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Premier Plans
(All plans include complete auction record access.)

65 artist listings
40 advertisements
$120 per month
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150 artist listings
80 advertisements
$175 per month
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25 artist listings
10 advertisements
$65 per month
Benefits for all plans

Reach 100,000+ artist alert email subscribers
Place art for sale and art wanted ads
Large "Featured" Artist page ads  (What's this?)
Dealer home pages and Directory listing
Showcase images of your Dealer's artwork
Links to your website
Also includes full "Subscriber" Features and Benefits*
Generous Search
· Up to 100 auction record searches/views per month (Greater use anticipated? Please contact us)
· Find art, artists and auction records for original paintings and sculptures only.
· Advanced search:  Art for sale, art wanted, dealers and more ...
Art Auction Records   Original paintings and sculpture.  No photos, lithos, multiples.
· 300,000+ worldwide artists
· Millions of auction records and results (from 1987+)
· International coverage
· Upcoming auction postings
Professional Research Tools
· Signatures:  Cropped images organized by artist
· Images:  Millions of artworks
· Publication and artist references
· Artist auction sales charts
· In depth artist bios
Artist Alerts
· Email notifications (with user-defined filters)
· 30 artists - Follow your favorite artists
· Same day notification
Alert Types
· Upcoming auctions
· New auction results
· New art for sale
· New art wanted
* Each Dealer Plan account allows only for one user using 2 devices (e.g., laptop + mobile phone) to access paying content (e.g., auction lots) on askART. If there are concurrent logins or more than "2 devices" accessing the account in any given month, there will be additional charge of $25.95/month per additional user/2 devices. We will let you know at the end of each month re: any additional logins/devices.

Please contact askART to arrange for a Dealer/Gallery subscription and advise how many ads you would like (80, 40, or 10) and how many employees will be accessing. Thank you for your interest in askART!

We are the world's leading resource for art pricing, offering international art-auction records, artist biographies, artist signatures and much more.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How Premier Plans work
What is the definition of a Dealer/Gallery, and what standards have you set?
This refers to a Dealer in paintings, sculptures, illustrations, or signed original printed materials.  A Dealer must operate as an art Dealer/Gallery in a professional and public venue, and adhere to all domestic and international laws regarding artworks. In addition, a Dealer buys and sells artworks on a disclosed basis, revealing all details necessary for a buyer or seller to make an informed decision, and/or can be endorsed or verified to askART by either: the artist in whose work the Dealer might specialize, or at least one established member of the Dealer/Gallery Associations that we have listed, or a recognized executive or staff member from one of the museums or auction houses that we acknowledge.

(Please Note: askART reserves the right to remove Dealers from the site without notice if a review suggests that they did not or do not comply with the guidelines set forth herein. Dealers may also be removed for other reasons which askART might deem appropriate, such as violating what we consider either good faith or ethical business standards.)
Does askART require a dealer to sign a contract?
No. Dealer Plans are month to month, and may be cancelled at any time (or) and you may cancel at any time.
If I need more artists and ads, how can I upgrade to a higher Dealer level in the future?
At any time you may upgrade your account, and we will automatically pro-rate for the upgrade.
If, for example, I sign up for a Gold Dealer Plan account, I see I am entitled to “80 ads”.  How do you define an "ad"?
A “For Sale” ad is counted as one ad. A “Wanted” ad is counted as one ad. You may mix and match as you wish.
Advertising on askART
How can I upgrade my regular For Sale ad so that it will be the featured image directly on the most important page for the artist? (The artist’s ‘Overview Page’)
After placing your For Sale ad, you will see a link with the rate to upgrade to a "Featured Ad". Once you upgrade, your ad and ad images will appear on the artist’s main page.
How do I obtain more information about placing a Primary or Secondary Home Page Ad, and reserve a future date?
Please click here to learn about the Home Page advertising options that are available. You may also send any inquiries to and one of our representatives will contact you.
Technical details of using askART
Are Subscriber Members and/or Dealers limited to a certain number of "logins" per month?
Subscribers are allowed unlimited access unless the activity level reaches our most active list, in which case we may notify you to negotiate more appropriate invoicing, or at the sole discretion of askART, deny further Subscriber membership privileges.
May more than one person use my password as a subscriber?
No, with exceptions. Access is intended for the subscriber's use only, or an employee conducting research for him or her. We will be monitoring for unusual usage and/or simultaneous logins and may cancel subscriptions and/or Dealer registrations if bad faith has been determined. Please note: Dealers should be especially protective of their username and password, as they will be the same for both your auction record access and registration log in (for adding artists and ads, and editing general dealer information).
Dealers who only wish to be added to the askART Gallery Directory
May my Dealer be listed on askART without signing up for a Plan?
For the most exposure, we recommend a Plan, however we do offer a complimentary dealer listing. Please click here for registration.

  • Showcase your gallery!
  • Reach your target audience
  • Find and sell art!

      We have regularly increased our customer list through our advertisements on askART.
                                       - Larsen Gallery

      We get requests from everywhere from Europe and east and west coasts.
                                 - Roughton Gallery

Example Premier Members:
•  David Dee Fine Arts
•  Beloosesky Gallery
•  Gerald Peters Gallery

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