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“ I must compliment askART--what an incredible success story and valuable tool/asset to our art business.   A big "thank you" for all you do for us!! Not only for listing our Gallery(s) and featuring our two annual auctions, but it is also our #1 source of information, including for the PBS Channel 8 (Phoenix) program, "Arizona Collectibles"

Charla Nelson
Manitou Galleries

“ We chose askART because we knew that you were a big online art research database. Once we saw some of the other European dealers opening askART accounts, we decided it was for us.

We've had a good experience with askART. It's been such an important part of our business to be online and askART has been very useful to us."

Michelle Montgomery
Schiller & Bodo European Paintings

“ I heard about the askART website from a colleague, another gallery owner who himself was an askART member. He had noticed an increase in communication following his gallery's presence on the website. His calls from the US improved greatly. I too have seen that. Many US collectors have reached me through askART.

The most valuable items are the ads that I am able to post on the askART website. Collectors who use Google to research the artists which my galleries exhibit are linked to these ads. The fact that my askART ads appear in the first 5 google results is excellent."

Nicholas Wagner
Odon Wagner Gallery


“ Overall, we get a lot more response 10-1 from askART. We have regularly increased our customer lists through our advertisements on askART.

We get inquiries regularly from the Art Wanted. We're in the secondary market so this is very important to us."

    Scott Larsen
    Larsen Gallery

“ I like the alerts when things come up for sale. I like the fact that we can feature our artwork and keep it up on the site. I like that we can add biographical information. We get the biggest response on askART for the paintings on sale or wanted, and I like the number of items that come up in an artist search.

I think askART is a very broad reach. In searches it comes up very well. We get requests from everywhere from Europe and east and west coasts.

95% of our business comes from the Internet."

Brian Roughton
Roughton Galleries

“ The fact that everything is available through one window and I can access biographical and artwork information through one click is valuable. It is easy to use unlike some other sites out there. It's simpler and everything is there.

It is very comfortable to me. It allows me to reference information more quickly than some of the others."

Louis Stern
Louis Stern Fine Art