Humbert L Howard

Artist Biography and Background

1905 Philadelphia - 1990 Philadelphia
Pennsylvania, New York
Known for
Still Life, Landscape, Figural, Portraits, Abstract
Howard Heartsfield Gallery
Howard University; Washington, DC
University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA
Barnes Foundation; Merion, PA

1996, Moore College of Art Humbert Howard - Philadelphia Painter, 39 pages (color), Exhibition Catalog
1969, School District of Philadelphia Art Dept. and Civic Center Museum Afro-American Artists,1800-1969, Exhibition Catalog
1967, NYU, Harlem Cultural Council, and Urban League The Evolution of th Afro-American Artist, 1800-1950
1956, Philadelphia Pyramid Club Second Annual Fall Review of Paintings and Sculpture - New York, Washington, and Philadelphia at the Pyramid Club, Exhibition Catalog
1956, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Living Philadelphia Artists Included In The Permanent Collection, Exhibition Catalog
Exhibition Record (Museums, Institutions and Awards):
1970,International Academy of Arts and Letters, Honorary Degree & Silver Metal for painting

1979, American Museum of Natural History, NYC, Special Honor
Documentary Smithsonian Institute, Washington, District Of Columbia
Pennsylvania Academy Of Fine Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Afro-American Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Museum Of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
William Penn Memorial Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
The Pyramid Club, 1950s, Art Director
Philadelphia Art Alliance, 1960 - 1990, Member
Peale Club, 1970s, Member

Philadelphia Museum Of Art -- Philadelphia, PA
Howard Heartsfield Gallery -- Philadelphia, PA
Samuel T. Freeman & Co. -- Philadelphia, PA
Newman Gallery -- Philadelphia
Artist Review(s)
For a 1979 Exhibition at the Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia, Dr. Burton Wasserman; Critic, Scholar, Teacher, and Artist, wrote the following:


" HUMBERT HOWARD, one of the most widely celebrated Painters, is holding forth this month with his latest oils, watercolors and sculpture."

"A free-swinging painter who works in the Expressionist tradition, Howard knows how to make a brush seem to fly with apparent abandon while he is actually exerting a carefully disciplined rein over what he does. The net effect of this approach is an art in which colors melt and glow on the picture surfaces with unmeasurable power, richness, and resonance."

" To see Howard"s work is to recapture the vision of the eternal child who sees the world without the jaded spoilage that all too often comes to most of us with "Growing Up."

"IN A HOWARD painting, the appearance of a human being, the shape of the Sun above a landscape, or the color of the overhead Sky is still a source of Wonder, Discovery, and sheer excitement. To look at his pictures is to become aware of how fortunate people are to have the gift of sight."

"The Ultimate reality of Howard's Work is his concentrated feeling for design. What makes this so memorable is the way he unveils the essence of a given subject and then transforms it into a complex of reverberating lines and tones. They will endure for years to come, lasting long after the moments that first stimulated the artist to creative action are lost and gone."
Artist Statement
Speaking about his subject matter, Humbert once said:
"..I paint the people I know, the places I see, the thing I's the people and the environment of the cities I love-tall buildings, streets, parks, the dancer, the teen-ager, the stenographer, but I paint them in terms of my culture, times, and personal feelings.."
Humbert L Howard
15 Tanner St.
Haddonfield, NJ  08033
Phone: 856-429-2999
American Impressionist, Modernist, Contemporary, Abstract
Oil, Gouache, Pastel, Collage, Charcoal
Price Information
Paintings: Price upon request