Peggy Watkins

Artist Biography and Background

born 1963 Washington State
South Carolina / Africa
Known for
Wildlife, Sporting
Kristopher Meadows, GA 2001-2004
John Banovich, WY 2002
Dave Wade, WY 2004
Greg Beecham, WY 2014
2009, Wolfe Strokes Of Genius 2, North Light Books, 144 pages (color)
2009, Kennedy Best Of America Oil Artists Vol II - Artists L-Z, Kennedy, 178 pages (color)
Exhibition Record (Museums, Institutions and Awards):
2010, Bennington Center For The Arts, Art Of The Animal Kingdom XV
2008, Bennington Center For The Arts, Art Of The Animal Kingdom XIII
2006, Bennington Center For The Arts, Award Of Merit
2006, Bennington Center For The Arts, Wildlife Art Magazine Publishers Award
Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):
2004-2010, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston, SC (Featured Artist 2008)

2004-2009, Waterfowl Festival, Easton, MD

2006-2009, Plantation Wildlife Art Festival, Thomasville, GA

2004, Reagan Memorial Library, The American Southwest Art Exhibition

2003 Sixteenth American Contemporary Dog Art Competition, New York
Bennington Center For The Arts, Bennington, Vermont
Oil Painters of America, 2004 to present (Assoc)
Artists For Conservation, 2004 to present (Sig)
Magazine and Media References
2010, Southwest Art Magazine, Art Values (August 2010)
2009, Shooting Sportsman Magazine, Illustration (May/June 2009)
2008, Field Trial Magazine, Peggy Watkins A Passion For Animals
2008, Southwest Art Magazine, Jungle Fever
2007, Wildlife Art Magazine, Artists For The Next Generation
2006, Wildlife Art Magazine, Bennington Show, Artists For The New Century
2005, Wildlife Art Magazine, Nature's Way-Cheetah
2005, Covey Rise, The Art of Peggy Watkins
The Sportsman's Gallery/Paderewski Fine Art
Holland & Holland, New York
Plainsmen Gallery
Artist Statement
I describe my style as painterly realism. It could be said that the actual subjects of my works are the excitement and movement one feels when viewing them. The animal within the paint is secondary but serves as the inspiration to put brush to canvas in the first place. I believe that art is a language…a way of articulating an idea or event without words. I want viewers of my work to experience the natural world in a profound way. In my paintings each brush stroke is a word serving to describe my inspiration. Some strokes are bold and others soft. In this manner I hope I am communicating my idea and striking a chord in others.
Peggy Watkins
122 Tradd Street
Atlanta, SC  30309
Phone: 4048056291
Impressionist, Contemporary