Sandy Austin Stein

Artist Biography and Background

Sandy Austin Stein, born in Philadelphia, PA, has won international acclaim
for her unique style of painting Multi-Ethnic / Cultural themes of "Mother and Child."
Her paintings were used in the set design of **Robert Redford's HBO production,
"Grand Avenue;" and, also, have been licensed by such companies as Microsoft.
Her art has attracted collectors world-wide who appreciate her sense
of vision and expression that symbolizes pride, wisdom, and human dignity.

Sandy's goal is to convey in her paintings a sense of peace, hope, and love,
and to bring people in touch with other cultures.  The primary medium used
is mixed media on board.  Her  work has a three-dimensional, textural quality,
evolving from her award-winning sculptural techniques.  Added to this style are
unique background design elements, a sense of serenity, and a definite narrative skill.

These paintings are a living reminder of "moments in time" that last a lifetime.
Collectors often remark how the faces of the children touch their hearts,
while others recall how amazingly alive the paintings appear.  
It's the children's expressions, especially their eyes, that are Sandy's "trademark."  

Sandy's painting style of painting was inspired by other great women artists:
Northern California Artist, Grace Carpenter Hudson; Mother and Child Artist,
Mary Cassatt; and French Artist, Elizabeth Vigee Lebrun.  
born 1945 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Known for
Native American/Indian, Western, Portrait, Multi-Ethnic / Cultural Mother and Child Themes
Painter, Illustrator, Sculptor
Exhibition Record (Museums, Institutions and Awards):
1979, Sonoma County Medical Association, Best of Show - Sculpture
1981, Sonoma County Fair, Best of Show - Painting
1983, Art Society of the Redwood Empire, Artist of the Year
1984, Art Society of the Redwood Empire, Artist of the Year
1987, National Art for Black History Week, Placed in top 50
1989, Medical Society of San Francisco, Ca., Merit Awards
1992, Art of California Magazine, Bronze Award
1993, Manhattan Arts Magazine International Competition, Award of Excellence
1995 **Robert Redford's HBO production,"Grand Avenue" (my paintings used as set design throughout the movie)
1997, South Philadelphia Cultural Hall of Fame, Elected as a Cultural Member (with such Recipients as Fabian, Marian Andersan, Chubby Checker, Jack Klugman, etc; l of only 8 Women ever elected)
2004, Southwest Art Magazine. Exhibit Focus
2006, Southwest Art Magazine, Exhibit Focus
Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):
2006, The Master's Fine Art of Loveland, Colorado
2006, Mi-Arte-Es-Su-Arte, Santa Rosa, Ca.
2002, The Wine Reserve, Solo Exhibition, Hopland, Ca.
1991, Valucia Lee Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Rohnert Park, Ca.
Magazine and Media References
1997, The Press Democrat Newspaper, Life Section: "Art from the Heart"
Other Sources
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Artist Review(s)
*READ: NEW Artist Interview with Sandy Austin Stein

Artist Statement
Passion is the key to a dedicated Artist.  I am most passionate about painting
people's faces.  Like Rembrandt said, "It reflects the soul of mankind."
I strive to convey a sense of serenity and love. In my painting,
the tenderness and warmth of a mother's love is always present.  
My goal is to present a world of peace, unity, and cultural diversity.

My technique evolved from doing copper enamel and sculpture.  In enamel,
I observed  how vibrant colors fuse together; and sculpture allowed me to
add a three dimensional quality to my artwork.  My images reflect rich colors
of mother earth...indigo blue, golden orange, and vibrant red.  Woven together,
my paintings become a "tapestry of life" brushed with maternal "love."
Sandy Austin Stein
Santa Rosa, CA  
Acrylic, Mixed Media, Other
Price Information
Original Paintings: Also, please email me for **Limited Edition signature Products of my painting images: 1) Canvas Transfers 2) Prints 3) Hand-Painted (One of a Kind) Collage Boxes 4) Tiles 5) Mugs 6) Calendars 7) Greeting Cards 8) Postcard Books 9) Cross Stitch Kits, etc. Also, I am now accepting Painting Commission work on a limited basis. **Please email me at for more details; or to view a larger image of a painting. SAS