Angela Puglisi

Artist Biography and Background

Born in Italy, Angela Puglisi's works are in private collections in the USA, Europe, Brazil & Saudi collections

The Artist began her studies at the Corcoran College of Art under the famous Washington Color Field Painter, Leon Berkowitz. From him she learned the evocative power of color and simplification of form, which she now uses in her works, without, however, abandoning the image that inspired the painting. The artist also studied at Catholic University, where she received her graduate degrees.

Besides being a painter, she is also an Educator and Art Historian-- This includes:
Professorial Lecturer (26 years at Georgetown University (SCS/Art/Culture)where she has taught the fine arts and art history. She has also lectured in the Smithsonian Associate's Program on the Vocabulary of Art (Painting, Sculpture and Achitecture); Signs and Symbols of Western Art and American Impressionism. She also conducts special lectures at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with courses she has developed. Internationally, the artist has lectured in Tuscany, Lombardy and Dordogne region of France.
born Italy
Virginia, District Of Columbia
Known for
Landscape, Figural, Portrait
Degrees Awarded:
Undergraduate: B.A in Art (Cum Laude) from Dunbarton College in Washington, D.C.
Graduate: MFA (in painting), MA (art history) and Ph.D. from Catholic University of America.(Renaissance aesthetics w 19th c minor)

Painter, Painter
Exhibition Record (Museums, Institutions and Awards):
The artist's works are in private collections in the United States and Abroad (Italy, France, Switzerland, Brazil and Saudi private collections)
One of her most noteworthy awards was a National Endowment of Humanities Grant as Art Scholar (Summer Program) at Georgetown University SCE. As Professorial Lecturer in Art and Culture, she taught courses in the fine arts and art history at Georgetown University's SCS (26 yrs).
Dr. Puglisi has lectured on Tuscan Art & culture in Florence and Siena, Italy; the Art and Culture of Lombardy, and French Art/Culture: Dordogne Region, France.
Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):
2010-2016- Original Paintings of DC and Europe (Italian/French views)and landscapes exhibited and sold at Neiman Marcus Galleria, Tysons Corner, McLean, Virginia (home decor) department.
2011 Angel Series, Madonna Painting and Washington DC Winter views exhibited and sold at Neiman Marcus Galleria, Tysons Corner, McLean, Virginia (home decor) department.
2011 Tuscan Paintings exhibited and sold at Neiman Marcus Galleria, Tysons Corner, McLean, Virginia (home decor) department.
Dec 2010- Designs and winter paintings sold at Neiman Marcus Galleria, Tysons Corner, McLean, Virginia(home decor) department.
Dec 1, 2007 -Jan 1, 2008 'View' Paintings. Solo Exhibit.Washington Gallery-Fairfax,Virginia.
February 2009. Exhibited Toarmina Painting (Auction). Ritz Carlton, McLean, Virginia
February 2008. Exhibited Coastal Painting. Ritz Carlton, McLean, Virginia.
AHA Gala/Auction.
2007- 'Wood Series' Paintings. Washington Gallery- Fairfax, Virginia.
2007- Interior of Holy Rosary (copies of illustration) exhibited at
Casa Italiana, Washington, D.C. for church restoration fundraising.
2007 - Woodland Painting. Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles
(Auctioned at Paul Berry's Neediest Kids fundraiser).
2006 - Taormina Series. Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles

(Auctioned at Paul Berry's Neediest Kids fundraiser)
Past exhibits include: Salve Regina Gallery, Catholic University.
Mullen Library Gallery, Washington, D.C.; Trinity University (Washington Club); Moreau Gallery of Art,Washington, D.C.

Private Collection, District Of Columbia
Private Collection, International, Brazil
Private Collection, International, Switzerland
Private Collection, Virginia
Private Collections, International, Italy
Private Collection, Saudi
Past Member, Corcoran College Association
Board of Directors, Casa Italiana (Cultural Center)
Served as Art Consultant, Interior Restoration-Holy Rosary Church, Washington, D.C. and
Art Consultant, Mural Restoration, Holy Rosary Church, Washington, D.C.
Magazine and Media References
Watercolor Painting, Tuscany, published in the 'Voce Italiana', Washington, DC (2011)
Watercolor Painting of the Interior of Holy Rosary Church published the 'VOCE ITALIANA'newspaper, Washington DC (April-August issues 2007).2015.
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Artist Statement
My goal in painting is to share with the viewer the poetic quality of the image that moves me to create a work of art. The medium I use will dictate my approach to painting. Watercolor will be more fluid in technique, whereas in pastel, oils and acrylic painting, I seek to simplify and concentrate on color tensions

The basic elements of my art continue to be: simplification of structure/composition combined with spontaneity in technique.

Renoir once stated "If Painting could be put into words, it wouldn't be art"
With this in mind, I hope my paintings visually capture the poetry of images that speak to the soul. That is the secret in creating a lasting work of art.
Angela Puglisi
Plein Air, Contemporary, Tonalist/Barbizon, Impressionistic and Expressionistic
Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Conte, ink, charcoal
Price Information
Prices start at $175.00 (for small drawings/watercolors)
Price range: $350.00 - up for large oils and acrylics
Large coloristic works: Average: 2,500