Keith A Redman

Artist Biography and Background

Born in 1953 to a large family in Bristol, CT.
born 1953 Bristol, Connecticut
Connecticut, Rhode Island
Known for
I am a self taught artist. I began painting in 1993 and am still active.
Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):
1995, Wheeler School, Providence RI New London, CT 1997, Woodstock New York 2010, Old Lyme , CT 2013 and 2014,
Magazine and Media References
New York Social Diary May 2015 Courtesy Of Michael Tavano Interior Designer
Other Sources
Interview with as featured artist for October 2010
Artist Statement
I began painting in 1993. I had an antique gallery in Providence, Rhode Island. I came to know Alfred DeCredico. He was an art professor at Rhode Island School of Design. He was also a very accomplished artist with worldwide exposure through galleries and museums. He inspired me to start. I experimented with my own techniques and materials. I would draw and paint for hours into the morning while still running my antique gallery. I started to show my works and was told I had the style of Paul Klee and Miro. I didn't even know who Paul Klee was at the time. Nonetheless I became fairly prolific and am creating my own style. My works are abstract and almost have a mid century style. Sometimes they border on cubist or a new-cubism. I started to show my works to others. I sold so many pieces privately. I was asked to exhibit so many times but never took the time. I am now close to retirement and am going to enjoy painting. I just paint what I feel. I really never know what will appear. I have recently began to paint with an intention or purpose. Not for what it will look like but for a feeling or for person or issue in the world. I love what emerges so many times. I connect with the pieces and just meditate on what forms will emerge. Most of my work is from the subconscious and done automatically. I am just so grateful at times for all I receive from following this path.
Keith A Redman
P.O. Box 295
Taftville, CT  06380
Phone: 401-952-3194
Mixed Media, Watercolor, Acrylic, ink
Price Information
$250 to $1200