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Artist Studio: Victor Selinsky "Vic "

Victor Selinsky "Vic "

Born: 1925 (Cincinnati Ohio)
Died: 2006 (Sacramento California)

Lived/Active: California/Ohio

Profession(s): Painter

Known for: Figural, Landscape, Abstract, Life Drawing, Cityscapes, Marine

Style(s): Abstract Figuration, Modernist, Classical, LA Figuaritive '46-'85 Sacramento Delta '85-'06

Medium(s): Watercolor, Oil, Pencil, Pen and Ink, Pastel, Charcoal, Seriograph Etching

Price Information as of 12/03/2006:
Upon request

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 Victor Selinsky
Self Portrait 1975
  Victor Selinsky
Lala 1982
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Artist Biography:
Victor Selinsky (1925-2006) Son of Max Selinsky, Symphony Orchestra Violinist (b. Gaditch, Ukraine) and Margarita Mandelstamm Selinsky, Concert Violinist and Pianist (b. Riga, Latvia); Half-nephew of Wladimir (Vladimir) Selinsky, ASCAP, (Kraft and Lux Music Theater Television Composer/Columbia Recording Artist (aka Ward Sills <>), NYC; Nephew of Elsa Gidoni, Structural Engineer, Kahn and Jacobs Architecture, NYC; Brother of Xenia Selinsky Chasman, Concert Pianist; Brother-in-Law of Daniel L. Chasman, Novelist/Playwright; Uncle of Paul Chasman, Guitarist Acoustic Guitar Summit, Composer/Arranger/Novelist, Accent-on-Music and Rose Records Recording Artist, and Third Cousin of Osip Mandelstam (aka Ossip Mandelshtam), Acmeist Poet, St. Petersburg, Russia

1925 - *Born May 17 in Cincinatti, Ohio, to Max and Margarita Mandelstamm Selinsky, Symphony Orchestra Violinists
1925 - Half-uncle Wladimir Selinsky (b. 1910) arrives in New York from Kiev, Russia
1927 -  Moves to Jamaica, Queens, New York, where Max and Margarita form Selinsky's Young People's Orchestra (Queensboro Simfonnia). See portfolio photo c. 1933
1927 - Paul Mandelstamm, M.D., Victor's Grandfather, dies in Riga, Latvia
1935 - Art career begins with series of original comic strip characters
1936 - Family moves to Hollywood, CA where Max is orchestra violinist in motion pictures, stage productions, and live national RKO, NBC and CBS Radio Broadcasts
1936 - Victor's sister, Xenia Selinsky, age 13, appears as a Pianist in Paramount Pictures, "Easy to Take", starring John Howard, Marsha Hunt, and Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer; sends earnings to her Grandmother, Minna ('Umama') Mandelstamm, in Riga, Latvia
1936 - Aunt Elsa Gidoni, Margarita's younger sister, flees Berlin; hired by Kahn & Jacobs Architects, NYC (in 1943); becomes the seventh registered woman architect in New York State history (AIA); she was a major influence on his life and encouraged his artistic endeavors  
1937 - Victor's Aunt Elena Mandelstamm and Grandmother Minna Mandelstamm flee Riga, Latvia, and settle with family in LA, CA
1938 - Victor's distant cousin, Osip Mandelstam, St. Petersburg Poet-in-Exile, disappears without trace from Gulag near Vladavostok
1939   Moves to New York City, 113 E. 39th St., to live with his Aunt Elsa Gidoni and Uncle Alex Gluckmann
1939 - Aunt Elsa Gidoni, co-designs Futurama General Motors Exhibit at New York World's Fair, with Norman Bel Geddes**
1941 - Victor returns to LA; attends Los Angeles High School
1942 - Xenia Selinsky, 19, meets and marries Daniel L. Chasman, 19, while attending UCLA; both receive B.A. Degrees from UCLA in 1942; in Music and English respectively
1942 - Graduates from Fairfax High School, Hollywood, CA; drawings appear in school yearbook
1942 - Works during summer as Grandstand Soda Vendor, Gilmore Field, Home of the Pacific Coast League Hollywood Stars Baseball Club; Beverly and Fairfax Avenues
1942 - Brother-in-law Daniel Chasman joins US Navy; receives honorable discharge and returns to LA, CA; Becomes a High School English Teacher for LAUSD for 35 years
1943 - Appears as paid extra in Universal Pictures, "Hers to Hold" as GI, front table,   USO Hollywood Cantina scene, starring Deanna Durbin and Joseph Cotten;  Picture wins an Academy Award for Best Music, Original Song, "Say A Prayer for the Boys Over There"
1943 - 1946 WW II Service [web keywords: Victor Selinsky Library of Congress Art of War]
1946 - Honorable Discharge; returns home to Los Angeles
1946 - Works as Parking Valet at Earl Carrol's Theater on Sunset Boulevard, LA, CA
1946 - Joins American Veterans Committee (AVC), Hollywood Chapter, of which Ronald Reagan is also a member
1946 - 1948 Attends Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, on GI Bill; studies under Boris Deutsch; Paints "Rene" and "The Potato Peeler"; shows at LA County Art Museum
1946 - 1947 Creates series of six ink lithographs including, "Korean Children" and "Pusan Rail Station" (shown)
1947 - Nephew Dale Goodman is born, to Eugene and Adele Goodman, LA, CA
1947 - Niece Claudia Chasman is born, to Daniel and Xenia Chasman, LA, CA
1948 - "Architectural Record", June Issue, recognizes Elsa Gidoni, AIA, for her contributions to American Architecture
1948 - Graduates from Otis Art Institute and opens Fraymart Art Gallery on La Brea Ave., LA, CA, with business partner Manny Singer; group and solo juried exhibitions include Ted Gilien, Morton Dimondstein, Polia Pillin and Arnold Mesches
1949 - Marries Sheila D. Goodman of Los Angeles, CA
1949 - Niece Jan Goodman is born, to Eugene and Adele Goodman, LA, CA
1950 - Nephew Paul Chasman is born, to Daniel and Xenia Chasman, LA, CA
1951 - First child, Michael P. Selinsky is born, LA, CA
1951   Fraymart Gallery closes; hired as one of first Aaron Brothers Art Gallery store managers, 900 N. Vermont St., LA, CA. Works weekends and summers for 30 years until Aaron Brothers Art Galleries are sold to a large conglomerate
1954 - Artist and Otis classmate Morton, and Mimi Dimondstein, stay with family after returning from Mexico City where he was a member for two years with the Mexican Taller De Grafica Popular (National Graphics Studio)
1954 - Second child, Jonathan A. Selinsky is born, LA, CA
1955 - Third Child, Katherine E. Selinsky is born, LA, CA
1958 - Creates "The Boat", and "The Bull", 16" x 20" canvases, innovative mixed media: beeswax and oil paint, CSU Northridge; receives B.A. Degree, Art
1959 - Max Selinsky dies, interred at Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, CA
1959 - Begins teaching career with LA Unified School District and Calif. Community College System; Art Teacher at James Monroe High School, Sepulveda, CA for 23 years
1960 - Fourth Child, Susan M. Selinsky is born, Panorama City, CA
1961 - Divorces Sheila Goodman Selinsky
1961 - Marries Shirley Shushan; becomes step-father to Karen and Andrea
1961 - Margarita Mandelstamm Selinsky dies; interred at Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, CA
1962 - Receives M.A. Degree, Art, CSU Los Angeles
1962 - Moves to Laguna Beach, CA, with family for summer to manage Aaron Brothers Art Gallery on Pacific Coast Highway; creates series of Laguna Beach cityscapes; sells three ocean scenes, 36" x 48" oil paintings, at Aaron Brothers Art Gallery under pseudonym "V. Lynn", the first and only time he uses that name
1962 - Daughter Susan adopted by Daniel and Xenia Chasman
1964 - 1970 Annual Show and Sale of Watercolors and Oil Paintings "Pay-the-Rent" parties, in studio behind Vermont St. Aaron Bros. Art Gallery flagship store which he rented from Al and Len Aaron for $40 per month. Shared studio with Michael Hogarth, sculptor
1964 - Laguna Beach, CA, Painting with WPA Muralist Ted Gilien; TV Script and Sci-Fi  Writer/Artist Sasha Gilien; and Dave Rosen/Fiddler/Artist; group photo at The Strand  
1967 - Ted Gilien dies, LA, CA
1969 - Son Michael appears as Autoharp Player in American International Pictures,"2000
Years Later", starring Edward Everett Horton and Pat Harrington
1969 - 1/10/69 Sasha Gilien an early heart transplant recipient, appears in Life Magazine
1970 - Atheneum Press, "Hope Against Hope", by Nadezhda Mandelstam, wife of Osip, is released in US detailing their life in Russia and her visits to Gulag where he was exiled for anti-Stalinist poetry
1970 - Becomes Great Uncle to Jesse Chasman, Son of Paul and Sue of Portland, OR
1971 - Sasha Gilien dies, LA, CA
1974 - Atheneum Press, "Hope Abandoned", by Nadezhda Mandelstam, is released in US
1974 - Aunt Elsa retires from Kahn & Jacobs; moves to Washington D.C. with Alex
1975 - 1985 Tony's Studio Life Drawing; Sam's Studio Life Drawing; and CBS Television Studio Art Guild; Pen and Ink studio sketches/watercolors, LA, CA
1978 - Shirley Shushan Selinsky, second wife dies; LA, CA; interred at Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, CA
1978 - Elsa Gidoni Mandelstamm (aka "Baer" Gluckmann) dies, Washington, D.C., interred at Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, CA; Kahn and Jacobs, AIA papers donated to Cornell University, Ithica, NY
1978 - Ely Jacques Kahn, Aunt Elsa Gidoni's employer for 34 years, dies in New York
1979 - Nephew Paul Chasman releases first vinyl LP, Solo Guitar, on Rose Records
1979 - Summer, Travels by Eurail Train throughout Western Europe, sketching pen & inks, watercolors, and visiting museums
1980 - Nadezhda Mandelstam dies in Moscow; papers donated to Princeton University
1981 - Grandson Shawn M. Scott is born, to Katherine and Myron Scott, Las Vegas, NV
1981 - Alex Gluckmann, Elsa's husband, dies, Washington, D.C., interred at Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, CA
1981-1983 - Creates six metal seriograph etchings, including 'Lala' (shown),'Rose', 'Conversations', an abstract; and 'Pearl'; limited to editions of 24 each
1982 - Marries Pearl Stein Kay, Los Angeles Teacher and Poet; becomes Step-father to Gary Morris and Jody Feldman; Step-grandfather to Matthew and Tyler Morris; Joshua and Daniel Feldman
1983 - Victor and Pearl retire from teaching with the Los Angeles Unified School District; travel extensively throughout Europe visiting museums
1984 - Half-uncle Wladimir Selinsky, dies in New York City; survived by wife Martha, daughter Lori Goodman and grandson Peter Goodman; Papers donated to Billy Rose Theater Collection, NYC
1985 - Moves to Sacramento, CA; joins staff of The Renaissance Society, Sacramento State University; continues Elderhostel lectures and symposiums, Scholar-in-Residence; exhibits and sales in local art galleries
1985 - 2006 Matrix Art Studio; Pen and Ink studio sketches/watercolors, Sacramento, CA
1986 - Grand-Niece Elizabeth Ann Wagner is born, Northridge, CA, to Susan Chasman Wagner and Rick Wagner
1991 - Grand-Nephew Matthew Wagner is born, Simi Valley, CA, to Susan Chasman Wagner and Rick Wagner  
1996 - Grand-Niece Rebecca is born, Simi Valley, CA, to Susan Chasman Wagner and Rick Wagner
1997 - Grand-Nephew Matthew Wagner dies, Simi Valley, CA
1998 - Buys a violin and sheet music; finds he can still play it after 65 years
2000 - Morton (Curley) Dimondstein dies, LA, CA
2001 - Son Jonathan dies, Phoenix, AZ, interred at National Veterans Cemetery, Boulder City NV; survived by Step-Daughter Brandy and Step-grandaughter Jasmine 
2004 - Step-Daughter, Karen Shushan Feld dies, Martinez, CA, interred at Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, CA; survived by husband Harvey Feld and children Josh and Ashley
2005 - Contributes series of drawings to the publication "Love and Other Complaints", Rattlesnake Press, Sacramento, CA, a book of poetry by Pearl Stein Selinsky
2005 - Sheila Dolores Goodman, first wife dies, Las Vegas, NV; not interred
2005 - Watercolor "Pump House" appears on cover of November magazine issue, 'Celebrating Natomas', with artist-of-the-month feature article on life of Victor and Pearl Selinsky, Sacramento, CA
2005 - Aunt Elena Mandelstamm dies, Santa Cruz, CA
2006 - David Rose, noted Courtroom Artist and longtime sketching friend dies, LA, CA
2006 - Xenia and Daniel Chasman celebrate 64th Wedding Anniversary
April 25, 2006 - Victor Selinsky, age 80 years 11 months, dies of kidney failure, Sacramento, CA; interred at San Joaquin Valley National Veterans Cemetery, Two Bronze Stars, Gustine (Merced County), CA
Jan 10, 2007 - Pearl Stein Selinsky releases Book of Poetry, "Victor and Me", published by Rattlesnake Press, Sacramento, CA; Public reading, Sacramento Poetry Center

*Notes on Max Selinsky and Margarita Mandelstamm Selinsky:
At the time of Victor's birth, 1925, Max Selinsky was First Violinist for the Cincinatti Symphony Orchestra, Franz Reiner, Conductor; from 1903-1913, Max was also First Violinist for the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra: Fritz Scheel, Carl Pohlig, and Leopold Stokowski Conductors; Max then went to Honolulu, Hawaii, where he founded Hawaii's First Chamber Music Society in 1915. At the conclusion of WWI, 1919, Max went to Berlin, met Margarita, also a violinist, and were married; In 1922, the two came to the United States (she for the first time) where Max was hired by the Kansas City Symphony. Daughter Xenia was born in Kansas City, MO, in 1923.

Max Selinsky Link:

<>Notes on Wladimir Selinsky (aka "Ward Sills")
Wladimir Selinsky was a New York-based composer for radio, television, and movies. He broke into television early with a piece called "Sands of Time,"  which was used for a 1949 suspense program, "The Clock". He used the name Ward Sills for the soundtrack of Edward D. Wood Jr.'s "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (1959), his first screen credit.

From the late 1940's - 1960's in Los Angeles, California, Victor Selinsky was closely associated with the following artists
    Morton Dimondstein
        Theodor (Ted) Gilien
            Arnold Mesches

Dealer inquiries invited; photos upon request

Fairfax High School, Los Angeles, CA, Class of Spring 1942
(Military Service, WW II, 176th Engineer Batallion, P.F.C./TEC, assigned to S.S. Simon Bolivar; Pearl Harbor, Leyte, Philipines, Okinawa, Korea; Two Bronze Stars, 1943-1946)
Otis Art Institute, 1946-1948; Studied under Boris Deutsch; classmate of Morton Dimondstein
Los Angeles City College, Associate of Arts degree, 1951
California State University Northridge; 1958, B.A., Art
California State University Los Angeles; 1962, M.A., Art
Art Teacher, San Fernando Junior High School, San Fernando, CA 1959-1960
Art Teacher/Department Chair, James Monroe High School, LAUSD, Sepulveda, CA, 1960-1983
Art Instructor, Figure Drawing and Ceramics, Los Angeles Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA, 1961-1979
Art History and Figure Drawing Instructor/Lecturer; Member/Director, Renaissance Society, Sacramento State University, Department of Regional and Continuing Education; 1985-2006

Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):
1948-51 Los Angeles County Art Museum, Otis Art Institute Student Invitational Exhibit
1948 Fraymart Art Gallery, Co-Founder, Solo & Group Art Exhibits: T. Gilien, M. Dimondstein, Pillin, LA, CA
1959 Group Exhibition with Sister Mary Corita, Encino, CA
1985 - Barnsdall Arts Center, Solo Exhibit, Los Angeles
1986 - Highland Art Guild, Solo Exhibit, Eagle Rock, CA
1985 USC, Solo Exhibit, School of Education, Los Angeles
1986 - Glendale Community College, Solo Exhibit

Matrix Figurative Gallery, Solo and Group Exhibits, Sacramento 1985-2006
20th Street Art Gallery, Solo and Group Exhibits, Sacramento 1986-2005
Sacramento City College, Project Gold, Solo Exhibits, Sacramento 1986-1988
The Exchange for the Performing Arts, Solo Exhibit, Sacramento 1987
Consumnes River College, Solo Exhibit, Library Gallery, Consumnes, CA 1986
Consumnes River College, Solo Exhibit, Library Gallery, Consumnes, CA 1991
Peach Pit Art Gallery, Group Exhibit, Sacramento 1995
Sacramento Public Library, Solo Exhibit, Sacramento 1996-1997
Barton Gallery, Studio Sketches, Solo and Group Exhibits, Sacramento 2000-2004
Natomas 2nd Saturday Art Show, Natomas Community Center, Sacramento 2005
20th Street Art Gallery, Solo Exhibit: A Retrospective, Sacramento 2006

American Veterans Committee, Hollywood, CA, Chapter; 1946-1948
United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA); 1960-1983
City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Department, Art History Lecturer; 1984-85
Renaissance Society; Life Member; 1985-2006
Elderhostel; Life Drawing Instructor; Lecturer and Scholar-in-Residence: Renaissance; Impressionism to Modern Art; 1985-2006

Cross References and Sources:
Victor Selinsky Link: Library of Congress Veterans History Project, Art of War, World War II:

**Elsa Mandelstamm Gidoni Link:

Wladimir Selinsky Link:

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