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 Clarence William Anderson  (1891 - 1971)

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Lived/Active: New Hampshire/Nebraska      Known for: horse, genre, illustrator, etcher

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S. B.

Signed, numbered lithographs
I have signed, numbered lithographs. Is anyone replying to these posts regarding value?


Grey, Bay and Chestnut prints
When I was a child I received a 15 x 16 cardboard portfolio copyrighted 1952, 1955 by C. W. Anderson Grey, Bay, and Chestnut.
The Table of Contents, The Medium, and the description of each print in the portfolio is held together by a string and the drawings are individual in the package. The prints are in perfect condition.
The prints included are White Stallion, Bold Fellow, The Grey Ghost, The First Born, Showing Off, Good Morning, Thoroughbred Rhythm, Kentucky Aristocracy, Wanderlust, and Man O' War.
I am curious to the value of this collection.
Thank you


Never seen this one?
I guys. I have a CW Anderson painting that is very large and has been in the family a long time. I'm trying to figure out a value on it but I can not find the same picture anywhere online. It of horses running around a racetrack but there running on a EURO style course AKA backwards from what direction US runs. Please email me for a picture if you think you may be able to help. Thanks

Lisa Baker

Hi- I have a signed-numbered sketch titled First Joy that Id like to know the value of. Oddly enough I saw one like it on ebay- a copy not signed but the image is reversed. thanks Lisa

Jill Max

Title of sketch
Hi!! I have a lovely CW Anderson of a woman pouring coffee. She is standing at the table. He is sitting.
There is a title on the back of the picture. "Not tonight, dear, it might keep me awake". Can you tell me anything about this since it is so far removed from his usual work? Thank you!!!

T Cole

Value of pencil drawing by C W Anderson
Looking for ball park value for original (signed) pending drawing (horses of course) by C W Anderson.


CW Anderson portfolios
I have two sets of lithographs CW Anderson gave to my mother, Connie Rounds, whose photographs of horses he used to draw some of his pen and ink or charcoal drawings of horses. Bred to Run and Turf&Bluegrass are the lithograph portfolios. I have some cards he wrote from he and his wife where he thanked my mother for her photos.


CW Anderson Mare with Foal Lithograph?
I have a print of a CW Anderon mare with foal and I don't know how many were made? I have had it since very young from a grandparent who was passing it to me. I will never sell it. But the only two copies I have found on the net seem much brighter and more vibrant colours. I know mine is old. Does anyone know how many were made? It is a mare cleaning her foal. The foal is lying down to her left and the foal has a big blaze and the mare has a small nip. She has two socks on her back legs. They are both wearing halters

Angie Gebhardt

C.W. Anderson Dog print
I collect vintage dog prints and came across a print in an antique store which I adored. The artist is C.W. Anderson, who I know was primarily an equine artist. The dog appears to be a beagle, lying down, reaching back to lick his leg. There are no horses in the painting, just the solitary dog. I am interested to find out more about the painting, and also, if there are companion pieces. I can't find anything about it on the internet, but I'm not an experienced collector. Any information would be great.


C.W. Anderson
Checking the value of C.W. Anderson's portfolio "Before the Bugle" 1968. It is complete, matt finish prints. Thank you in advance for your help


CW Anderson "The Horse of the Century" portfolio
I purchased a complete portfolio set of these paintings on Man o' War. They are reproduced lithographs and all are signed and in great shape, basically left in the original folio case. I was not able to find much information about them online. It also has the information on each painting. 8 paintings medium sized.. Any information about appraisal worth is appreciated.


CW Anderson horse,foal and beagle dog painting
I am interested in information about this painting. I bought it at a second hand shop in rural Kansas.

Leon roberge sr

Anderson infro
Hi carol
Am very interested in your infro about his son in Groton
I was chef @ Groton inn
About 1960s
eBay has pony for three
And used books


cw anderson illus transferware plates
i have a set of 6 illustrated english china plates of women seated at a bar. Each lady has particular drink and all are dressed differently. Ladylike and working class etc. looks like the signature of anderson but definitely a different subjectmatter than the norm for anderson. Bought these at an auction in Falls city, Nebraska. plates Are English. Does anyone know anything about these?


CW Anderson Printing Plate
A few years ago I saw a metal printing plate that was mounted on wood in my friends office. He thought it was just a neat horsey item, but I knew I had seen the image before. As an avid Billy & Blaze reader as a child, I knew immediately that it was Blaze from one of the western series books. My friend a few years later gave me the plate as a christmas gift (Best Christmas Gift EVER!)I found that it is a positive print plate from the book Blaze & the Indian Cave. The image appears twice, once in the forward page without the background and the full image I have on the plate on pg. 7. I had a appraiser look at some photos a few years ago and they agreed that it was CW Anderson and that it was probably a plate used for printing the book that "should have" been destroyed. I suppose someone liked it enough to keep it and unfortunately glue it to wood. They could not determine a value as they could not find any other examples for reference. Does anyone have any idea of what the value of this one-of-a-kind item might be? Much appreciated.


Portfolio Grey, Bay, and Chestnut
I was recently given many art books from my 96 year old grandmother and this portfolio is beautiful. It is in 15 x 16 cardboard portfolio copyrighted 1952, 1955 by C. W. Anderson Grey, Bay, and Chestnut.
The Table of Contents, The Medium, and the description of each print in the portfolio is held together by a string and the drawings are individual in the package. I am so pleased at the beatiful condition everything is in. This may sound nieve but did most art portfolio's come this way in the 50's? I plan to frame some of these prints unless this is inadvisable?
The prints included are White Stallion, Bold Fellow, The Grey Ghost, The First Born, Showing Off, Good Morning, Thoroughbred Rhythm, Kentucky Aristocracy, Wanderlust, and Man O' War.
Thank you for any info regarding this prize possession.


Original C.W. Anderson value
Hi. I don't know if this helps anyone, but I spoke with a dealer of his work a few years back and got an appraisal on my original pencil artwork for the 1948 A Pony Called Lightning book cover. It is a pencil drawing. If you have something similar and want to get a rough idea of the value, feel free to email me and I can tell you what she said about how she determines the value.. I don't know if posting the estimate in a public forum is okay or not.

Kathleen Kirsan

copyright status of c.w. anderson's
Can any one tell me if the c.w. anderson illustrations were renewed for extended copyright or have they traveled into the public domain?


c.w. anderson works
c.w. anderson was my great-grandfather and I'd be happy to hear from those of you that have questions about whether or not you have authentic signatures, etc.

My grandfather, c.w. anderson's step-son, is still alive and I'd be happy to pass along other questions you may have.

I'm a bit skeptical about claims of having original, signed oil paintings as I believe (unless they were commissioned works) our family owns his collection of oil paintings. If I'm mistaken, then I'm very interested in hearing from anyone that has an original, signed work.

I stumbled upon this discussion group as I was looking for contact information for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. I have Andy's original oil paintings of Man-O-War, The Thoroughbred and others that I'd like to loan to the museum for their new Art of the Americas wing.

Glad I found this site and quite happy to see that there are so many folks out there that still appreciate the tremendous talent of my great-grandfather.



I have a signed CW Anderson pastel of a Chestnut Mare and Foal (heads only) that I purchased a couple of years ago. It is larger than any other CW Anderson I have seen, maybe approx 24 X 24. Have yet to see anything that compares to it. Does anyone have any idea of its worth and/or its rarity? thanks

jim e fendick

i have 3 pencil sketches
# 1 new england elms
#2 seabisciut
#3native pauch
you can call at 239-233-4470
i was wondering the value. these were given to me by my godmother. supposedly the artist drew them for her
i appreciate any help in finding value on these pics.

thank you
jim e fendick


cw anderson oil painting
i have a cw anderson oil painting with mare and foal dated for 1951 just wandering more imformation about it its very sentimental to me and posible value

Vigo Kragh

I met him in 1971
CW Anderson, in my opinion, is the best equine illustrator ever. When I was a young girl, for Xmas, my father gave me 7 framed prints. Grown with kids of my own, and having just moved to northern Mass, I heard that CW was living in Mason, NH. I drove to Mason and it was easy to find him. This was back in the days that people trusted people. I knocked on a door in the center of town, asked where CW lived and was given directions. His house was a stones throw from the center. I went to the house, knocked on the door and CW's wife answered the door. CW and his wife were well into their years and not firm, yet, they both were well dressed and dapper. I explained who I was and Mrs. Anderson took me for a tour. I was shown small paintings and in his studio I was shown enormous paintings of horse protraits. In his studio I met CW. A tall, slender, well dressed, kind
and gentle man. He was very humble and expressed countless times how happy he was that I came to see him!
Sadly, a short time after that, I heard that he had passed away.
I have one print of colts and filly's and one of my nieces has my other 6 prints.
Just thought I'd share.


c.w. anderson
I have a All Thoroughbreds Portfolio that was published in 1948. Does anyone know anything about this one?

PS Bartholomew

re: The Boss and Scidoo
Hi John! I have heard of that artwork, and I think I found a picture of it online once. I will have to look it up though. I believe this is a painting that CW Anderson did on commission, for the owner of the horse named Scidoo. (Is it Scidoo or Skidoo?) Am I correct in remembering that this is a harness horse? I will find whatever notes I have on this painting and get back to you on it. Oh, yes, value: since it is a painting, and a commissioned work, I believe the value will be quite high. Anderson's painting always sell for a lot more than the individual prints or portfolios. But who would want to sell one of his paintings?! ;-)

john signroelli

Was is the value of a C W anderson print signed called The Boss and Scidio
Was is the value of a signed C W Anderson titled The Boss and Scidoo

Thank you



need email for cynthia feidler
have seen several notices to ctc Cynthia Feidler for CW. Anderson portfolio..does anyone know how to get in touch with her ? thx again..kathy

PS Bartholomew

To Dianne Bickford...
Wow! You actually knew CW Anderson; how wonderful! I have no idea how much your painting might be worth. Was it done in oil or pastel? All I know is that original oil paintings by CW Anderson have sold for several thousand dollars. But it is a treasure... who could sell it!

PS Bartholomew

To Penni Floto...
Regarding "Rodeo Sketches". I purchased a similar print, "Action Plus", last year. It also shows two views of a rider on a bucking bronco. I know that "Action Plus" was an illustration (and chapter title) in Anderson's book, "Sketchbook"; your print may also have been an illustration in that book.

While I paid around $50 for "Action Plus", I have seen both my print and your "Rodeo Sketches" (both signed) selling for $150 on an art dealers web site.

PS Bartholomew

To Lynne (Equipoise)...
Hi Lynne! Is your Equipoise print in color (pastel) or black and white (etching)? If he signed it personally, it could be worth around $200.

PS Bartholomew

To Cindy L...
Regarding your CW Anderson print of a mare, colt, and beagle. This print appears often on eBay, and usually sells for $10-20.

PS Bartholomew

Current CWA Portfolio Prices
Several people asked for pricing regarding various portfolios by CW Anderson ("Grey, Bay, and Chestnut", "Accent on Youth", etc). If you are still looking for an answer, I offer my personal experience. I have purchased many CWA portfolios off of eBay over the past couple of years. A complete portfolio, in very good condition, usually sells for around $150, and I've seen some go for over $200. A portfolio missing a few prints goes for considerably less, usually under $100. It all depends on how many prints were in the portfolio originally, and I've noticed the pastel prints bring a higher price than the black and white etchings. Yet, the black and white portfolios generally have more prints in them! I've gotten several portfolios, in good condition but missing 2-3 prints, for $50-$75 (the nature of eBay is that if no one notices the auction, you can get it for less). For more specific info, I recommend searching theweb. It may take some time to find the specific portfolio you're looking for. Hope this helps!

PS Bartholomew

To Sharon...
Regarding your CW Anderson greeting card. I purchase one of these (a Christmas card) on eBay last year for around $10.

PS Bartholomew

To Pete Verheyleweghen....
Your "Mare and Foal" print is probably a lithograph. CW Anderson usually signed his lithos "in plate", meaning that the signature was reproduced. If the print has two signatures, or a "CW Anderson" and also a simple "A" on the opposite side, then you probably have a signed print. Unsigned, these prints are affordably priced from $15-$30. Signed, one of his prints can go for $50-$75 (best guess). I believe the print you have comes up on eBay fairly regularly, so you could check there. Hope this helps!

PS Bartholomew

To Lily...
No, CW Anderson had a stepson, but fathered no children.


info on this artist
I have a print with Citation of C.W. Anderson. I have always loved this illustrators style as a child and think he is the best equine illustrator ever. Did Mr. Anderson ever have any kids that carried on his talent?

nancy s smith


karrin clark

cw anderson - grey,bay and chestnut
I hve the cardboard of Grey,Bay and chestnut with 8 prints enclosed in plastic marked 2/100....any ideas as to how old and value of these pieces?

Penni Floto

Rodeo Sketches
My Mother in Law recently gave my Husband and I an original etching or sketch by CW Anderson, which was given to her father in 1949, it is 2 different sketches of bucking broncos and their riders 1 is a side view and the other a front on view. I have searched everywhere and can find nothing on Anderson doing Rodeo Sketches, can anyone here help direct me to someone who might know something about them. Thanks in Advance.

Cynthia Fiedler

C.W. Anderson art dealer
I have handled many pieces by C.W. Anderson. I would be happy to help people determine values for their C.W. Anderson items. He's one of my favorite equine artists.

Aylmer and District Museu

Feery Seed posters by W.C. Anderson
Our museum has two original Ferry Seed posters that came from a local general store. We are seeking information on artists, besides M. Parrish who may have created art for Ferry Seed. Co in Canada. We believe Mr. W. Anderson may have created two in our collection which we are exhibiting this fall. Can you confirm this information and if you have an illustration of those works he did for their company so we can compare. Many thanks, Pat Zimmer, Aylmer and District Museum Curator, April 23, 2007


C.W. Anderson - portfolio - "Grey, Bay, and Chestnut"
C.W. Anderson - portfolio - "Grey, Bay, and Chestnut"
We have a C.W. Anderson - portfolio - "Grey, Bay, and Chestnut" and are wondering the value also, it is in excellent condition. It has a folder of descriptions of all the prints, a page showing all the prints with the names under them and all the prints. Everything is in excellent condition. Looking for any information. Thanks, Bobbie
P.S. Sorry for the typo.


C.W. Anderson - portfolio - "Gredy, Bay, and Chestnut"
We have a C.W. Anderson - portfolio - "Gredy, Bay, and Chestnut" and are wondering the value also, it is in excellent condition. It has a folder of descriptions of all the prints, a page showing all the prints with the names under them and all the prints. Everything is in excellent condition. Looking for any information. Thanks, Bobbie


Anderson's Man O War
I have a signed piece of Anderson's artwork, Man O War and can't seem to find anything about it, price or otherwise. If anyone could tell me anything about it, I sure would appreciate it. It's framed and very large.


Another Curious Admirer
Hi to everyone who has posted on this discussion board. I only discovered it today, and hopefully you have found more information on Mr. Anderson since your last postings. I am an equine artist as well and have admired his work since a child, aspiring to follow in his footsteps. I would also be interested in doing research to help those of you who are blessed to own an original piece of his art. I collect his books and prints, but have never had an opportunity to see an original painting or pastel of his. Thanks for this discussion board and I hope to have continued conversations you.
M. Shelleau

Mary Mueller

C.W. Anderson's Billy and Blaze Series
I only recently discovered Mr. Anderson's "Billy and Blaze" series in our local public library. My children absolutely love these books and our entire family is simply stunned by the detail and beauty of the art. Even my 4 year old seems to understand that she's looking at something really special. We are certainly no experts, but these sketches are nothing short of amazing. Just wanted to comment on the beauty of his work.

Jim Hall

Original pastel by C.W. Anderson
I have an original signed pastel from C.W. Anderson titled " The New Arrival". Looking for history.


Anderson Biography
I would also be interested in learning more about the early life of Mr. Andrson. I have a framed original oil from my Grandmother that is signed by C.W. Anderson. I believe my Grandmother and Mr. Anderson were friends in Lincoln in their earlier years. I remember her speaking about her friend "Clarence". I cannot find any info on this particular scene. If anyone knows anything about his earlier works and earlier signature, I'd be interested in doing some digging with you for the sake of the biography and to authenticate this oil.

C Caplinger

Anderson Biography
As far as I can tell, "Andy as I Knew Him" is the only published book on CW Anderson. I'm definitely interested in seeing a book on his life and work published, and would be happy to work on such a project. His astounding lithographs of horses deserve some degree of immortality, in my opinion.

PS Bartholomew

C.W. Anderson Biography?
Has there been a comprehensive biography published on C.W. Anderson? I possess "Andy as I Knew Him", written by his step-son. But I wonder if anything else has been written about this magnificent artist? If not, is anyone interested in taking on such a project? I would be willing to participate. Thank you.

Jim Bittick

anderson,clarence william
I have a limited edition signed lithograph named "rodeo sketches". On the back of the framed lithograph is a short biography of the artist. He was born April 12, 1891 in Wahoo, Nebraska he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago his illustrations for books and magazines won him recognition among sportsmen and his portraits of famous horses are to be seen in the leading clubs and horse racing family homes of this country he received honorable mention of the Society of American Etchers for outstanding lithography. This was written by the Associated American Artists Galleries of New York. I think my parents bought this for me in the 50's.

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