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Artist Studio Plan

15 "For Sale" or "Portfolio" works
No commissions due
$29.50 per month
Includes Subscriber Benefits
($25.95 per month value)
Advanced Artist Studio Plan
Best value!

36 "For Sale" or "Portfolio" works
No commissions due
$59.50 per month
+ Includes Subscriber Benefits ($25.95 per month value)
Benefits for all plans

Your own askART Artist Studio home page
Reach 100,000+ artist alert email subscribers
Post art for sale. Buyers contact you directly
Set up in as little as 10 minutes
Share artwork images, bio/history, more ...
Link to your website (optional)
Artist Studio Plan

9 "For Sale" or "Portfolio" works
No commissions due
$16.50 per month
Artist Studio only
No Subscriber Benefits
Advanced and Classic Artist Studio Plans include:  Full "Subscriber" Benefits
Generous Search
· Up to 100 auction record searches/views per month (Greater use anticipated? Please contact us)
· Find art, artists and auction records
· Advanced search:  Art for sale, art wanted, galleries and more ...
Art Auction Records
· 300,000+ worldwide artists
· Millions of auction records and results (from 1987+)
· International coverage
· Upcoming auction postings
Professional Research Tools
· Signatures:  Cropped images organized by artist
· Images:  Millions of artworks
· Publication and artist references
· Artist auction sales charts
· In depth artist bios
Artist Alerts
· Emails notifications (with user-defined filters)
· 30 artists - Follow your favorite artists
· Same day notification
Alert Types
· Upcoming auctions
· New auction results
· New art for sale
· New art wanted

We are the world's leading resource for art pricing, offering international art-auction records, artist biographies, artist signatures and much more.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does askART take any commission if I sell my artwork?
No. askART only charges the flat monthly fee membership rate.
Does askART require me to sign a contract?
No. All our services are offered on a month-to-month basis, and you may cancel at any time.
Can I create an Artist Studio even if my name is already in the askART database?
Yes. If you are an artist already listed in the askART directory, your Studio will be a distinct account that you control and manage. This will allow you to provide even more information and images. Your Studio will then be linked to your askART record.
Can I create an Artist Studio if you don’t have my name in the askART database?
Yes. We’ve created this feature to allow artists to gain exposure on askART.
If I’m already an individual Subscriber member ($25.95 per month), what is my best strategy if I also wish an Artist Studio?
If you are already an individual Subscriber member, please log in with your current passwords. Next, click on the 'Artists-Create an Artist Studio' link at the left side of our Home page. Next, choose the Classic ($29.50/month) or Advanced ($59.50/month), both of which include your Subscriber benefits ($25.95/month). You account will be upgraded to the Artist Studio plan and the cost of your previous subscriber plan pro-rated.
Who can create an Artist Studio?
Currently we allow artists, artists' agents/managers, estate representatives, friends and/or relatives to create artist studios. You must own or be the duly authorized agent for the artwork.
Can I create an Artist Studio for a deceased artist?
Yes, if you are managing the artist’s estate you can create an Artist Studio.
I already have a website. Is the Artist Studio going to help me?
Yes. Many artists have their own website, and askART can help promote you further. askART receives tens of thousands of daily visitors with many millions of page views per month. We will provide links to your website from a Sales/Portfolio area where interested buyers will be able to see samples of your artwork, as well as discover you by searches for style, medium, size and colors. Additionally, our Artist Alerts will be sent for your newly posted ads to those interested in your works. (One contemporary artist has over 70 Alert fans!).
Several art galleries represent me (listed on askART or not), can I still sign-up for the Artist Studio?
Yes. We provide a space where you can list Dealers or Agents who represent your artwork.
Would my Artist Studio page look incomplete if I could not enter, for example, a book listing?
No. If information is not entered under any of the headings, they will not display on your Artist Studio page as unanswered. If situations develop, you can edit your information later with your first museum, book, etc., and at that time will the listing appear on your Artist Studio.
If I need more For Sale or Portfolio images, how can I upgrade to a higher Artist Studio level in the future?
You may upgrade your account at any time, and we will automatically pro-rate for the upgrade.
What is the purpose of inputting the dominant colors when I place my For Sale ads if the viewers can just look at the image to see the colors?
We offer buyers a search filter to help them locate the works that fit their color, size and style interests. If you do not add color details, your work may not be included in search results.
How will askART visitors find my artwork?
We provide multiple links to your Artist Studio, including the link from our home page “Art for sale by artists,” an entry in the alphabetical artist directory and your name will be searchable from the Artist Search box.
If, for example, I sign up for the Advanced account, I see I am entitled to “36 For Sale and Portfolio artworks,” do I have to have a certain number of each?
You may mix and match as you wish. A “For Sale” ad is counted as one and a “Portfolio” ad is counted as one.
Are we charged for making updates?
No. You can login at anytime and edit/update your Artworks For Sale, Portfolio pieces, biographical information, and contact details. There are no additional fees for updating your Studio.
Am I limited to a certain number of "logins" per month, and can others use my password?
Access is only for the registered Subscriber's use (See Terms of Use). If you are a Classic or Advanced Artist Studio member, you will be allowed reasonable unlimited personal access for Subscriber privileges (auction records, unless the frequency becomes extraordinary in our opinion. We monitor for unusual log-in or page view activity, and may cancel accounts (with refund), and remove artists from our site at our sole discretion.
How do I place artworks for sale/portfolio examples with images?
Please click here for guidelines on uploading images.
  • Promote your art
  • Reach a select audience
  • Connect in the world of art!

Examples of Artist Studios:
•  GC Meyers
•  Susan Volk Stanley
•  Evelyne Boren
•  Carole Ann Myers