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Andre Charles Bieler

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Andre Charles Bieler (1896 - 1989) was active/lived in Quebec, Ontario / Canada, Switzerland, France.  Andre Bieler is known for Easel and mural painting, teaching, sculpture, printmaking.

Biography photo for Andre Charles Bieler Andre Charles Bieler  CM, BA, LL.D, RCA, OSA, CGP, CSGA, CSPWC, FCA, PDCC (1896 - 1989)

Andre Charles Bieler was a very important Canadian painter, draftsman, sculptor, printmaker, muralist, educator and national leader in the artist community.  His legacy includes the Kingston Conference*, the Federation of Canadian Artists*, the Canada Council for the Arts*, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre and hundreds of works in Canadian museums.

He was born in Lausanne, Switzerland; lived most of the first twelve years of his life in Paris, France (1898 - 1908); and he died in Kingston, Ontario his home since 1936.  His family emigrated to Montreal, Quebec in 1908, which was Bieler's primary residence until moving to Kingston.  He also had a home in Sainte-Famille, Quebec on the Ile d'Orleans (in the St. Lawrence River east of Quebec City) from 1927 to 1930 and in St. Adele, Quebec (the Laurentian Mountains) in 1935.  Both were very impor   ...  [Displaying 1000 of 18876 characters.]  Artist bio

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