Steve Atkinson

Artist Biography and Background

Steve started painting full time in 2008, after a successful 25-year career as a commercial illustrator. “My training as an illustrator has given me a solid foundation for my fine art. The ingredients that make a successful painting are the very same that go into making a good illustration. My brushes have opened up a whole new world to me. Now I'm able to create images of the things that matter to me. I'm not interested in painting the trendy or the shocking. It's purely about what moves me as an artist and a human being. Hopefully, it's the same thing that moves all of us. I create oil paintings that celebrate the romance of the western lifestyle. Whether it's cowboys or Native Americans, pioneers, rough stock riders, or the glorious Western landscape. I'm as comfortable painting the figure as the landscape. Really, it's all about the story and emotion behind the painting. The way I handle the paint, my technique, is as important to me as what I paint. To me, good painting has always been as much about how the artist handles the paint, as it is about the painting's message. Hopefully, when you look at one of my paintings, you can tell I had a ball while I was painting it.”
born 1961 Ohio
Known for
Figural, Landscape, Western, Stories
Kent State University; Illustration; Kent, OH; 1980-1983
Joe Paquet; St. Paul, MN
Marc Hanson; Minneapolis, MN
Scott Christensen; Jackson Hole, WY; 2006-2007
Bill Anton; Prescott, AZ; 2015-2016
Painter, Illustrator
• 2013 Artists of the American West, Artists of the American West Inaugural show and sale, Corsicana, TX
• 2012 Western Artists of America, Western Artists of America Member show and sale, Corsicana, TX
Exhibition Record (Museums, Institutions and Awards):
• 2016 Red Bluff Bull Sale and Western Art Show and Sale, Red Bluff, CA
• 2015 Mountain Oyster Club, Tucson, AZ
• 2015 Traveling the West Exhibit & Sale, Featured Artist & awarded Best of Show Theme, Southwest Gallery, Dallas, TX
• 2015 Phippen Museum, Taken by Storm Exhibit and Sale, Prescott, AZ
• 2015 Oil Painters of America, OPA Virtuosos Invitational Exhibit and Sale, Salmagundi Club, New York City
• 2015 Phippen Museum, Hold Your Horses! Exhibit and Sale, Prescott, AZ
• 2015 Oil Painters of America, National Juried Exhibition, St. Augustine, FL
• 2015 Phippen Museum, Miniature Masters, Prescott, AZ
• 2015 Phippen Museum 41st Annual Western Art Show & Sale, Phippen Foundation Award, Prescott, AZ
• 2015 Red Bluff Bull Sale & Art Show, 2nd Place in Painting, Red Bluff, CA
• 2015 Tucson Museum of Art, CRUSH Gala Live Auction, Tucson, AZ
• 2014 Mountain Oyster Club, Tucson, AZ
• 2014 Phippen Museum, Hold Your Horses! Prescott, AZ
• 2014 Phippen Museum 40th Annual Western Art Show & Sale, Art of the West Award of Excellence, Prescott, AZ
• 2014 Salon International, Juried Exhibition, San Antonio, TX
• 2014 Phippen Museum, Architecture in Art, Prescott, AZ
• 2013 Pearce Civil War Museum, Artists of the American West Inaugural show and sale, Best in Show, Corsicana, TX
• 2012 Tucson Museum of Art, Spirit of the West, Tucson, AZ
• 2012 Pearce Civil War Museum, Western Artists of America Member show and sale, Bronze Medal, Corsicana, TX
• 2011 Phippen Museum 37th Annual Western Art Show & Sale, Prescott, AZ
• 2010 Bosque Arts Center, Art Classic, Clifton, TX
• 2010 Paint the Parks Competition and Show, Award of Excellence, Top 100, Region 2 Winner, Washington, DC
• 2010 Raymar Art Competition, Finalist, Phoenix, AZ
• 2009 Bosque Conservatory, One Man Solo Show, Clifton TX
• 2009 Outdoor Painter Society, Plein Air Southwest Show, Award of Excellence, Dallas, Texas
• 2008 Bosque Conservatory Art Classic- Winners Circle, Clifton TX
• 2008, 2007, 2006 Primavera Juried Show, Award of Excellence, Plymouth, MN
• 2007 Bosque Conservatory Art Classic, Juror of Awards, George Hallmark, John Steven Jones Purchase Award, 2nd Place in Oil, 1st Place Dry Media, Clifton, TX
• 2006 Breckenridge Fine Arts Center, 15th Annual Juried Show, Best in Show, Honorable Mention, TX
• 2006 Oil Painters of America National Show, Award of Excellence, Crystal Lake, IL
Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):
• 2015, The Storytellers: Artists of the American West Invitational, Trailside Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
• 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2014, Trailside Galleries, Holiday Miniature Show, Scottsdale, AZ
• 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, Trailside Galleries, "Fall Gold" Show, Jackson, WY
• 2013, 2014, Trailside Galleries, Masters in Miniature Show and Sale, Jackson, WY
• 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, Trailside Galleries, Salute to Summer Show, Jackson, WY
• 2009, 2011, 2014, Trailside Galleries, Western Classics Show, Scottsdale, AZ
• 2015-2016, Prescott Western Heritage Foundation 16-month Calendar, AZ
• 2015, 2013 & 2011, 3 time poster artist for the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering in Prescott, AZ
• 2013, Trailside Galleries, 50th Anniversary Show and Sale, Jackson, WY
• 2013, Poster artist for “Tom Mix and his 1937 Cord Phaeton Car” Western Heritage Days, Prescott, AZ
• 2013, Poster artist for Prescott Frontier Days “World’s Oldest Rodeo”, Prescott, AZ
• 2012, Trailside Galleries, Winter Light Show, Jackson, WY
• 2009, Trailside Galleries, New Horizons Landscape Show, Jackson, WY
Bosque Art Center, Clifton, TX
Bashas' Art Gallery, Chandler, AZ
Oil Painters of America (OPA), Crystal Lake, IL, 2009-present, Signature Member
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Other Sources

Trailside Galleries in Scottsdale, AZ and Jackson Hole, WY since 2007
Southwest Gallery in Dallas, TX since 2015
Seaside Gallery in Pismo Beach since 2013
Artist Review(s)
"Steve is one of the most promising new artists I've seen in a very long
time". --- Joyce Jones, Collector and Bosque Art Center Board of Directors
Artist Statement
"I want to approach each painting in a fresh way. Some paintings ask to be painted in a loose manner with lots of expression and freedom, while others need to be controlled to allow the subtleties of color temps or facial expression to show through. When an artist becomes a slave to their technique, and limits what they can paint, is when their evolution as an artist ends."
Steve Atkinson
Prescott, AZ  
Phone: 928.642.3354
Classical, Plein Air, Illustration
Oil, Pencil, Charcoal
Price Information
Oil paintings: Up to $1,900 for miniatures and $22,000 for large oils.
Drawings: Up to $1,200