Matthew Cardente

Artist Biography and Background

Matthew Douglas Cardente was raised on the Waterfront in Yarmouth, Maine. During his early childhood, his family moved to Florida for three years but they always returned back to Maine for the summer months. A lifetime of being by the ocean, Cardente often paints seascapes of Northern New England and the Gulf of Mexico. His painting style is largely contributed to Bob Ross whom Matthew watched on TV for as long as he can remember.
Starting as child, Cardente was always combing the beaches for shells with his mother and grandmother. Over the years, Matthew's passion expanded to hunting for artifacts, fossils, and minerals all across the United States obtaining vast collections that he continues to add to today.
Matthew Cardente is known for his series of oil paintings titled "Green Going, Red Returning". The ongoing series offers various underlining themes with most paintings based on the nautical "red nun" and "green can". Various biblical references and the colors of the nautical markers are used in his pieces as well.

A wood worker, Cardente designs and builds his own frames for each painting using various types of wood and other materials that he has collected over the years. An avid treasure hunter and collector, Matthew has been known to hide various artifacts and other "treasures" within his pieces such as behind the canvas, within the backing, and/or elsewhere within the actual frames that he constructs.
born 1977 Yarmouth, Maine
Maine, New York
Known for
Seascape, Landscape, Marine, Music
Sarah Lawrence College 1997-2001
Artist Statement
"Are you green going or red returning?"
"Your treasure can be found by following the light or by hiding in the darkness."
Matthew Cardente
322 Fore Street
Portland, ME  04101
Phone: 2072338229
Expressionist, Realist, Surrealist
Oil, Oil, Other
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