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Louis Remy Mignot

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Louis Remy Mignot (1831 - 1870) was active/lived in New York, South Carolina.  Louis Mignot is known for Tropical-seasonal landscape painting.

Biography photo for Louis Remy Mignot A landscape painter, Louis Remy Mignot was among the Hudson River School style of painters and did numerous tropical landscapes of Panama and Ecuador as well as scenes of upper New York state and some of the Southern states.  He was short lived, dying at age 39.

Mignot was born in 1831 in Charleston, South Carolina.  His father Remy Mignot was a French Catholic immigrant who owned a confectionary shop in Charleston   His boyhood, during which he demonstrated a precocious artistic talent, seems to have been spent in his grandfather's home, near Charleston.

In 1848 he left for Holland and studied for four years with Andreas Schelfhout at The Hague.  He also traveled through Europe before he returned to the United States to settle in New York, where he received the praise and support of numerous critics, patrons, and fellow artists.

In the summer of 1857, Mignot accompanied painter Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900) on a four-month   ...  [Displaying 1000 of 13012 characters.]  Artist bio

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