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Alfredo Ramos Martinez

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Alfredo Ramos Martinez (1871 - 1946) was active/lived in California / Mexico.  Alfredo Martinez is known for Portrait and pre-Columbian imagery painting, murals, sculptures.

Biography photo for Alfredo Ramos Martinez Alfredo Martinez is best known for his modern Mexican paintings and murals. His work did not directly reflect traditional Mexican art nor did it embrace the European modernist movements of the time, but rather his unique style was based on his heritage and his thorough academic background.

Born in Monterey, Mexico in 1871, Martinez remained there for his early education. He then studied at the Academia Nacional de Belles Artes in Mexico City between 1884 and 1892. As a young artist Martinez caught the attention of American, Phoebe Hearst who arranged financial support for him to study abroad. Martinez studied, lived and worked in Paris, France, and was eventually able to support himself after he received an award for one of his paintings at the Salon dAutomme in 1906.

He returned to his homeland in 1907 and three years later had accepted the position of Director of the School of Fine Arts in Mexico City. He also continued to paint portraits and commissione   ...  [Displaying 1000 of 15623 characters.]  Artist bio

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.  316 auction records.   1 upcoming.  

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West Hollywood, CA 

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Bijou Fine Arts
Berkeley, CA 

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Santa Monica, CA 

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