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Karl Anton Zach

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A.k.a.:  Anton Karl Zach, Carl Zach.   35 auction records.  
Karl Anton Zach (19/20th century) was active/lived in Austria.  Karl Zach is known for Painting.

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.  askART's database currently holds 35 auction lots for Karl Anton Zach (of which 16 auction records sold and 0 are upcoming at auction.)

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.  There are 0 artworks for sale on our website by galleries and art dealers . There are 0 galleries and art dealers listing works of art by Karl Anton Zach as either "Wanted" or "For Sale" .

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.  askART lists Karl Anton Zach in 0 of its research Essays. Karl Anton Zach has 2 artist signature examples available in our database.

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.  35 auction records.  

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