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We are a leading internet resource for art pricing, offering international art-auction records, artist biographies, artist signatures and much more.

Art Wanted ads (seeking consignments) are a great way to let sellers know the artists that define your business.

Be in search results, directory listings and artist pages -- as well as email alerts to subscribers who asked to be notified when their selected artists are "wanted".

Art Wanted Ad Listings
Artist pages are the most visited pages on askART's site.  The Art Wanted tab is a very popular destination for those considering selling art they own.

Example of Art Wanted listings on an artist page:

Art owners contact you
Interested art owners may contact you directly or submit an online form to email you.  In either case, you control the communication and buying process.

Example of an Art Wanted online contact form:

Streamlined Ad Setup  
Fine art buyers may list multiple "wanted" artists (per membership terms).  Ad setup is a quick and easy process and ads may be edited any time.

Example of Art Wanted ad setup:

Search results - Links to Art Wanted ads
When users search askART, they will immediately see if an artist is "Wanted".  Art owners who are browsing are more likely to drill into artists who are "wanted".

Example of Art Wanted listings in search results:

Art Wanted directory
Art owners may browse all artists with "art wanted" on the site by using the askART searchable directory.  Your listing will show up in matching owner searches.

Example of a search for Art Wanted:

Email Alert Inclusion:  Art Wanted Notifications
askART has over 100,000 users who have opted in to receiving email alerts for new art wanted.  Subscribers select the artists they are interested in (and may own already) -- and respond when there is new art wanted listed.  Focused email alerts are the opposite of spam!

How it works and Ad Rates
Key Steps:  Art Wanted Ads
Sign up for a Gallery or Auction House plan.
Log in and go to 'My Ads' to set up your ad.
Search for the artist you want and activate your ad.
Your ad is counted against your available ad total per your Plan.
Your ad is posted and viewable immediately.
Customer inquiries/leads are forwarded to you immediately.
At any time, you may edit/suspend your ad.  Example: If your artwork sells, you may mark it as sold.

Ad Rates
Art Wanted ads are included with your Plan.
To increase # of ads, you may upgrade your plan.  See Plans

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