century) China
Hongze Xu (1551 - 1627) China
Huachi Xu China
Hualing Xu (born 1975) China
Huanrong Xu (20th Century) China
Huawen Xu China
Huaxin Xu (born 1968) China
Huazhou Xu (21st century)
Hui Xu (21st Century) China
Huifeng Xu China
Huijun Xu (born 1973) China
Huiquan Xu (born 1961)
Huiyuan Xu (20th/21st Century) China
Ji Xu China
Jia Jue Xu (20th Century)
Jiachang Xu (born 1924) China
Jiacun Xu (born 1977) China
Jiali Xu (21st century) China
Jiaming Xu (20/21st century) China
Jian Xu (18th Century) China
Jian Xu (born 1957) China
Jian Xu (1712 - 1798) China
Jianbai Xu (born 1925) China
Jiancheng Xu (20/21st century) China
Jiande Xu China
Jiang Xu (born 1955) China
Jianguo Xu (born 1951) China
Jianming Xu (21st century) China
Jiayang Xu (born 1942) China
Jin Xu (20th Century) China
Jing Xu (18/19th century) China
Jing Xu (born 1975) China
Jingwen Xu (21st Century) China
Jinping Xu (21st Century) China
Jin-Xiong Xu (born 1943) Taiwan, Province of China
Jiping Xu (born 1918) China
Jiu Xu (flourished c.1681) China
Jiulong Xu (20/21st century) China
Ju'an Xu (1890 - 1964) China
Jun Xu (21st Century) China
Junxuan Xu (born 1934) China
Ke Xu (20/21st century) China
Lei Xu (born 1963) China
LeLe Xu (born 1955) China
Li Xu (born 1961) China
Lian Xu (1787 - 1862) China
Liang Xu (20th Century) China
Liangbiao Xu China
Lily Xu California, Texas / China
Lin Xu (1462 - 1548) China
Lin Xu (20/21st century) China
Linglu Xu (1916 - 2011) China
Linlu Xu (1916 - 2011) China
Longhua Xu (20th century) China
Lulin Xu (20th Century) China
Luo Xu (born 1965) China
Mandong Xu China
Manke Xu China
Mark Xu (20th/21th Century) Canada, China
Ming Xu (20th century) China
Minghua Xu (born 1932) China
Mingyou Xu (20/21st century) China
Na Xu (born 1968) China
Naipu Xu (1787 - 1866) China
Nuo Xu (born 1981) China
Paul Xu (born 1938) California / China
Peiji Xu China
Peiyang Xu China
Peng Xu Asia
Qi Xu China
Qiaojian Xu (born 1969) China
Qin Xu (born 1985) China
Qingfeng Xu (20th century) China
Qingping Xu China
Qingwei Xu (born 1975) China
Qinjun Xu (born 1955) China
Qinsong Xu (born 1952) China
Qiu Xu (1636 - 1708) China
Qixiong Xu China
Qizhan Xu (1892 - 1996) China
Quang Xu (born 1938) China
Quanqun Xu (20th Century) China
Rong Xu (- c.1866) China
Rongchu Xu (born 1934) China
Rongxun Xu (1873 - 1955) China
Ruofan Xu (20/21st century) China
Ruotao Xu (born 1968) Asia
RuRong Xu (1920 - 2002) China
Sai Xu (born 1983) China
Shaofeng Xu China
Shaojiu Xu (born 1911) China
Shaoqing Xu (20th Century) China
Shen Xu China
Shengquan Xu (20/21st century) China
Shengweng Xu (1875 - 1964) China
Shenzhou Xu (1918 - 2005) China
Shichang Xu (1855 - 1939) China
Shiming Xu (20/21st century) China
Shiping Xu China
Shiqi Xu (1901 - 1993) China
Shi-Qi Xu (20th century) China
Shixue Xu China
Shiying Xu (1873 - 1964) China
Shuangxi Xu (20/21st century) China
Shuke Xu (born 1982) China
Shun Xu (born 1973)
Shusan Xu
Shuxiu Xu (born 1927) China
Shuzhi Xu (1922 - 2002) China
Sizhen Xu (19/20th century)
Songbo Xu (20th/21st Century)
Sunmu Xu China
Tan Xu (20th/21st Century) China
Tianli Xu (20th century) China
Tianmin Xu (1928 - 1998) China
Wang Xu (a. 1862-1874)
Wei Xu (1521 - 1593) China
Weiren Xu (- 1853) China
Weixin Xu China
Wen Wei Xu (19/20th century)
Wenhua Xu (20/21st century) China
Wenruo Xu (flourished c.1619-1628) China
Wentao Xu (born 1968) China
Wenyuan Xu (1634 - 1691) China
Xi Xu (1940 - 2015) Asia, China
Xi Xu (1908 - 1993) China
Xian Xu China
Xiang Xu China
Xiangdong Xu (born 1962) China
Xiangjie Xu (19th/20th Century) China
Xiangmei Xu (born 1596) China
Xianmen Xu (born 1956) China
Xianwen Xu (21st century) China
Xiao Xu (born 1983) China
Xiaoban Xu China
Xiaobin Xu (born 1971) China
Xiaodong Xu (born 1966) China
Xiaoguo Xu (20th century) China
Xiaoming Xu (20th Century) China
Xiaoyan Xu (1960 - 2012) China
Xiaoyin Xu (20th Century) China
Xing Min Xu (1871 - 1932) China
Xingli Xu (20th Century) China
Xingzhi Xu (1904 - 1991) China
Xinrong Xu (21st century) China
Xinwu Xu (21st Century) Asia
Xu Xu (20/21st century) China
Xuecun Xu (20/21st century) China
Yan Xu (1866 - 1954) China
Yang Xu (c.1750-1776) China
Yanqiu Xu (20th Century) China
Yansun Xu (1899 - 1961) China
Yanzhou Xu (born 1961) China
Yao Xu China
Yi Xu (1599 - 1669) China
Yifei Xu (born 1917) China
Ying Xu (17/18th century) China
Yinghui Xu China
Yingpei Xu (born 1941) China
Yisheng Xu (born 1943) China
Yong Xu (20/21st century) China
Yong Xu (15th Century) China
Yongkang Xu (born 1976)
YongXi Xu China
You Xu (1620 - 1663) China
Youmei Xu (17th Century) China
Youwu Xu (born 1942) China
Youyi Xu (1887 - 1940) China
Youzhen Xu China
Yu Xu (17/18th century) China
Yuanfang Xu China
Yuantai Xu (1536 - 1617) China
Yuanwen Xu China
Yue Xu (- 1552) China
Yue Xu (20th Century) China
Yuliang Xu China
Yun Xu (1840 - 1959) China
Yuting Xu China
Zhan Xu (born 1945) China
Zhan Xu China
Zhang Xu (1694 - 1755) China
Zhangwei Xu (born 1975) China
Zhao Xu (1887 - 1945) China
Zhaoxu Xu (born 1961) China
Zhen Xu (born 1977) China
Zhen Xu (1841 - 1915) China
Zhengyu Xu (flourished c.1936) China
Zhenjia Xu (1817 - 1885) China
Zhenrong Xu (20th Century) China
Zhenshi Xu China
Zhi Xu China
Zhiguang Xu (born 1973) China
Zhihe Xu (1938 - 2000) China
Zhiping Xu (19th Century) China
Zhongmin Xu (21st Century)
Zhongnan Xu (20/21st century) China
Zhuang Xu China
Zi Xu (1933) China
Zihe Xu (1938 - 2000) China
Zijing Xu China
Zonghao Xu (1880 - 1957) China
Zuanzeng Xu (17th Century) China
Cao & Yungao Xu & Chen China
Beihong & Huaishuo Xu & He (20th Century) China
Cao & Peiheng Xu & Hu (20th Century) China
Beihong & Junbi Xu & Huang (mid 20th century)
Linlu & Shibai Xu & Lou (20th Century) China
Cao & Dunyuan Xu & Luo (20th Century) China
Cao & Shu Xu & Shen (20th Century) China
Congchu & Yun Xu & Tang (20th century) China
Cao & Xuetao Xu & Wang (mid 20th century) China
Gu & Dacheng Xu & Wu (1823/1835 - 1896/1902) China
Fang &Jin Xu & Yang China
Gu & Xian Xu & Yang (19th Century) China
Beihong & Jifan Xu & Yu (20th Century) China
Beihong & Youren Xu & Yu (19/20th century) China
Shichang & Feian Xu & Yu China
Beihong & Daqian Xu & Zhang China
Cao & Shizhao Xu & Zhang (flourished c.1936) China
Zihe & Shiyuan Xu & Zhang China
Beihong & Shaoang Xu & Zhao
Cao & Ruzhen Xu & Zhu (20th Century) China
Xu Bangda & Wu Hufan (20th Century) China
Xu Beihong & Hu Guangwei (19th/20th Century) China
Xu Beihong & Wang Yachen (19/20th century) China
Xu Beihong & Yu Youren (19/20th century) China
Xu Cao & Liu Lingcang China
Xu Cao & Wang Shensheng China
Xu Cao & Xu Zonghao China
Xu Fan & Shigong Shou China
Xu Linlu & Xiao Longshi (19th/20th Century) China
Xu Linlu & Ya Ming China
Xu Maolin & Qi Ming (20th Century) China
Xu Shengweng & Fan Song (19th/20th century)
Qi Baishi and Xu Shichang (1863/1855 - 1957/1939) China
Xu Xi & Wang Kun (20th century)
Ai Xuan (born 1947) China
Dedi Xuan (1397 - 1435) China
Ding Xuan China
Heng Xuan China
Tong Emperor Xuan (1906 - 1967) China
Xinming Xuan (born 1959) China
Qin Xuanfu (1906 - 1998) China
Emperor Xuanzong (15th Century) China
Jose Xuarez (c.1620 - 1670) Mexico
Juan Rodriguez Xuarez (1675 - c.1728) Mexico
Nicolas Rodriguez Xuarez (1667 - 1734) Mexico
Hong Xubei (1869 - 1953)
Baoxia Xue (born 1956) China
Bin Xue (14th/15th Century) China
Cen Xue (20th Century) China
Cheng Piao Xue
Erna Xue China
Fang Xue China
Feng Xue (born 1973) China
Guangchen Xue (born 1973) China
Hong Xue (21st century) China
Huai Xue China
Jian-Xin Xue (born 1954) United States, China
Jiye Xue (born 1965) China
Jubo Xue China
Jun Xue (born 1978) China
Jun Xue (born 1966) China
Liang Xue (born 1956) China
Linxing Xue (born 1951) China
Mingyi Xue Canada
Mo Xue (born 1966) Australia, China
Ruzhou Xue China
Song Xue (born 1965) China
Suoyun Xue (- c.1667) China
Susu Xue (c. 1573 - c. 1620) China
Xuan Xue (Qing dynasty) China
Xuanlin Xue (20th Century) China
Yanqun Xue (late 20th century) China
Yunxiang Xue (born 1960) China
Zhendong Xue (Qing Dynasty) China
Zhiguo Xue (born 1957) China
Zhiyun Xue (21st Century) China
Zhou Xue (1846 - after 1899) China
Lin Xuedai (19/20th century)
Cen Xuegong (1917 - 2009) China
Ban Xuejian (born 1963) China
Wang Xueqing (born 1955)
Xuetao Wang & Hairuo Zhang (19th/20th Century) China
Xuetao Wang & Ruzhuo Cui (20th Century) China
Xuetao Wang and Kejia Cao China
XUJING (born 1975) China
Alejandro Xul Solar (1887 - 1963) Argentina
Zhu Xuli (20th Century) China
Guipin Xun (20/21st century) China
Huisheng Xun (20th Century) China
Jiang Xun (born 1764) China
Mu Xun (19th Century) China
Xia Xun (born 1931) China
Yang Xun China
Yi Xun China
Zhao Xun China
Xun Xiao and Boying Zhang (1883/1871 - 1944/1949) China
Zhiyu Xutang China
Gong Xuzhai (18th century)
Karl Xv (1826 - 1872)
XVALA (21st Century) United States
Nicolaos Xydias-Typaldos (1828 - 1909) Greece
Wilhelm Ferdinand Xylander (1840 - 1913) Denmark
Jose De Rivera
Levis Fine Art

Fernando Cueto Amorsolo
Douglas Frazer Fine Art, Ltd.

Michael Albrechtsen
Pitzer's Fine Arts

Louis Michel Eilshemius
Gallery Gertrude Stein

Tom Brewitz
Richard Beau Lieu & Associates

John Ford Clymer
Jackson Hole Art Auction

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