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Smoke Dreams
Allan M D'Arcangelo

Robert Cottingham

Malabarista Haciendo su Acto Sobre un Helado de Fresa
Alejandro Colunga

Picasso a la Feria, revetu des habits de la Pena de Logrono - Nimes, 1959
Lucien Clergue

Muchacha de Cuetzalan
Raul Anguiano

Carnival of St. Petersburg
Mihail Chemiakin

Yellow Mandala
Clarence Holbrook Carter

Garden Fantasy
Jon Carsman

Arlequin Amoureaux
Sakti Burman

Portrait of Woman
David Davidovich Burliuk

Scene on Windspear Road
Charles Burchfield

L'Oiseau et son Nid
Georges Braque

Miguel Ortiz Berrocal

Diamond Ring
Richard Bernstein

Apple Dream
Robert Beauchamp

Abschalung (Exfoliation)
Herbert Bayer

White Horse
Leonard Baskin

Baj Chez Picasso 1 (Weeping Woman)
Enrico Baj

Red Robin
John Baeder

Interaction of Color: Homage to the Square, Exhibition at Grippi Gallery
Josef Albers

Reclining Nude
Andre Derain

In all Directions (Toutes Directions)
Yaacov (Gibstein) Agam

Light Magenta Square
Richard Anuszkiewicz

Statuette au Vase Jaune
Fernand Leger

Ruthven Todd Poem
Joan Miro

Woman's Head, Crowned with Flowers
Pablo Picasso

Angel with Heart
Sandro Chia

Hilo Chen

Norman Wilfred Lewis

Nature Morte (0)
Marcel Charles Laurent Salinas

Untitled (Flower)
Donald Baechler

Reclining Nude with Books and Pencils on Lawn
Fernando Botero

Marilyn 3
Mimmo Domenico Rotella

Vardea (Mavromichali) Chryssa

Bowl of Oranges (30)
Marcel Charles Laurent Salinas

l'Homme au Chapeau
Jean Dubuffet

Men and Women
William Nelson Copley

Six Geishas
Walasse Ting

Supermarket Flora
Jacob Armstead Lawrence

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (FS.II.341)
Andy Warhol

Wolfman (Wall)
Jim Dine

The Caller
Will Barnet

Reginald Marsh

Zero In Blue
Peter (Finkelstein) Max

Red Apple and Yellow Apple from Seven Apple Woodcuts Series (C. 197)
Roy Lichtenstein

Ernest Tino Trova

The Red Beard
Joseph Solman

Jay Rosenblum

Narcissus, from ROCI USA (Wax Fire Works)
Robert Rauschenberg

LeRoy Neiman

The American Dream Portfolio
Robert E (Clark) Indiana

Braniff Airplane - Brasilia
Alexander (Sandy) Calder

Closed Set
Ernie Eugene Barnes Jr

Untitled - Chair
Willem de Kooning

Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely

Minotaure aveugle guide par une fillette dans la nuit from the Vollard Suite
Pablo Picasso

Omar Rayo

0-9, Number 2
Jasper Johns

Gene B Davis

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