Roy A Prinz

Artist Biography and Background

Roy Prinz was born in 1950 and grew up in the village of South Lee next to the towns of Stockbridge and Lenox in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.  This was a rural idyllic setting of rolling hills and meadows along the Housatonic River.  His family owned and operated a resort lodge whose clientele came for the outdoor activities and cultural attractions in the surrounding area.  The resort was an environmental retreat situated on five hundred acres that were surrounded by fifteen thousand acres of state forest.  

The family home was filled with art and music, his mother having been a commercial artist in New York City before starting a family.  His father had been an aeronautical engineer and outdoors enthusiast and both parents enjoyed music and played the piano.  There were art galleries, theaters, art museums and concert venues in the area and the neighboring towns were home to many successful artists, writers and musicians both in the classical and contemporary fields.  It seemed a natural evolution that in this rural environment of few distractions that the arts would become part of Roy's life.  Drawing and playing the piano were at first creative pursuits and in time an interest in painting developed.  The influence of popular culture inspired him to take up the guitar and while traveling on family trips photography became a curiosity in capturing images of places and people.

In the years since these interests have matured, travel has contributed to a philosophical understanding of the world which finds expression in his paintings, photography and music.  His interest in creative expression began at an early age and remains as part of an ongoing journey through life.  Self taught in the arts, he received a solid beginning in liberal arts at Cranwell a Jesuit high school, studied hotel administration while at Cornell and later after military service received a degree in business administration from the University of Massachusetts.  His participation in the arts was always present during those school years, playing in a variety of  music ensembles as well as taking classes in art and philosophy.  

Roy's oil paintings are influenced both as much from classical representation as well as awareness on the energy of expression.  The challenge he feels is in capturing the feeling of the subject being represented.  His paintings and music combine an improvisational aspect with the articulation of focused expression.  His interests in music range from rock n' roll, jazz and classical styles are evident in his compositions and guitar playing.  There is a synergy in these fields of expression; each makes a contribution to the character of the other resulting in distinctive images and sound.
born 1950 Massachusetts
California, Colorado, Massachusetts
Known for
Landscape, Seascape, Western, Botanical, Figural
Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):
2012 Salon International, San Antonio, TX
2011 National Art Museum of Sport & NCAA Fine Art Exhibition, Indianapolis, IN
2011 Art Center of Estes Park, Estes Park, CO
2011 Artwalk - Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara, CA
2011 Salmagundi Club, Annual Show for non-members, New York, NY
2011 Emerald Spring Exhibition, Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR
2010 Artwalk - Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara, CA
2010 Santa Barbara Museum of Art - Off the Wall Exhibition, Santa Barbara, CA
2010 California Art Club - Fall Exhibition, Pasadena, CA
2010 California Art Club - The Ring Cycle Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Southern California Open Regional Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Salon International, San Antonio, TX
2009 California Art Club - Winter Exhibition, Pasadena, CA
National Art Museum of Sport, Indianapolis, Indiana
California Art Club, Member since 2007
Oil Painters of America, Member since 2007
Magazine and Media References
2012 Montecito Journal Magazine, Summer - Fall
Artist Statement
In the beginning there was light and confusion
Eons passed and with the evolution of our species
Stories defined our world thorough sounds and images.
Illusions, dreams, stories and beliefs rendered as
Testaments to our existence and cultures.

Simplicity can be a great truth defining our
Unique and common experiences.
Is what you are looking at that which was seen?
Denial and illusion cloak reality.
In time meaning is lost in translation.

Experience shapes our expression
When defining the feelings of our realities.
As observers of illusion, truth becomes the medium.
An observer is inspired when the possible bridges
The gap of the past and in a moment is transformed.

The illusion of a shared reality can enlighten and inspire.
Growth enriches, stagnation degenerates thus
Perspectives evolve over years or in an instant.
Illusions of experiences inspire stories
Which enlighten us along our own journey.

Each painting is an experiment in storytelling
A moment, an illusion, an experience
Created in an attempt to capture an emotion
Describing a place, a person an event in a manner that evokes
One's imagination of possibilities and adventure.
Roy A Prinz
Santa Barbara, CA  
Phone: 805-680-2187
American Impressionist
Price Information
Oil Paintings: small $500 - $1200, medium $1500 - $3000, large $3000 - $7500