Jody L Wiggins

Artist Biography and Background

My formal education and training has been on going. I studied art at the University of Southern California in the 1960's. I was an elementary school teacher for 35 years with The Los Angeles Board of Education. During those 35 years I also was the GATE teacher for gifted children and I was able to develop a yearly art exhibition for the students at 186th Street School in Gardena, California.

I have a thirst for learning. In 1995, I decided to take a class at the Palos Verdes Art Center and I have been taking classes ever since. My experience with artists is the fact that they share ideas, other artists, classes and articles. I met Henry Fukahara, whose work is in the Smithsonian. I have taken classes from Henry, Gemma Taccogna, who was a student of Marc Chagall, Linda Moyer Stevens, Neil Nagy, Craig Antrim and others. I loved my classes at Otis Art Institute and I plan on always taking classes for new techniques, styles and motivation.

My grandmother, Mrs. Edith Sherman, was my mentor. She gave me life to play and discover art when I was a small child. She had her own art studio in Oakland, California when she was 92 years old. She was Bohemian by nature and she and I were inseparable by spirit. I still feel her influence, her calm and her dedication.

My background is complicated. My father was an Oral Surgeon. He was so gifted in his field. He was head dentist for The Hilton Hotels in Los Angeles where he was respected by everyone that was associated with his work.

I was an only child. In my childhood, my Auntie Ann and my cousins were my closest family. Today we are still quite close. This is a gift that I will always value.

I am married to a wonderful man, Michael. He has a lot to put up with because I am an artist and our home is our studio. This can be a bit messy at times.

I have a son Jeffery and 2 grandchildren, Sydney and Hunter. Both children are a delight and I always look forward towards being with them. Kids are always our teachers.

I am a member of The South Bay Watercolor Society in Torrance, California.
The Artists Open Group in Palos Verdes, California
The Artists Studio Gallery in Rolling Hills, California
The Society of Layerists in Multi-Media for The United States.

I have received awards from different exhibitions that I have entered.
The Juror's have been Michiel Daniel and Jim Salchak.

Presently I do have 2 paintings displayed in The Torrance Art Museum art exhibition until the 27th of August. My painting, The Unknown, won an Honorable Mention.
born 1942 Los Angeles, Calif.
California, California
Known for
Abstract, Non-Objective, Botanical
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Otis College
Private classes with Outstanding artists
Henry Fukahara
Gemma Taccogna
Carol Surface
Linda Moyer Stevens
Neil Nagy
Craig Antrim
Loa Sprung
Exhibition Record (Museums, Institutions and Awards):
2014, Zaske Gallery Show
2014, 2014, Gallery 159, Holiday Show
2014, Studio Home Tour, The Corner Store, San Pedro
2014, The Artist Within Show, Gallery 159, Rolling Hills
2014, Doffin Investments, Exhibition, Experimental art Group
2013-2009, Many shows in the Los Angeles area; Malaga Cove Lawn Show, Palos Verdes Art Center
2013-2012, South Bay Lexus, In Motion Show
2008, The Artist's Studio Home Tour, 6 homes, Jody Wiggins home 400+ guests to view art.
2008, The South Bay Watercolor Society, Most Popular Vote, " 2 Baby Seagulls" Nov. 2008
2008, Pacific Porsche Auction, Klein Chaplaincy Service, Jody Wiggins represented
2008, The Artist Open Group, Palos Verdes, " Toucan's of Costa Rica" 2nd Place July, 2008
2008, Torrance Art Museum,Torrance, California, 6/14-7-3, 2008, " Submerged" Painting
2008, APC Fine Arts & Graphic Gallery, Torrance, California 3/29-4/26- 2008
"Reflective Lights, Late Winter" Favorable Critics
2007, Cannery Row Studios, Holiday Exhibition, Redondo Beach, Calif. 12/1-12/22, 2007
2007, Torrance Art Museum, Won Honorable Mention for "Ocean Symphony"
2007, " Meditations" Exhibition at The Artist's Studio Gallery 5/14-6/24/2007
2007, Received First Place for painting,Melody of Treasures 26 X 60"
2007, Awarded Artist of The Year by The South Bay Watercolor Society, Torrance, Calif.
2006, Torrance Art Museum, The Unknown, Honorable Mention
2006, The Artist's Open Group, Palos Verdes, The Unknown, First Place
2005, The Artist's Open Group, Palos Verdes, Close Encounters, First Place
2004, The Artist's Open Group, Palos Verdes, The Protectors, First Place
2003, The Artist's Open Group, Palos Verdes, Gemma's Dance, First Place
1999, The Torrance Art Guild, Torrance, Private Cove, First Place
Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):

2014-2010, Palos Verdes Art Center, Gallery 159, South Bay Lexus Showroom, Private showing, Malaga Cove Lawn Show
2014, Chez Melange Restaurant, Rolling Hills Country Club, PV Grill,
2009, Debbie Watson's Changes Salon, Solo Exhibition, Torrance, Calif. 1/-4/2009
2009, The Artist's Studio Gallery, Rolling Hills, Calif. Jan. 5th-Feb. 15th, Prisms
2008, The Torrance Art Museum, SBWS Group Show, "Submerged" Exhibited
2007, The Torrance Art Museum, SBWS Group Show, Honorable Mention, " Ocean Symphony"
2000-2008, Palos Verdes Art Center, Malaga Cove Lawn Shows, April-Sept.,1 of 20 artists
2000, Joslyn Art Center, South Bay Watercolor Society Exhibition,Group Show
2004, Whole Foods Market,Torrance, California, Solo Exhibition
2004, South Bay Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Group Show
2005, South Bay Watercolor Society, San Pedro, Calif. Group Show
2005, Accepted into The Artists Studio Gallery, Palos Verdes, California
2006, The Artists Studio Gallery Exhibition with 3 other artists
2006, Summer Studios Art Academy, Lomita, Calif. Solo Exhibition
2006, Fallkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, California, Group Show
2006, Torrance Art Museum, SBWS, Group Show, Honorable Mention
Above and Beyond- Art Exhibition of Chih Ning West and East Culture Exchange Association between China and America Wuxi Musuem Yang Lizhou 2016-01-03 National Art Museum of China
South Bay Watercolor Society, Program Director
Artist Open Group Treasurer
Society of layerists in multi-media
The Artists Studio Gallery
The Torrance Art Museum
Southern California Council National Museum of Women in the Arts
Magazine and Media References
The Daily Breeze Newspaper," Neighbors" Jody Wiggins has been awarded Artist of The Year by the South Bay Watercolor Society. Article date is January 20, 2008
The Easy Reader, Photos of " Reflection" Painting and article, July, 2008
Artifacts Magazine, May, 2007 Jody Wiggins received peer review awards from AOG Art Group
Palos Verdes Style, December/January 2006 " Celebration of Color and Light" Exhibit Jody Wiggins article p. 12, 18.
Gardena Valley News article 186th Street Health and Safety fair. Jody Wiggins, Art Organizer for the school photos June, 2006, 2007
The Artists Studio Gallery, Rolling Hills, California- on going
Debbie Watson, "Changes" Salon, Torrance, California- on going
Jim Walker, Agent
Artist Statement
My love of art revolves around my struggles and successes to create on canvas and paper mysteries of life. I am a contemporary artist. My styles are free and strong. My goals are to have the viewer enjoy my work yet intrigued by my subject matter.
I love to make a blank piece of paper or canvas come alive. I want intrigue, mystery and soul to be a part of my art.

I have been very fortunate to have traveled to many different countries and I always view each experience with an artistic eye. I do have my favorite places of reference and Bora Bora is one of them. Wherever I go I see an idea for a new concept for a painting. It's amazing how a leaf or a drain or the movement of water can inspire me to paint. Rufino Tamayo is my favorite artist. His era of art gave me my soul of painting. He was so dedicated to live breath and share his love of art with the world.

Art has been a bridge for me when times were sad. I know that life has its ups and downs, yet my world of art was able to camouflage my sadness and bridge my strength.

I am very fortunate to be living the life that I am living today. I live in a beautiful place where I can see the ocean and listen to the waves. I am grateful for a life of peace and happiness with a terrific family to share my love of art.
Jody L Wiggins
Phone: 1310- 650-0006
Contemporary, Abstract, Abstract Figuration
Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media
Price Information
My price range is 5.00- onward