Rick Kennington

Artist Biography and Background

Rick was born and raised in West Valley City, Utah. While growing up, he spent much time outdoors and on his grandfather’s ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming. This is where he acquired a particular love for horses and the cowboy lifestyle. Many of his paintings are inspired by these passions. His artistic technique varies from a loose impressionistic style with bright vibrant colors, to one that depicts fine detail.

While in college, Rick received an art scholarship where he began pursuing his interest in oil painting. Eventually, he began studying Fine Art at the University of Utah.
This is where he developed a deep appreciation for all kinds of art. Rick has been painting for over 20-years and has had the opportunity to study under established artists Jason Rich and Grant Redden both members of the Cowboy Artists of America. This has opened great opportunities and brought much joy to those he has worked with.

Rick, his wife and four sons currently reside in North Salt Lake, Utah.
born 1978 Salt Lake City Utah
Known for
Western, Native American/Indian, Landscape, illustrations
Universtiy of Utah 2002 - 2004
Studied under Jason Rich and Grant Redden
Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):
Seasons Gallery Alpine Utah
Oil Painters of America 2017 -2018
Artist Statement
My main medium of choice is oil. My work mostly consists of western, landscape, illustrative and figurative work. I strive to paint images that spark emotion through a moment in time.
Since I was a young boy, I have enjoyed drawing and other forms of art. I remember watching my older sister draw, admiring her work and trying to draw as well as her. That desire has stuck with me, constantly challenging me to raise my work to a higher level.
When I am surrounded by inspiring scenery, or when an image catches my eye, I immediately want to orchestrate it onto canvas. Moments like these give me a great sense of fulfillment. I love to paint what is around me, and what is most important to me in life. This brings much more meaning to my work.
I love the connection I have with the viewers of my work and witness the impact it has on their lives. I never want my work to be stagnant. I want to always be able to surprise myself and go beyond “my limits”. I continue to strive to enhance emotion and meaning in my work and touch the lives to those who view it.
One of the best things about being an artist is not knowing what my next ten paintings will look like! Not having a strict plan for my work makes it much more intriguing. It is a journey, and an adventure. I strive to not fight, but allow my intuitiveness and inspiration help with my work. Planning to paint and create real art- that has become my lifelong plan!
Rick Kennington
960 hillingdon court
North Salt Lake , UT  84054
Phone: 8018702309