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James Wenneker (JvB) von Brunn

 (1920 - 2010)
James Wenneker (JvB) von Brunn was active/lived in Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina.  James von Brunn is known for landscape and portrait painting, illustration, graphics.

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Artist Bulletins for James Wenneker (JvB) von Brunn

168 archived bulletin(s) below.    (Note:  Bulletins are no longer updatable as of 2015.)

Closing the Discussion Board for James von Brunn
AskART Management (06/10/2009)
The situation regarding this artist is such that we have chosen to shut down any further input.

Like Talking To a Rock
Karen (06/10/2009)
You can’t tell a racist that they are wrong. They just scream louder. It wouldn’t matter if mom and dad are brother and sister…they need to believe, they have to direct the hate away from themselves and the miserable lives they build. Hate is a heavy burden. You can’t have the emotion HATE without first having FEAR. It’s impossible. America has so many historical events to be ashamed of…..inflicted on so many…like the first true people of this country, blacks (and every other color), America’s women, children (child labor). It’s the white male that has led the way in these events. Maybe that’s where your fear is coming from. It’s so strange to watch and listen to a bigot carry-on with the screaming. It’s like watching an angry dog in a cage. Thrashing and twisting, barking and growling. It’s an ugly site but at the same time sad. You can’t help wondering if the dog had been raised by someone that cared if he would have been able to live happily outside the cage?

chokltmarine - racist
soap (06/10/2009)
chokltmarine: What difference does it make being of Mexican decent? My brother (Marine)serve from bougenville '42 to Iwo Jima'45. The same brother and and a younger brother( both marines) went to Korea=Inchon to Chosan reservour '50--53. Both wounded / silver star. I did 13 months (marines) VN '66-'68. ALL OF US ARE MEXICAN DECENDANTS 3RD GENERATION. What kind of racist Marine were you? Most likely not a real one.

re one who knows (he is really gay)
Hunter (06/10/2009)
Oh wait a minute everyone "one who knows" just put in a post that shows what he is really thinking and not afraid to say it. Gotta respect that He is obviuosly not afraid to say he hates Jews His real problem his own shortcomings in morality and character he is well aware of. So he does what all racists morons do and blame another race for their own self created problems. He is the type of low life scum that hits women, cant keep a decent job, spent time in jail, does drugs and has sex with chickens. But please observe him carefully he is a dieing breed. The day will come when people with that low level of intelligence dont exist anymore, As a white man I will be very glad when their all gone. Sargon was smart compared to this dimwit

Random murder is rarely justifiable. He was wrong.
Art Speculator (06/10/2009)
Now is a good time to purchase every piece of his that you can get your hands on. From this point forward, his work will become collectible. Even though it's a small market, it will demand a premium among certain collectors. All I see is hatred, venom, and confusion from the majority of these posts. Some of you are just as ignorant and hateful as the person that your vilifying, but too dumb to recognize it. Do the rest of us a favor and swallow a 230gr hot one. I'm thankful and proud of my European roots, history, culture, and heritage. Not at the exclusion of others, but proud nonetheless. Please don't muddy the waters of illegal immigration with racism. I see some of you like to hide behind illegal behavior while lobbing the "R" word at those that call it out for what it is. We aren't racists, it is you that are cowards. If you weren't, you would have stayed home and attempted to straighten out your own third world cesspools. I've witnessed what it's done to southern California in the last 30 years. That's not racism, that's reality. Don't believe me? Please do your own search with these keywords; "10 most wanted", and "San Diego", "Orange County", "Los Angeles". See for yourself, it's your future too. Just say no to PayGo, it includes illegals and their children. They've already financially broken California. The stats are irrefutable.

What happened??
B.O. (06/10/2009)
Do I stink? Everyone left!

Celery (06/10/2009)
Amen, brother!

crime follows poverty, not race.
Steve (06/10/2009)
Poor white trailer parks down south have just as much crime as Detroit. Crime comes from desperation, not skin color.

One Who Knows what??
Janet (06/10/2009)
Retard is a politically incorrect term, goofus!

Wonderful art..
One who Knows (06/10/2009)
The man is 100[%] right about everything especially the Jews. Gorgeous Artwork I love it you're mostly all retards here, brainwashed by your Jew schools and Jew Media.

The artwork, please!
Janet (06/10/2009)
Could we just get back to chatting about the crazy man's artwork, please? Hey! Please rhymes with cheese! Geez...HEY! That rhymes with cheese, too! Gonna go get more cheese! Night!

Re: Greg
chokltmarine (06/10/2009)
Well said Greg.

Hunter (06/10/2009)
Im gonna miss Sargon. I hope he doesnt catch a disease from the goats maybe I should have suggested a Camel instead. These Cheetos are good I wander if Sargon eats cheese BUT.............he is a moron

E39 (06/10/2009)
I'm a white EUROPEAN , i don,t know what white American means!! because white American is a mix of many races... we the Europeans are the real Arian. white Americas are just that natives with lighter color skin !

chokltmarine (06/10/2009)
Whenever I see pictures of the thousands of Black Americans that were lynched, I never see a Muslim terrorists, only white so called Christians. Who should I be afraid of? I'm a youth sports coach. We have 4 different nationalities represented on our football team. I'm glad our kids don't bring racists garbage to the field. I don't know much about religion. There is an awesome higher being and I'll leave it at that. Okay. I have to go to bed. I have to get up and go to work in the AM. You see Human Being I am a licensed HVAC technician. Get a clue.

Rosana (06/10/2009)
that dang Surgon ran off with my gaot now there will be no more goat cheese for me:(

Travis - White Americans
Greg (06/10/2009)
Travis, you all of a sudden waffled on your "white american" statment. What do you mean, "whatever that means"? My point is your question exactly. What the hell do you mean when you say "white american" and that they "built our country"? Yes, on the one hand, white americans (european caucasians) built america. They did it on the blood of the Indians, the backs of the Chinese, and the arms and legs of Blacks. Then again, there are the "white americans" that actually did the work development progressed. These are the immigrants from Ellis Island, who were given Anglicized names (did I spell that correctly? I am not sure the geniuses in here will know or care.) These folks came to America on a dream. They found work which they were looking for and got paid little but did it anyway. That's because even though they were being treated like second class citizens, they knew there was supposed to be a better life here than from where they came. These "white americans" were our forefathers, but you won't find their names in the history books. You'll find their names on the placards listing the people who died while building the Hoover dam, Mt. Rushmore, and the like.

Hunter (06/10/2009)
Cheetos are pretty good too

Now I'm hungry!
Janet (06/10/2009)
Gee...thanks, cleetus awreetus awrytus! Now, I'm hungry for some cheese. I've been cheese-free for months now, and thanks to you...I'm gonna get me some! I have swiss slices, shredded colby and cheddar mix, Velveeta, American slices (all for my cheese loving family) AND NOW, thanks to you...I'm back on the cheese! BTW, Government cheese really does kick butt! Makes THE best grilled cheese sammies. Yummy!

i like cheese too
show me yours (06/10/2009)
my favorite is gouda ... wanna get together sometime clheetus??? metits (ps .. sargon is a MORON!)

I will miss you guys
Sargon (06/10/2009)
I think I was wrong about my Alah. What kind of god would tell me to strap my child with a bomb? I was brain washed and weak minded.

I second that...
Travis (06/10/2009)
"I would guess that HB is Mexican or of Mexican decent." Yet I'm waiting for real substance based on fact, rather than hype and hearsay...

Re : Human Being
chokltmarine (06/10/2009)
I would guess that HB is Mexican or of Mexican decent.

Travis (06/10/2009)
Because in Baltimore, MD, white men are smart enough to not get caught... lol I'm just kidding... The thing is, I'm looking at the major majority of the country. I'm absolutely not saying "ALL"... There are plenty of people from every race that are the most wonderful people in the world... It's just that too many of their own race ruin it for them... All you really posted was about drugs, what about other crimes? Do you feel the same? In those famous words, I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally...

Sargon (06/10/2009)
I'm sorry guys . I have alot of hate in my heart. I do love America.

I was wrong
Sargon (06/10/2009)
I have decided to do as Hunter suggested and go back to the desert and spend the rest of my life milking goats and occasionally shaving one and having sex with it. I will always remember my stay here and realize my Muslim religion is a myth and Alah does not exist. Also the prophet Muhammad was a child molestor, liar, and a hate monger. Please forgive me all you great americans and your country is wonderful. and as Hunter so cleverly put it I am a MORON Hunter must be a wise ,successful man and gets lots of women to have meaningless sex with him. He is superior to me Sign Sargon

Hunter is right!
Janet (06/10/2009)
Sargon Not all artwork shown in art galleries is good. I don't think your handicap is your typing...I believe it's your thinking. Hunter is right. You're a moron.

Re: Travis
chokltmarine (06/10/2009)
I disagree with some crime stats Travis. Why is it that a city like Baltimore, MD has as many if not more drug offenders that are white, but mostly black men doing time in prison? I live in a predominantly black neighborhood and there is virtually no crime. Why are white Americans afraid of so called dangerous neighborhoods until it comes time to buy drugs?

very insightful comments
cleetus awreetus awrytus (06/10/2009)
I like cheese. I wonder if Von Brunn likes cheese. Maybe he's a muenster person? I've always figured I'm a bit of a cheddar person, though it is a bit typical. At least it isn't American cheese. Damn, that stuff sucks. But speaking of government, Government Cheese kicks ass. Ooh! Full moon out tonight! Now I'm REALLY hunkerin' for a chunk-a-cheese! Respectfully yours, Cheetus.

Travis (06/10/2009)
It's one thing to hate... It really is another to have absolutely no point in it...

Human being
proud (06/10/2009)
Attn: Human Being "THE MILITARY IS THE #1 PROBLEM IN U.S.A." First of all i would just like to say that the above comment has nothing to do with being raciest or not. that comment proved your total ignorance and dis-regard for this country! yes, we are in a crisis but your sorry ass is NOT fighting for this country or the freedoms of it.(so maybe you should LEAVE) YOU are the piece of SHIT not the military!! you obvioulsy have no idea what it feels like to lose someone you love because they un-selfishly gave their life for a complete stranger!! i hope you one day understand that pain.... futhermore you need a history lesson, i'm african american and "white" but if you would have paid attention in class you would know that white people were here before africans (a.k.a we were out of Europe and into america before your ignorant ass) so if you don't like the way things are done maybe YOU should get back on the boat to AFRICA! :) or if you dont like American ways why dont you become a communist!!

Travis (06/10/2009)
I guess my question for you is, what do you consider "white"? My point is, the huge majority of the work and industrialization of America to get it to where it is today is both directly and indirectly related to "white americans"-- Whatever that means...

the real solution...WHAT!
Lone wolf (06/10/2009)
06/10/2009 kermit the real solution. "This country would be vastly, vastly improved if all straight white men over 65 (esp. those usually clad in the suit-and-tie uniform) were just eliminated." Look how easy it is to HATE!

Hunter (06/10/2009)
everyone wait a minute Sargon will be back withh us shortly He had to go milk a goat and sell a coke he is a moron

Good art work
Sargon (06/10/2009)
Sorry guys I am a handicap typist. From his painting, evidently Von Brunn is an accomplished artist. His work is good enough to be shown in art galleries.

Humans Being
Travis (06/10/2009)
First of all, when white americans first came to America, I'm not sure, but I don't think rap was quite a hip as it is today... And, you are "taking over". That would be fine with me if once things were "taken over" everything would be handled properly. The reason you lost this land in the first place is because things weren't handled properly. And why is it that when "minorities" congregate into certain neighborhoods, very often the crime rate goes up? So I'm not sure where the real merit is to the stealing claim, comparatively. I'm not afraid of any of that... What I am afraid of is the loss of a "great nation" due to the lack of due diligence of the people that are so eager to reign supreme, yet know very little about it...

whiteguywalkin (06/10/2009)
Where did you learn about the Monroe doctrine? Or Emerson? I'll bet you a thousand dollars it wasn't in a Muslim run country. You just exposed yourself as a hypocrite. Moron.

von brunn
Africa (06/10/2009)
We look up to the west for certain values. Apparently what they call "civilization" is perplex absolutism. There is always going to be the Indian, Mexican, Jew, etc. At 88 he is trying to retreat to his teen age when people were ignorant. You fail to thick otherwise because you have a gun. Your sense of compromise is reduced because you feel dominant. Even after you KILL, you are not free inside. Like Cain, you will live to explain the story. In the shadows of your soul you wish you did not do it. Just like slavery. If America knew, they never would have done it!Of all this talk, Indians are yet to say a word! Europeans keep on taking pride in "educating" people on who is who where. Infront of GOD, you should be very apologetic. I am glad I know a lot of Europeans who are not like a few of these fools that pose as white people.

human being (06/10/2009)
Usual american response is to put down and demean someone that challenges their racist beliefs. Denial is the first hurdle you will have to over come if you are to realize your problem. I see you have the standard american education and assimilation indoctrination. It's funny you try to make belittle me or make insults to me. All my words are facts. Read a book that you weren't forced to read in college once in your life. Have you ever read a book because you cared about the subject or only to gain a certificate to better line your pockets with cash. I don't care what color you are. If you are in the military you're part of the problem. Take your ass back to Africa if you don't like Indigenous people of this land. You're a warrior, can't you find work or money. What are you scared of? Some one from another country is gonna take your job?

human being
whiteguywalkin (06/10/2009)
No offense here, but the African nations with natives at the helm aren't exactly thriving. Guess when we intervene, Americans are racist. When we don't, and you have illegal elections and torture, well...that's our fault too. It's actually your whiney, do nothing attitude that enslaves you. Not whites, blacks, or others.

Hunter (06/10/2009)
sargon took you a while to write back. Were you trying to find someone to type for you? Because as everyone knows by now you are a MORON I hit you with my shoe again

Soap (06/10/2009)
Kirmet - You are one of the reasons men like Von Brunn had so much hate. You are no better than him except you havn't been caught.

White Americans from Travis
Greg (06/10/2009)
You wrote: "Many forget "White Americans" are what made this country what it is today. It's when the "others" come into play that things get worse..." You truly have to be kidding me. Am I to take your statements literally or are you being sarcastic? I truly am hoping for sarcasm. I don't know my history, but I know enough to remember Ellis Island. I know enough to know who built the Hoover Dam. I know enough to know who carved out Mt. Rushmore. I know enough to know that "non-white people" were given white names. I know enough to know that "white americans" owned the backbone that built our country. Surely you jest. This is from one of those "white americans". I put "caucasian / white" on my applications for work. I am a "white american" with Cherokee, African, Irish, and English blood in me, to name a few. And my father was a 100[%] disabled (white) american veteran from WWII.

Sargon (06/10/2009)
You guys can't take the heat could you? You don't like to look into your violent history would you. Since the Monroe doctrine you have been killing humanity ever since. Emerson once said, what goes around comes around; eventually the Americans would be at each other's throat. Von Brunn is just an example of what all of you are made of.

Illegal Aliens and Terrorists
Wolf Woman (06/10/2009)
If we all could remember this country's history, most of us are here because ancestors came from other countries illegally. Then illegally and terroristically took land which did not belong to them. Later there were other terroristic events such as the actions of other ancestors who revolted against their government - treasonous people - that lead up to the Revolutionary War and the founding of this country. I wonder how history will rewrite the current events of our day? One things is relatively certain, von Brunn's is only a technician, not an artist...he has no vision.

re human being
Hunter (06/10/2009)
chokltmarine that was good Human Being I bet you are a little on the slow side! Who turned on that computer for you?

Real solution??
Janet (06/10/2009)
What sense does that really make, Kermit?? You'd have a world of youngsters of all races, and gay white men over 65! I don't get it.

Soap (06/10/2009)
It's easy to sit and judge hate crimes like this. Although all murders are motivated by hate regardless of motives. No one wins in this situation. God will judge everyone...even those that judge. None of us are any good. Let's try praying instead of hating

Minimum wage
human being (06/10/2009)
Travis if is wasn't for white americans there would be FAIR WAGES and Resources shared properly instead of horde by a few. If it wasn't for white americans stealing, enslaving and rapping everything in sight we wouldn't have racism. Get over yourself, it's time you guys wake up and smell the roses and relax. We aren't taking over, why are white people so threatened? What are you so afraid of losing that you haven't already lost on your own? It's comical, we all have so much yet we as americans want to exclude people who have lived for thousands of years upon this land. It's a poor example of so called civilization.

kermit (06/10/2009)
Kermit you are no better than Van Brunn

Re: Human Being
chokltmarine (06/10/2009)
Well if you could not tell by my screen name, I am African American duh. If you are black, please don't admit it. I don't want to be associated with you. Your lack of basic education is astounding. Please tell me you dropped out of school in the 8th grade. The US military does not decide who we go to war with. The military has a budget to operate within. If the government were as efficient as the military, we would not have half of the problems we have. The US military is a VOLUNTARY service. I know it's a big word. I'll give you a minute to go look it up..........Everyone who has the courage to serve understands this. I know I did. I could care less about Von Brunn. The sooner he takes his permanent dirt nap, the better.

the real solution
kermit (06/10/2009)
This country would be vastly, vastly improved if all straight white men over 65 (esp. those usually clad in the suit-and-tie uniform) were just eliminated.

human being (06/10/2009)
What exactly is america today BROKE! RUN DOWN! JOBS OUTSOURCED TO OTHER COUNTRIES! CEO'S RIPPING OFF MILLIONS! BILLIONS IN DEBT DUE TO WAR! POLLUTED! FULL OF VIOLENCE! FULL OF HATE! FULL OF REDNECKS! WHITE people are the last people to say anything after all the havoc they have wreaked on this beautiful land and people of this land. TRAVIS open an unbiased history book, look at the facts. "White americans" brought disease and pollution to this land. They fucked up europe then africa then our continent, worse than roaches no doubt.

human being
Hunter (06/10/2009)
HEY HUMAN BEING not all white people are racist!

Sandwich, I think?
Janet (06/10/2009)
Lourdes, I, too, wonder what it is that the woman is holding. Looks like a soggy PB&J sandwich. Maybe a book? Either one, he's not a very good artist. I believe art comes from the soul...who the person is deep down. Bad soul, bad art!

The Art work
Dick (06/10/2009)
The painting sucks and so unoriginal. You would have to pay me to take it to the dump.

Sargon's post
whiteguywalkin (06/10/2009)
Sargon, I mean really? Just fess up your religion and get it over with. You aren't fooling anyone trying to act impartial.

Travis (06/10/2009)
Another thing that bothers me about this is, if you thought of everyone the way you think about Von Brunn, everyone would be a "nut job" or an "evil bastard". This very well be an extremely brilliant man aside from some of his thoughts and actions. Too many tend to dwell on negative rather than positive. Can't see the forest through the trees...

this painting looks really familiar
Davod (06/10/2009)
So, I know that my parents have a painting in their living room hand sewn by my grandmother. I could swear that it has the same exact women in it as this painting, but without this background. Could this be a plagiarism?

human being (06/10/2009)
You're own government is screwing you and you're concerned about Indigenous people working on the land they have worked for thousands of years. WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? You are getting a taste of your own medicine. HOW do you think we feel, when WHITE PEOPLE COME TO OUR LAND STEAL OUR RESOURCES, KILL AND RAPE OUR PEOPLE THEN BITCH CAUSE WE WANT A DAY JOB MAKING MINIMUM WAGE. YOU PEOPLE ARE RIDICULOUS! ISN'T KARMA GREAT, POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

We covered this sotry
911shaman (06/10/2009)
Check out James W. von Brunn was proof the "9/11 truth movement" attracts white supremacists and holocaust deniers. It's a subversive hate group that should be exposed now that Brunn has committed this act of terrorism.

who gives a sheet
Caine (06/10/2009)
frankly, this is just another reason for special interest pussies to plead their socialist society justification. if youre unable to create or build it yourself, youre a waste of flesh on earth. subsidized housing is calling to you people not paying taxes and not taking pride in everything you do. your biggest decision today was: which flavor starbucks to order. so never assume your opinion matters to the backbone of this country who did whatever they did in the old days to create a society far evolved from what we are now. if any one of you had the insight of the forefathers youd just shut up and act, and not just run your lazy mouths as you have your entire life. i hear your lips moving but all that im hearing is "my pu$$y hurts, wahhhh" youre pathetic drivel is making the heart of this country sick and we are coming for you all, in due time.

White Americans
Travis (06/10/2009)
Many forget "White Americans" are what made this country what it is today. It's when the "others" come into play that things get worse...

zxydown (06/10/2009)
this guys a nut job. his art isn't bad, it's too bad the picture shown is a picasso type painting. Our best artists are usually a little disturbed but usually not so filled with hate. the whole things a clusterf#!@k all the way

Re: Bobby Johnson
chokltmarine (06/10/2009)
Well said and thanks for the history lesson. Everyone has focused on Von Brunn and no one is honoring the civil servant who gave his life to protect others. His name was Stephen Tyrone Johns, 39. A true hero.

zxydown (06/10/2009)
this guys a nut job. his art isn't bad, it's too bad the picture shown is a picasso type painting. Our best artists are usually a little disturbed but usually not so filled with hate. the whole things a clusterf#!@k all the way around.

Racist white people
human being (06/10/2009)
Once again how can this guy not already be in prison by now. Look at what he has done. There are people in prison for smoking pot! Yet this jack ass can buy guns and kill people. What JUDGE let this guy out of jail? What parole officer let this guy off the hook? RACIST WHITE PEOPLE IN POSITIONS OF POWER ARE CONTINUING TO RULE AND DESTROY OUR PLANET. THIS OLD GEEZER IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF WHITE AMERICA AT IT'S MOST COMFORTABLE. HE REPRESENTS THE PEOPLE OF his city, state and country.

~:) on a happier note~
Rosana (06/10/2009)
I guess we all have one thing in common:) :P we have to much extra time on our hands:) See Sargon even you have something in common with me. My geography teacher tolled me something that really stuck in my head.. "we are all more a like than not a like" We all celebrate with food,music and dance . :) He pointed out more stuff.. but that is what stuck in my mind..:D

Human Being (06/10/2009)
How can any jack-ass marine say that illegals are a huge burden on our economy when the military just SCREWED the american public OUT OF 100'S OF BILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS, RESOURCES AND YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN'S LIVES. 8 years of spending BILLIONS on a USELESS war AND those billions aren't lost they are in the pockets of the CORPORATIONS THAT PRODUCE WEAPONS. If you have a problem with native indigenous people of this land then go back to EUROPE. This 88 year old piece of shit should serve as a shining example of what white americans have produced with it's legacy of hate against Indigenous and African american people. All of the negative media against Indigenous people of this land encourages idiots like this old man or idiots like CHOKLTMARINE to hate and further the violence against Indigenous people of this once beautiful land. GO BACK TO EUROPE IF YOU HATE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OR AFRICAN PEOPLE. Peace, One love TO ALL MY BROTHERS..

Words and Meaning
Bobby Johnson (06/10/2009)
First a question to all of you: don't we all deserve as citizens to be protected? There are police everywhere you look .. in D.C. and all over our great land. They have to stop giving out speeding tickets, parking tickets, and doughnut chomping also while they are at it! During WW2 we had an elaborate Civil Defense system that would have netted this fellow and slapped him where the sun doesn't shine. This person was very well known as a hate-monger and he obviously spent a life of hate. What is the Department of Homeland Security designed for if not for persons as dangerous as Von Brunn? Next issue .. the word faggot .. you might as well spell it 'fagit'. It has at its Latin root the noun 'fasces'. Fasces are the stick bundles seen on the many versions of Fascist flags and symbols. This stick bundle dates back to the Roman Republic and is an ' e pluribus unum' type expression. The stick bundle metaphor illustrates that when small sticks are tied together, the individual sticks turn into something much stronger. The English language has since olden days referred to these bundles as faggots. This is now considered a pejorative term, but how ridiculous is it when hate mongers refer to there victims and intended victims as faggots? This is why we need to revamp public education in the U.S. If you waste your life hating others, must you also spend your life in complete idiocy? A man died today for no reason. A man hired to protect us all. He did his job and gave his life doing it. He was protecting haters, idiots and those seeking knowledge without discrimination. If you went to the museum today, he would have died protecting you .. but where were those that were hired to protect him? We can't leave an airport without getting tossed and turned, but a nut like this was walking Federal property with loaded firearms? Why is educational transportation (a museum for instance)not as protected as air transportation? If you you are a police officer that has has just spent the day chasing revenue, this great man that died today should chasten you.

question about the painting
lourdes (06/10/2009)
wondering what the woman in this painting is holding ... is it a book or a sandwich?

Re: Hunter
chokltmarine (06/10/2009)
I got $5 on Hunter. I think he'll win this fight. LOL

Re: Roaches
chokltmarine (06/10/2009)
No Mexicali. Sorry I tried to come up with a better comparison. I will use better discretion in the future.

lets fix america
olivia (06/10/2009)
American citizens are struggling and if politicians don't care enough to do anything about this then I question there patrioticism. Individuals that want to keep their citizenship then hopefully their countries will care about them, but that should never be the burden of America or its citizens. You can't just go and live in whatever country you like and get all the government programs. If so, does anyone know of such a program in Bermuda? lol

hunter (06/10/2009)
sargon when you were in the desert and got all lonely for a woman or at least one without hairy legs did you shave a goat and do it? moron

white collar positions
olivia (06/10/2009)
These positions are also filled by those who are from other countries that are educated using our tax dollars in our universities. If there aren't any US citizens that can use the money towards college then use the money for something else. I do have a problem with that. When US citizens have to take 2nd mortgages to send their children to college that is certainly unfair. I believe in diversity but not when it used to hurt its own citizens.

Re: One Question
chokltmarine (06/10/2009)
I agree Rosana. Not to compare illegals to roaches, but if you leave food on your kitchen floor, you will have roaches. Stop creating the demand and the problem will go away. That said, my biggest problem with illegals is that they can come to America and get on a government social support system. That is putting a huge financial burden on our country while at the same time money is sent back to Mexico. I'm still not a racists though. Someone has to fix the problem

white collar positions
olivia (06/10/2009)
I think you are focusing on the services industry and illegals. Perhaps there are citizens that want those jobs and perhaps there aren't. I am not sure. Sending work overseas is something the fat cats decided to do to produce inferior products and while having cheaper labor costs. That is the problem. That is the sector that is hurting right now. People that are born in this country with families that they need to support. They can't just go and get a Nanny job to get some cash. There aren't Nannies where they live or landscaping jobs etc... This is middle american not Hollywood.

What a discussion board
Sargon (06/10/2009)
What makes you the Judeo-Christians any better than Von Brunn?

don't blame the guns
olivia (06/10/2009)
Bad people have guns and they don't care what the law says. If good people can't have guns then we are all just waiting for the bad people to try to rob, hurt, or do what they want. Why don't I just put a target on my shirt or tattoo victim on my forehead?

Tom (06/10/2009)
This guy was a patsy, set up by the zionist slave masters. What a horrible way to get a modicum of sympathy. Whats wrong Israel? Not enough blood for you greedy vampires?

I disagree
Aloenai (06/10/2009)
With your views. I am white, ecclectic pagan, and female. I am sorrowed that you feel this way for any living creature-especially ones of your own species. I hope that whatever karma you reap from this that you learn the lessons necessary that your next incarnation not have to suffer through these thoughts, pain and anger. As well-I think your art is well made. If you are happy with it, that is what matters most.

One question
Rosana (06/10/2009)
whose is to blame here? Who gave your job to non American? They are just trying to make money for there family. Are you standing in line to go work in a field full off dust in the hot beating sun with pesticide being dropped upon your head from crop dusters? I live by fields and I see how hard they work. It comes down to greedy people not wanting to pay minimal wages its called exploitation. The ones who hire are to blame.

olivia (06/10/2009)
I would say that von brunn was more of a traditional artist. Perhaps he believed that certain cultures we failing and others were trying to take over. Not that that is any reason of resort to violence. By the way, just because Mexico had control over the land here hundreds of years ago does not mean that the land belongs to them. That is just silly to say that.

History in Linguistics?
Chris (06/10/2009)
Nate, The names of those states are Mexican? How do you know-Do you speak Mexican? You must have taken that in highschool too.

von brunn
bough (06/10/2009)
This guys art sucks. He copied a Picasso and the woman in yellow is a copy too I believe. It looks like he made a collage of two different works. I have seen tens of thousands of paintings in my life and this self proclaimed artist for 88 years old is weak!!!!

Lets not join in the ignorance and blame the gun
Steve (06/10/2009)
I have some problems with the gunshow loophole, and even more problems with the pro gun lobby for fear mongering after the election and causing a panic to get a boost in sales. That being said, I'm not in law enforcement, but I carry a gun just about every day. I've had a permit for 10 years and even I have a problem with how easy they are to get. I spent 18 years in the Army and I know how to safely carry a firearm so as not to endanger anyone. But some of the people they give permits too just plain should not be carrying a weapon in public. So you can see that I'm not some single sided party line imbecile. That being said, blaming the gun is idiotic, it didn't do anything, it was a tool in the hands of a psychopath, nothing more. McVeigh brought down a building and killed a large number of people with deisel fuel and powdered feces. The Columbine shooting would have been much more severe if the propane bombs they brought into the building had worked. And lets not forget 9/11, when 19 bocxutters managed to kill 3,000 people. Banning objects out of irration fear is just plain dumb. Lets try a little thing called "people control" instead. Maybe if our court system worked properly he wouldn't have been on the streets in the first place. But he wasn't in prison because some lefty thought we should take pity on him, and then a right winger made it easier for him to get a gun. It's about time we started letting the people in the middle make the important decisions. We'd all be safer and happier.

Are you better than Von Brunn
sargon (06/10/2009)
Read what this Iraqi artist Layla Anwar (poetess & writer) of the Arab Woman Blues has to say about the Judeo-Christian violent cult and the "liberation" of Iraq? I will summarize what she is telling the Americans: Layla believes most of you are mentally unstable as Von Brunn is. Read more about what she has to say in the Arab Woman Blues:

Re: Nate
chokltmarine (06/10/2009)
If a woman gets raped and has an abortion, is it murder? Jobs are not lost to illegal aliens, they are given to them. It's commical to me when I see housewives with nannys and cleaning services. My grandparents raised 5 kids with no assistance. Americans created the demand, foreigners are fulfilling it. For every 50 nannys I see, maybe 1 is non foreign. If you are racists, don't blame it on illegal aliens. They are not "stealing" jobs like doctors, lawyers and dentists. I don't see any white guys at the car wash. We create our own problems and blame it on others. Try travelling outside of the USA and open your mind up a bit.

Von Brunn
olivia (06/10/2009)
He is a decent artist regardless of his views. I just think he was tortured by a more romantic time in society. Things were clear and simple when he was growing up. Now there is so much stuggle and no one belongs to anything or believes in anything. There is no sense of community and people struggle to identify with anything. Regardless of your culture or nationality or religion... traditions and knowing who you are are very important. I am saddened by people that are in America and live here and have no interest in being American. People that have no interest in being American or speaking the language should not be here. That person should just be a visitor or vacationing not living here.

re sargon
hunter (06/10/2009)
you wrote "It was a lie beacause it was not reported on CNN." Oh now that shows with your intelligence level you should really go back to the desert and spend the rest of your life milking goats you dimwit! Your out of your league little man I hit you with my shoe And yes your still a moron

von Brunn
Cristy Van (06/10/2009)
THANK YOU NATE My thoughts....exactly.

re sargon
Hunter (06/10/2009)
Sargon All religions are cults! Especially the peaceful,loving religion of Islam, Yes Islam the one that tells its youth to strap on bombs and commit suicide,throw acid in the face of young girls who go to school in Afghanastan, and murder thousands by flying planes into buildings. The sooner you realize religion ESPECIALLY yours is a way to control people and a myth the sooner we will have peace!! your still a moron

Rosana (06/10/2009)
about what you said: Even "our people here in America" deserve better ~ Maybe you should leave America~ If you hate us so much ..go find a place you can find peace in your heart .

Travis (06/10/2009)
Not stolen, purchased...

marie (06/10/2009)
Nate. Why are you crying about jobs lost to illegal aliens? Are you talking about the Mexicans... they were actually here fist?? If I remember right from History class, we pretty much stole much of this land from them... that's why so many states have Mexican names... Texas, California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada. WTF?

Joe (06/10/2009)
Remember a few months ago, there was this muslim guy who was running a TV station funded by muslims, with the sole aim of making Americans not think of Muslims as barbarians? Well this peacful "voice of Islam" got into a beef with his wife, and beheaded her. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

lei (06/10/2009)
i am thinking he might not have purchased his gun in DC ... at least i hope he didn't. but at any rate, he is also was already a convicted felon so there must have been a mix up, regardless, and thankfully it didn't lead to any further injuries/possible fatalities. there is no question our society insights hatred and violence, which is very sad, and also sad to admit our country is very complex and as such we might be safer without guns to protect ourselves as most civilians are not trained on how to use them... and bishop, i mean sensitive in that the idea of mixed race seems very offensive to you. read your own comments.

Travis (06/10/2009)
I think it's interesting how "art" is... If you people were to look at his art without knowing about the recent occurence, you would most likely have a completely different outlook on it. You really have no idea what he was insinuating, yet you act as though you've got it all figured out.

Americans are born with killer instincts
Sargon (06/10/2009)
The Judeo-Christian cult is the most violent among all other cultures. Read the bible & the Torah. You are not any better than Von Brunn - not one bit

Good Good Point Sgt
Wayne (06/10/2009)
Good Point Sgt. this man 80 something years H... my uncle is almost 80 it really hard to just think how someone like this could just walk into a building with weapons & do this I really dont have anywords for this

jew2 (06/10/2009)
it seems to me the work reveals mr.von brunn's inner struggles/conflict between his traditional views and picasso's progressive nature. what's interesting is that his placement suggests shame or inferiority to such progressive values as picasso's work is much more prominent than the woman in depicted in the forefront. i think he hates himself for being so wrong and unworthy in a world full of people who also admire picasso but are able to understand why.

Who are you to condemn?
Nate (06/10/2009)
While, he definitely shouldn't have tried to kill, who are you people to point fingers? Voting to support abortion is just as bad as killing the babies yourselves. As far as racism goes, I find it hard to not think racist thoughts when American jobs are lost to either illegal aliens or China. A person can only take so much before the pressure begins to warp their thoughts.

art / hate
marei (06/10/2009)
You are a disgrace to America. Your art is so,so and you are filled with so much hate. I think your future is HELL. I can't believe our country allows people like you to exist.

Re: Lei
bishop (06/10/2009)
Lei, Just to clarify...Sensitive about a guy trying to kill people in the name of anti semitism? Or sensitive about someone possibly AS ignorant ranting against whites and gays in the name of his own "progressive" ideals and procreation choices? I reckon anyone who posts on this (now) popular little page has an interest in and perhaps some sensitivity about today's event. Lei, you may return to your happy place, happy place... Snooze.

Stay Left
Matt (06/10/2009)
Really Lei, stay left? This is my favorite line in your post, "and how many other wackos like these carry guns? scary." You want to stay left and take guns away, yet Washington D.C. has the STRICTEST gun laws in the country. There is no way to effectively control someone who wants to carry a gun. The only option is to make it harder for people convicted of crimes to get one, and to punish them harshley. Taking away guns from good people who just want to protect themselves is a terrible idea. So I'll say, stay right, and stay correct as well. :)

re: Spelling
Jennifer (06/10/2009)
Matt - kudos to you for your post. Well said!!

Who pays the price
Sgt Holmes (06/10/2009)
Well coming home today back from Iraq todays news headline another shooting, If you turn the news on thats what you may see first nothing good but then the world is news we are the news this man hard to think at his age when he should be at home with grandkids wanted to make a statement did just that just like every other person who thinks taking a gun & killing someone because of there skin color or who they call God, well I call upon God each time I go over seas it's clear this man was not in his right mind because it did not matter to him if he killed anyone or not & ask yourself who pays the price we all do this could happen anywhere....

Master of Art led to evil
Liz (06/10/2009)
So Sad you had to make your point to the world by taking someone else's life because of your misery. What a shame looking at your art there was actully a slight bit of sunshine coming thru. 88 years is a long time to be so full of hate, I can only pray that there are not more like you out there but I'm sure there is. So so sad.

re sargon
hunter (06/10/2009)
martyrs for Allah????? NO Its more like idiots who kill people because they do not believe the same way or in the same god!!!!!! you moron

Matt (06/10/2009)
Is it coincidence that no-one here can spell? Is that an artist thing? Now for some seriousness. It seems like most people here want to generalize in one way or another. Gilbert, don't make generalizations. That's the nature of prejudice; judging someone before you know them. When you make comments about "white hating fagits" it just inflames the other side. And Sargon you make generalizations about Americans. You have no idea what every American thinks. The United States is a much more vast landcape and diverse country in it's people and beliefs than just about any European country. You only judge Americans by what you see in the news. Southern Americans vary vastly from Northern Americans. As Americans, we are the country who is judged by other countries who know very little about us. Europeans know our President, our music, and our movies. Somehow those things define us? Do you think you can make generalizations based on such a small sampling of data? And when do we, as Americans, get to judge you? Oh that's right, we won't because your culture and decisions as an individual country do not creep into the United States. Over the years, we have done our best to support other countries and help them in the way that we know best. One day the United States will change it's mind and stop helping others and only then will other countries appreciate our people who have a spirit of giving, liberty, and freedom.

Steve (06/10/2009)
Are you saying that killing women and children for Allah is ok?

Re: Hunter
Sargon (06/10/2009)
Hunter, You too are an idiot. You are too blind to see that your government had fooled you into believing you seen WMD's. It was a lie because it was not reported on CNN. Wolf Blitzer would have supported this all along even though it would have hurt our socialist cause. It's soldiers like you who keep the world's struggling people poor and hungry. Even our people here in America deserve better and Obama will see to it that socialism is the answer.

lei (06/10/2009)
you are obviously pretty sensitive about this topic...just don't go getting any ideas...happy place, happy place...

artcollector (06/10/2009)
Guy had issues. Gotta at least give him credit for the art though. Good stuff.

Mike (06/10/2009)
I believe that the media was ordered to ignore it. You are correct!!!!

Re: Sargon
Sargon (06/10/2009)
Rosana, You're an American Idiot, just like my favorite band "Green Day" has said. You are nothing more than a Bush supporter with blood of innocent babies around the world on your hands. I'm personally offended by your depiction of the martyrs who give their lives for Allah.

Put date of death on heading above
sick of his type (06/10/2009)
This guy may as well die today. He's probably going to anyway - (unfortunately for us because he will no longer suffer) and HE DEFINITELY SHOULD PAY THE PRICE for everything he has done today. It would give me satisfaction to see that he died today with his year of death inscribed right next to his year of birth.

Sad Day
XiaoLin (06/10/2009)
I feel sad for everyone involved, certainly the guard and his family, as well as James and his family. He was so consumed by hate, his outlook on life must have been miserable. I only hope that he is, literally as well as figuratively, the last of a dying breed, but I know my hope is in vain.

re:most americans have killer instincts
hunter (06/10/2009)
Sargon They found the wmd in iraq and the media ignored it. I know ... I was there over 50 drums of it. I saw it myself! so my point is Von Brunn is an idiot. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are to protect our citizens from another 9-11 (which was not our fault nor did Bush do it) Get a life

OMG What were you thinking
Jonet (06/10/2009)
Maybe your Art Will Sell now. Sicko

lei (06/10/2009)
i especially appreciate the 'rabid weasels' comment made earlier and i agree, he must have rabid weasels in his brain. but just how many other, um, ignorant individuals - shall we say? - would still support his same beliefs? and how many other wackos like these carry guns? scary. i say keep to the left and support efforts to make freaks like him become extinct.

lei (06/10/2009)
i especially appreciate the 'rabid weasels' comment made earlier and i agree, he must have rabid weasels in his brain. but just how many other, um, ignorant individuals - shall we say? - would still support his same beliefs? and how many other wackos like these carry guns? scary. i say keep to the left and support efforts to make freaks like him become extinct.

Rosana (06/10/2009)
ya we Americans brain wash our 8 and 10 year olds to strap exsplosives to themselfs and promise them 72 virgens in the after life. ps not all Americans agree with the war.. You know nothing ~ Just like most Americans do not know the truth we only see what is on the news. The tv is a brain washing device .

Anti-Semitism Alive and Well in America
Yael in Texas (06/10/2009)
Monday evening, I arrived at my Nursing job to hear two physicians and a nurse talk about a hospital computer crash over the weekend. The reason it crashed they said? "Because the nurses were looking at Jewish Porn!" Their discussion went on for over 15 minutes and I finally said, "You know I am a Jewess?" Suddenly, there were apologies but one said, "You know, we tease Dr. [*][*][*] about it all the time." I told them to "Please don't. God called us to lay our differences aside to take care of His people and creation." When I was married to a Christian man, it was pornography that killed my marriage and my husband went to prison because he could not control urges. Pornography has wounded my heart severely...need someone to wound my religion as well? Please stop the hate! - - From a God-loving God-fearing Nurse

RE: Bishop
Mike (06/10/2009)
RIGHT ON BISHOP!!!!! Thanks for giving Gilbert a reality check!~

Nice Art! Bad Person.
Corey (06/10/2009)
I don't understand how this tragedy could have happened. Maryland has the toughest gun laws in the country and in D.C., you're not allowed to carry a firearm around like that. "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes ... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."-Cesare

Odd . . .
Obstacles (06/10/2009)
Can't always tell everything from a picture. Even if it may be worth "more than a thousand words." Unusual juxtaposition of styles. Looks like the guy wasn't sure of anything. This is the kind of painting you might find tucked away in a storage space somewhere, or on the back of another painting so as to recycle the canvas.

Put him in a cell with Bernie Madoff.
Joe (06/10/2009)
I bet that would be fun. For both of them.

Most Americans have killer instincts
Sargon (06/10/2009)
Why attack a dead man? Are you not made of the same cult that murders humanity around the world - especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine? You justify slaughtering other people the same way Von Brunn justified shooting his victims. Most Americans are filled with hate with an insatiable lust for blood.

No Such Thing!
Lorenzo (06/10/2009)
There is no such thing as a White America, a Black America, or a Brown America

On the bright side
Steve (06/10/2009)
At least the people who are stuck with artwork will be able to sell it. If there's one thing these supremecist nutlobs like it's sybolism, their culture is full of it. Maybe it's because they can't read? If James is lucky he can spend his retirement doing fingerpaintings of the men of color who will be abusing him daily.

James von Brunn
Rosana (06/10/2009)
Your work is very good. I see some things that make me wonder .. the painting in the background shows a woman with her brest adn privet area being exaggerated unlike the woman who is in the front? She is modest well covered and there is a religious symbol above her head... hemm .. the painting in the back ground is over shadowing her .. perhaps .. you feel a woman is destined to be a sexual .. object?

Extremely stupid!
Norman (06/10/2009)
Speechless for this kind of senseless crime!

what in the world
Kecia (06/10/2009)
I am just wondering to myself why? I am african-american woman with 3 beautiful grandboys who happened to be beautifully mixed and it surprises me that someone this old still holds hatred so strong that it might cost him his life. I don't wish death on anyone. I just pray that God unhardens his heart and he finds peace within himself before he his maker who happens to be jewish. This is crazy and insane and people need to wake up and realize that we come in all colors and no one and I mean no one is of pure race, we all have different color people on our family tree and the sooner people realize that, the better this world would be.

james w von brunn
keith (06/10/2009)
just the beginning his art had meaning his words might be off the mainpage but in america everyone has the choice as far as getting a rifle or a firearm for a convicted felon money talks how out of touch is the us gov with maitstream america hiding behind our little computers thinking it can't happen here think jewish people get to much credit so what there family went thru hell which family has not went thru hell get on with it

James W von Brunn
Kim henry (06/10/2009)
I hope he ends of living so they can hang him by is ears... He wants to die... he should have to suffer for stupied shit he did today... Why cant everyone grow up

weak minded
simple (06/10/2009)
Good one Amanda I liked that

Hitler was a frustrated artist too
Amanda Nelson (06/10/2009)
My dad had the best observation about Holocaust deniers: Why is it that people who insist that the Holocaust didn't happen, wish that it had? They think that if it "had happened" that it would have been great. Huh? Funny that the "master race" is filled with murderous hate...

weak minded
simple (06/10/2009)
it takes an unintelligent simple minded idiot to claim the holocaust did not happen! He obviously had major shortcomings in his character and wanted to blame his own (self created) problems on someone else. My father was a racist, He sent my brother to live in Cour de lane Idaho with the Aryon Nation to hide from the law. My fathers own shortcomings finally caught up with him when he decided to blow his brains out. To all the morons who feel that just because someone has a differant color of skin, this makes them a lower form of life. I would not care if you commited suicide either. I hope they throw this Von Brunn's body out at the dump with the rest of the trash!!!

sherri (06/10/2009)
The thing about art is that sometimes it is just that. Art. It does not always depict he mind of the artist. Sometimes someone can paint but that does not mean that it has their soul. After his behavior one wonders if he believes in the the inner dwelling spirit. If he did he would know that there is a consequence for the thing we do in this life. He is entitled to believe whatever crap he sells himself. This is after all a free country. But to think that you have the right to take another person life in any other form than in defense of yourself speaks wonders about his beliefs. He is a hatemonger. A very small man who had no other way to be in the spot light but this. I personally believe he does not need us to put him in further. His art is common and from a common man.

Its his plan
Jeremy (06/10/2009)
no one looked at his art, till today. Maybe thats why he went on a spree, to get some attention so people like us will google him and look at his art.

Kaos5.1 (06/10/2009)
Looks like he drew someone in the past that he might have been in-love with that shunned him by ignoring his yerning for attention.

boot (06/10/2009)
You're an idiot Von Brunn. You scare me. Some people have Jewish names but are not Jewish. Common names like Miller,Davis,Morris,Marcus,Myers,Novak,etc. I am one these non Jews with a name that could be Jewish. Will you idiots kill me because of my name? I am not even Jewish.

james von brunn
ellis seawell (06/10/2009)
I must say if he painted the art displayed here it is more than I expected from an anti-semite and white supremist murderer. A very good parody of Picasso behind an antichronistic portrait of a nineteenth century woman. I guess rabid weasels in the brain aren't exclusively for the untutored.

Jew (06/10/2009)
looks like an ok artist

Yafah (06/10/2009)
James von Brunn has no known style. In the example alone of what is on display at this site - it is a cross between a Whistler and a Picasso. An artist struggling for his own identity. Perhaps when he wasn't allowed an art show he decided to empathize with Hitler and blame the Jewish population for his lack of talent. I know he is 88 - I know he fought in WWII - I do not understand why he'd open fire on the innocents who lined up to learn more about the Holocaust. I don't think I'll ever understand people who have no respect for human life, religion, culture, etc. Time for all of us to get along.

John (06/10/2009)
The one art piece posted really is pretty interesting. Who would suspect that this guy is a crazy racist lunatic fanatic? My guess is he's psychotic. Was he killed?

Sarah (06/10/2009)
This dude does pretty good art, it's kinda weird how he's also a murdurer.<- I think i spelled that wrong.. So he's 88 too? Wow. Hes different from most murdurers.

Karma karma
Susan (06/10/2009)
Hate and MURDER are not family values. He will undoubtedly find an appropriate reward in this just universe...

He's a murderer.
Me (06/10/2009)
But also a pretty damn good artist.

SCOTT (06/10/2009)

Buying his art
Elaine Lazar (06/10/2009)
Please do NOT support disgusting waste of human space by buying his art!

Total waste of good air......
Melissa (06/10/2009)
Thankfully there is little to no room in this world for people like this...and hopefully he will never be able to spread his hatred onto this planet ever again....If there is a God may they judge you by your every thought every word and every deed..and bring justice upon you like a mighty river.

Hate feeds more hatred
Somebody (06/10/2009)
Who knows why this man is the way he is. Theres no need for more hate on his discussion board. What does that solve?

Carol (06/10/2009)
AskART should take this evil felon's work off its web site. If you leave it up, you are supporting his hatred. And, I suggest, probably lose a great deal of revenue from those customers who are offended by him.

Today's Worst Person in the World
Never Again! (06/10/2009)
I don't think anyone's buying your S__[*], literally or figuratively.

What an Idiot
Al (06/10/2009)
You just proved again that White Supremacist Asshole are F-In Idiots.You only shot one person and you brought a Rifle.You will probably get your life saved by a person who your hate is focused on.

I look forward to your death.
A Jewish Artist (06/10/2009)
Kudos to the person who shot you in the head but let you live. I hope you are in never-ending pain. I hope you have lost everything you hold dear in your life, including your mental faculties. I hope you live a long and painful life in prison. And when the lovely day comes that you die, I will dance on your grave.

I just don't understand...
Susie (06/10/2009)
What made you go so evil?

Sculpt by number (06/10/2009)
Please save us the cost of housing and trying you.

free hospitalization
bruce (06/10/2009)
The nutcase is 88 years old? He's going to get free rent/food/healthcare for the rest of his scummy life. We, the Jews, and Blacks will pay. Effing Douchebag.

Shame on you!
Denise (06/10/2009)
I won't waste any energy hating you, because HATE IS ALWAYS WRONG!!!!!!!!!! I simply hope you get what you richly deserve

Rot in hell
Fuck You (06/10/2009)
There's no hell good enough for a scumbag like you.

Bullet In Your Head Didn't Penetrate Deep Enough
Michealm (06/10/2009)
You sir should be dead, that bullet didn't penetrate deep enough into your skull... If you survive this, prison life for you this time you wont survive, either by serving your time, or a deep shank.

FraAnima (06/10/2009)
Your "art" is a pathetic mediocre plagiarism of work done by your betters. Crawl into a hole and suck on your own hatred.

Soul of an Artist?
Susan Vaughn (06/10/2009)
Your act today cements the fact that creativity does not have anything to do with the soul.

Nazi Wacko Art?
Wonketter (06/10/2009)
kitschy, I guess.

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