Hilda Neily

Artist Biography and Background

  Hilda Neily was born and raised in Windsor Vt. by parents who loved the beauty of nature. She spent much of her time drawing, painting and studying the beautiful landscape of Vermont.. She lived a short distance from Maxfield Parrish and
Augustus St.Gaudins home. She loved hearing stories about the Cornish Art Colony  and spent many hours studying the paintings of Maxfield Parrish. At that time not only was he present there but also he would hang his paintings in the few public places in townfor people to enjoy. .Neily was blessed to study the remarkable color and majestic quality of these original Parrish paintings throughout her early years. Neily remembers going into the State Street bank when she was very small and seeing what was  probably the fist original painting she had ever seen.It was a Maxfield Parrish. She held her mothers hand and stared up at a beutiful portrayal of an oak tree before a magnificent sunset sky. It is possible that her life spent following her passion for painting was decideded in that moment.
    It was 20 years  later when Neily met another great colorist,Henry Hensche and  she again became  fascinated by the artists use of color. So much so that she spent the following 15 years studying light and color with Henry Hensche at the Cape Shool in Provincetown Ma..    
   Neily  sarted showing professionally in 1969. She has shown extensively in New England ,New York and Florida since then. She continues to study color in the natural light working outside on location and studying still -life in the north light inside. She exlpores various mediums and is currently painting and teaching at The Cape School of Art  workshops on light and color. Neily feels blessed to live in Provincetown ,the oldest continuous art colony in the country, and to be able to experience there the most magnificent light a painter can paint.                                                                                                                                                                                              In 2010 , Hilda Neily, Rob Longley and some other Cape School painters have got together with local profesionals and have formed the board of the now non profit Cape School of Art. If you would like info on the school and classes,please go to    www.thecapeschoolofart.org
born 1947 Windsor,Vt.
Massachusetts, Florida
Known for
Landscape, Seascape, Still Life, impressionist plein air painting
William Hollingsworth 1963-1965
Boston Art Institute 1965-1968
Cape School of Art/ Henry Hensche 1974-1989
Painter, Sculptor, Photographer
Artist Statement
 Hawthorn said"nothing so astounds man as the truth." I continue to be astounded. He was talking about painting the visual truth..... the color of light the way it affects each surface it touches....  I am often stopped by the intensity or the subtleness of color . As a painter,  first seeing the color and then learning to make it in paint is a full time occupation. I hope I can do it well enough to be able to sharewith others some  of the beauty I have come to be able to see.  www.hildaneilygallery.com
Hilda Neily
398 commercial St.
Provincetown, MA  02657
Phone: 727-743-6393
Impressionist, Plein Air, American Impressionist
Oil, Screenprint/Silkscreen, Wood, furniture
Price Information
oil paintings from 1000.00 for small to 20,000.00 for very large