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Q. Are askART Subscribers limited to a certain number of logins per month?
A. To prevent abuse, there are limits on the amount of usage you may utilize with a standard account. Subscribers are allowed open access until the activity level reaches the activity level of our most active 3% customers, which at 100 searches is rarely reached other than by large institutions (who pay for custom accounts). If your account should fall into a ‘high usage’ account category, we will notify you to discuss more appropriate invoicing.

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Q. May more than one person use my Subscriber password?
A. Access is for the subscriber's personal use, or for the use of an employee conducting research for the subscriber. askART monitors subscriber access for unusually frequent usage and/or simultaneous logins, and reserves the right to cancel subscriptions and/or dealer registrations if bad faith is determined. If you are a Premier Dealer, you should be especially protective of your User ID and password, as these are the same for both auction record access and the registration login that lets you add artists, place ads, and edit gallery information.

Q. If I sign up for the ongoing Monthly Renewal membership ($25.95 per month), does askART require a contract or a minimum number of months?
Although we do not require a contract, if a new Monthly Renewal account is canceled before it rolls into the 2nd month, there will be a one-time surcharge of $5.00 added to your billing.

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Cy TwomblyMinimalism
Georgia O'KeeffeMod botanic, landscapes
Andrew WyethFigures, portraits, landscapes
Ed RuschaPop word illusions
Camille PissarroImpressionist