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Sergei Semenovich Voroshilov

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Sergei Semenovich Voroshilov (1865 - 1911) was active/lived in Russian Federation.  Sergei Voroshilov is known for Painting.

Artist auction records

.  askART's database currently holds 39 auction lots for Sergei Semenovich Voroshilov (of which 21 auction records sold and 0 are upcoming at auction.)

Artist artworks for sale and wanted

.  There are 0 artworks for sale on our website by galleries and art dealers . There are 0 galleries and art dealers listing works of art by Sergei Semenovich Voroshilov as either "Wanted" or "For Sale" .

Research resources

.  askART lists Sergei Semenovich Voroshilov in 0 of its research Essays. Sergei Semenovich Voroshilov has 1 artist signature examples available in our database.

Similar artists

.  There are 24 similar (related) artists for Sergei Semenovich Voroshilov available:    Semyon Feodorovich Feodorov,  Pavel Alexandrovitch Radimov,  Georgiy Grigorievich Nissky,  Nicolai Karazin,  Richard Karlovich Zommer,  Aleksei Vladimirovich Isupov,  Vladimir Egorovich Makovsky,  Yuri Ivanovich (Georgy) Pimenov,  Tatiana Alekseevna Mavrina-Lebedeva,  Pavel Nikonov,  Vladimir Feodorovich Stozharov,  Alexei Mikhailovich Gritsai,  Igor Obrosov,  Stephan Fedorovic Kalesnikoff,  Efim Efimovich Volkov,  Pyotr Alexandrovich Sukhodolsky,  Vitaly Gavrilovich Tikhov,  Nikolai Mikhailovich Romadin,  Piotr Ossovski,  Iosif Evstafevich Krachkovsky,  Pavel Petrovich Sokolov-Skalja,  Viktor Efimovich Popkov,  Eduard Georgievich Bragovsky,  Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky

Quick Stats

.  39 auction records.  

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Samples of Sergei Semenovich Voroshilov

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