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Lulin Xu (20th Century) China
Luo Xu (born 1965) China
Mandong Xu China
Manke Xu China
Mark Xu (20th/21th Century) Canada, China
Ming Xu (20th century) China
Minghua Xu (born 1932) China
Mingyou Xu (20/21st century) China
Na Xu (born 1968) China
Naipu Xu (1787 - 1866) China
Nuo Xu (born 1981) China
Paul Xu (born 1938) California / China
Peiji Xu China
Peiyang Xu China
Peng Xu Asia
Qiaojian Xu (born 1969) China
Qin Xu (born 1985) China
Qingfeng Xu (20th century) China
Qingping Xu China
Qingwei Xu (born 1975) China
Qinjun Xu (born 1955) China
Qinsong Xu (born 1952) China
Qixiong Xu China
Qizhan Xu (1892 - 1996) China
Quang Xu (born 1938) China
Rong Xu (- c.1866) China
Rongchu Xu (born 1934) China
Rongxun Xu (1873 - 1955) China
Ruofan Xu (20/21st century) China
Ruotao Xu (born 1968) Asia
RuRong Xu (1920 - 2002) China
Sai Xu (born 1983) China
Shaofeng Xu China
Shaojiu Xu (born 1911) China
Shen Xu China
Shengquan Xu (20/21st century) China
Shichang Xu (1855 - 1939) China
Shiming Xu (20/21st century) China
Shiping Xu China
Shiqi Xu (1901 - 1993) China
Shi-Qi Xu (20th century) China
Shixue Xu China
Shuangxi Xu (20/21st century) China
Shuke Xu (born 1982) China
Shun Xu (born 1973)
Shusan Xu
Shuzhi Xu (1922 - 2002) China
Sizhen Xu (19/20th century)
Songbo Xu (20th/21st Century)
Sunmu Xu China
Tan Xu (20th/21st Century) China
Tianli Xu (20th century) China
Tianmin Xu (1928 - 1998) China
Wang Xu (a. 1862-1874) Unknown Country
Wei Xu (1521 - 1593) China
Weiren Xu (- 1853) China
Weixin Xu China
Wen Wei Xu (19/20th century)
Wenhua Xu (20/21st century) China
Wenruo Xu (flourished c.1619-1628) China
Wentao Xu (born 1968) China
Wenyuan Xu (1634 - 1691) China
Xi Xu (1940 - 2015) Asia, China
Xi Xu (1908 - 1993) China
Xian Xu China
Xiang Xu China
Xiangdong Xu (born 1962) China
Xiangjie Xu (19th/20th Century) China
Xianmen Xu (born 1956) China
Xianwen Xu (21st century) China
Xiao Xu China
Xiaobin Xu (born 1971) China
Xiaodong Xu (born 1966) China
Xiaoguo Xu (20th century) China
Xiaoming Xu (20th Century) China
Xiaoyan Xu (1960 - 2012) China
Xing Min Xu (1871 - 1932) China
Xingzhi Xu (1904 - 1991) China
Xinrong Xu (21st century) China
Xinwu Xu (21st Century) Asia
Xu Xu (20/21st century) China
Xuecun Xu (20/21st century) China
Yan Xu (1866 - 1954) China
Yang Xu (c.1750-1776) China
Yansun Xu (1899 - 1961) China
Yanzhou Xu (20/21st century) China
Yao Xu China
Yi Xu (1599 - 1669) China
Ying Xu (17/18th century) China
Yinghui Xu China
Yingpei Xu (born 1941) China
Yisheng Xu (born 1943) China
Yong Xu (20/21st century) China
Yong Xu (15th Century) China
Yongkang Xu (born 1976)
YongXi Xu China
You Xu (1620 - 1663) China
Youmei Xu (17th Century) China
Youwu Xu (born 1942) China
Youyi Xu (1887 - 1940) China
Youzhen Xu China
Yu Xu (17/18th century) China
Yuanfang Xu China
Yuantai Xu (1536 - 1617) China
Yuanwen Xu China
Yue Xu (- 1552) China
Yuliang Xu China
Yuting Xu China
Zhan Xu (21st century) China
Zhangwei Xu (born 1975) China
Zhao Xu (1887 - 1945) China
Zhaoxu Xu (born 1961) China
Zhen Xu (born 1977) China
Zhen Xu (1841 - 1915) China
Zhengyu Xu (flourished c.1936) China
Zhenjia Xu (1817 - 1885) China
Zhenrong Xu (20th Century) China
Zhenshi Xu China
Zhi Xu China
Zhiguang Xu (born 1973) China
Zhihe Xu (1916 - 2000) China
Zhiping Xu (19th Century) China
Zhongmin Xu (21st Century)
Zhongnan Xu (20/21st century) China
Zhuang Xu China
Zi Xu (1933) China
Zihe Xu (1916 - 2000) China
Zijing Xu China
Zonghao Xu (1880 - 1957) China
Zuanzeng Xu (17th Century) China
Cao & Yungao Xu & Chen China
Beihong & Huaishuo Xu & He (20th Century) China
Beihong & Junbi Xu & Huang (mid 20th century)
Linlu & Shibai Xu & Lou (20th Century) China
Cao & Dunyuan Xu & Luo (20th Century) China
Congchu & Yun Xu & Tang (20th century) China
Cao & Xuetao Xu & Wang (mid 20th century) China
Gu & Dacheng Xu & Wu (1823/1835 - 1896/1902) China
Fang &Jin Xu & Yang China
Gu & Xian Xu & Yang (19th Century) China
Beihong & Jifan Xu & Yu (20th Century) China
Beihong & Youren Xu & Yu (19/20th century) China
Beihong & Daqian Xu & Zhang China
Cao & Shizhao Xu & Zhang (flourished c.1936) China
Zihe & Shiyuan Xu & Zhang China
Xu Bangda & Wu Hufan (20th Century) China
Xu Beihong & Hu Guangwei (19th/20th Century) China
Xu Beihong & Wang Yachen (19/20th century) China
Xu Beihong & Yu Youren (19/20th century) China
Xu Cao & Liu Lingcang China
Xu Cao & Wang Shensheng China
Xu Fan & Shigong Shou China
Xu Linlu & Xiao Longshi (19th/20th Century) China
Xu Linlu & Ya Ming China
Ai Xuan (born 1947) China
De Xuan China
Dedi Xuan (1397 - 1435) China
Ding Xuan China
Tong Emperor Xuan (1906 - 1967) China
Xinming Xuan (born 1959) China
Qin Xuanfu (1906 - 1998) China
Jose Xuarez (c.1620 - 1670) Mexico
Juan Rodriguez Xuarez (1675 - c.1728) Mexico
Nicolas Rodriguez Xuarez (1667 - 1734) Mexico
Li Xubai (born 1940) Hong Kong, Canada
Hong Xubei (1869 - 1953)
Baoxia Xue (born 1956) China
Cen Xue (20th Century) China
Erna Xue China
Feng Xue (born 1973) China
Guangchen Xue (born 1973) China
Hong Xue (21st century) China
Jian-Xin Xue (born 1954) United States, China
Jiye Xue (born 1965) China
Jubo Xue China
Jun Xue (born 1978) China
Jun Xue (born 1966) China
Liang Xue (born 1956) China
Linxing Xue (born 1951) China
Mo Xue (born 1966) Australia, China
Ruzhou Xue China
Song Xue (born 1965) China
Suoyun Xue (- c.1667) China
Susu Xue (c. 1573 - c. 1620) China
Xuan Xue (Qing dynasty) China
Yanqun Xue (late 20th century) China
Zhendong Xue (Qing Dynasty) China
Zhiguo Xue (born 1957) China
Zhiyun Xue (21st Century) China
Zhou Xue (1846 - after 1899) China
Lin Xuedai (19/20th century)
Cen Xuegong (1917 - 2009) China
Ban Xuejian (born 1963) China
Wang Xueqing (born 1955)
Xuetao Wang & Ruzhuo Cui (20th Century) China
Xuetao Wang and Kejia Cao China
Alejandro Xul Solar (1887 - 1963) Argentina
Zhu Xuli (20th Century) China
Guipin Xun (20/21st century) China
Huisheng Xun (20th Century) China
Jiang Xun (born 1764) China
Mu Xun (19th Century) China
Xia Xun (born 1931) China
Gong Xuzhai (18th century)
Karl Xv (1826 - 1872)
XVALA (21st Century) United States
Nicolaos Xydias-Typaldos (1828 - 1909) Greece
Wilhelm Ferdinand Xylander (1840 - 1913) Denmark
SooKeun Park
Geringer Art, Ltd.

Percival Leonard Rosseau
Michael A. Latragna Fine Art

Carl Rungius
Jackson Hole Art Auction

William Leigh
Heritage Auctions

Frank Weston Benson
Copley Fine Art Auctions, LLC

Bob Kuhn
Scottsdale Art Auction

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