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Gasparo Lopez

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A.k.a.:  Gasparo Lopez dei Fiori.   71 auction records.  
Gasparo Lopez (1650 - 1740) was active/lived in Italy.  Gasparo Lopez is known for Exquisite nature morte still life floral painting.

Born in Naples in ' last quarter of the seventeenth century, Gaspar Lopez was a naturamortista painter of the late-Baroque period . According to the Neapolitan biographer Bernardo, De Dominici began his studies with the painter Andrea Belvedere, then continue them with Jean-Baptiste Dubuisson.

Following the experiences gained with this 'last, Lopez moved towards an illusionist painting whose subject exquisite floral triumphs to ' open. Following the successes in Naples, Lopez moved to Rome and then to Venice. After traveling in Poland, Prussia and Portugal, he returned to Italy and settled in Florence, where he remained until his death in 1740.

He arrived in Florence in 1728, when he enrolled at the Academy of Design. Its elegant flower arrangements had immediate success at the Medici, who appointed him court painter; in particular he was praised by Grand Duke Gian Gastone and his sister, the ' Electric Palatine Anna Maria Luisa.

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