Elizabeth Shahenian

Artist Biography and Background

Elizabeth Shahenian (Lizo) is an accomplished artist whose works adorn the walls of some of the most esteemed locations and private collections in North America and Europe.
She was born in Armenia in 1950. Moved to the U.S. 1983. Currently leave in Granada Hills, CA.
Known for
Fusion of Realism and Contemporary Impressionism
Several Workshops at California Art Club, Pasadena, CA
Pasadena Art School, California 2000 study with Erick Sundberg
Barcelona School of Arts 2sm.(GAGO)
Masters of Arts in Organizational Management,1998,University of Phoenix,Los Angeles,CA. Maxim Gorky State University, 1974
Kodjoyan Art School, 1968.
Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):
2016, February - Annual exhibition at Whites Fine Art and Restoration Gallery at Montrose Ave. Glendale, CA.
2015, September, Alice, Rice Gallery, 484 N. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA
2015, February 28, ---- Whites Fine Art and Restoration Gallery at Montrose Ave. Glendale, CA.
2014, Queen Art Gallery, Granada Hills, CA
She has been participated in the variety of solo and group shows, biennales, galleries, and museums in the US, as well as Spain, France, Japan, China, and many other countries.
2013. Whites Arts Framing & Restorations Gallery, Montrose, CA
2013. Queen Art Gallery, Granada Hills, CA
2013. JNA Gallery At Bergamont Center of Arts, Santa Monica, CA
For more inf. contact Whites Fine Art Restoration Gallery, Montrose, CA 818-957 4071
Las Vegas Museum Fine Art , Las Vegas, Nevada
Oil Painters of America
California Art Club
Women Painters of America
Honoree Member Artist Union Republic Armenia, 2011
Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
Magazine and Media References
2013/1 ArtLA Magazine – BEST of 2012
2012/ November and December issue - ArtLA Magazine, interview with Elizabeth Lizo Shahenian by Tim Broughton and Mollie Sydney
2011/ September issue - Southwest Art Magazine
2010/ WWB of International Contemporary Masters, Volume 5, 4 & 8 in 2013.

Whites Fine Art Restoration Gallery, Montrose, CA 818-957-4071
Queen Art Gallery, Granada Hills, CA 818-831-0143
Artist Review(s)
Elizabeth Lizo Shahenian

Life in Reality

Lizo Shahenian is an artist of extraordinary panache, vivid interpretation, and of course immense and seasoned talent. Working in oils she conjures images that abound with vibrant color, and a depth that seems to go on forever. Lizo has a portfolio that is as broad as her artistic vision, and with a current focus on a trio of subjects (Koi, Floral, and Horses), Lizo exemplifies the principle that an established style and identity can have more than just one representative personality.

Lizo's Koi series is an impressive study of the appeal and kinesthetic quality of these beautiful creatures. She creates an almost three-dimensional imprint with oil on canvas, delicately balancing the gentle motion of the Koi with the undulating rhythm of their typical habitat. Many of these artworks feature the ubiquitous presence of water lilies. The balance between such piscary elements and the Koi themselves is thoughtful, real, and enticing. These are "real McKoi!"

Lizo also extends her love for all of God's creatures in her series of Andalusian Horses. These paintings have a definitive photo-realism quality, with every detail being splendidly represented with accuracy and mindfulness. These artworks are a skilled in execution, blessed with emotional content, and powerfully convey the energy of these beautiful animals in disarming environments.

In the third volume in this tantalizing trilogy Lizo concentrates her talents on floral examinations. These originals possess a distinctly earthier tone than Lizo's other creations, all the while retaining the indelible identity of deliberate brushwork that is clearly Lizo's signature. The colors are a juxtaposition between aggressive and impactful primaries, and somewhat more subtle and natural hues. The combination works exceedingly well, and Lizo succeeds where many fail in giving what some might consider an over-exposed subject matter a new perspective. Very refreshing!

Lizo is an artist with passion, love, and talent in spades. Her artwork represents imagery that will have
Highly recommended!

Tim Broughton
Editor, ArtLA
Elizabeth Shahenian
15617 Kalier Street
Granada Hills, CA  91344
Phone: 818 831 0143
Contemporary, Impressionist
Oil, Other