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Luciano Gaspari

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Luciano Gaspari (1913 - 2007) was active/lived in Italy.  Luciano Gaspari is known for Painting, sculpture.

Luciano Gaspari was born in Venice, Italy, in 1913. In the 1930's, Luciano studied at the art academies in Venice and Bologna. He began teaching at the beginning of the 1940's. Luciano Gaspari's oeuvre was influenced by the art movements of his time. After starting with figurative depictions, his work was then guided by expressionism, cubism and art informel at various times of his life. Aside from being a painter, graphic artist, and art teacher, Luciano worked as a glass artist as well. He was the head designer of the company of the Salviati family in Venice, from the beginning of the 1950's. Luciano Gaspari died in 2007, in Italy.

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.  124 auction records.  

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