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Artist Alerts Explained
What is an artist alert?
·  We notify you about new information for artists you have selected.
·  All alerts are 'opt-in' -- You choose what you want to receive.
·  Alert notifications are emailed.
What alerts will I receive?
You may opt-in for any or all options:
·  Upcoming auctions
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·  New artist biography posts
How does it work?
After creating your account and adding artists of your choice you may receive any of the following items:
·  Upcoming auctions.  When a new auction is announced, opted-in Subscribers will receive notice.
·  New auction results.  When a work is sold at auction, opted-in Subscribers will receive notice.
·  New art for sale.  When a new work goes up for sale by a dealer or other seller, opted-in Subscribers immediately get an email.  Free Alert members will have a 5 day delay.
·  New art wanted.  When an artist is listed as "art wanted" by a dealer or other buyer, opted-in Subscribers get an email.
·  New artist biography posts.  When artist bio information is updated, opted-in Subscribers get an email.

What's missing in the Free Alert version?
·  Subscribers get full access to all data and services including: Auction records, signatures/images, full bios, charts, etc.  Please see:  Individual plans explained
·  Upcoming auctions.  Free Alert members receive partial information only.
·  New auction results.  Free Alert members receive partial information only.
·  New art for sale.  Free Alert members are notified after a 5 day delay.

  • Learn about upcoming auctions
  • Notifications when art sells
  • Alerts when art is for sale
  • Alerts for buyers seeking art

Tour our database records for these sample artists:
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Cy TwomblyMinimalism
Georgia O'KeeffeMod botanic, landscapes
Andrew WyethFigures, portraits, landscapes
Ed RuschaPop word illusions
Camille PissarroImpressionist