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Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen

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Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen (1912 - 1999) was active/lived in Denmark.  Sven HavsteenMikkelsen is known for Painting.

Artist auction records

.  askART's database currently holds 113 auction lots for Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen (of which 78 auction records sold and 0 are upcoming at auction.)

Artist artworks for sale and wanted

.  There are 0 artworks for sale on our website by galleries and art dealers . There are 0 galleries and art dealers listing works of art by Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen as either "Wanted" or "For Sale" .

Research resources

.  askART lists Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen in 0 of its research Essays. Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen has 7 artist signature examples available in our database.

Similar artists

.  There are 24 similar (related) artists for Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen available:    Julius Petersen,  Michael Otto Albert Kvium,  Jens Birkemose,  Kurt Trampedach,  Lars Norgard,  Knud Aage Nielsen,  Pierre Wemaere,  Edvard Thorvald Weie,  Jens Sondergaard,  Albert Naur,  Mogens Helge T Andersen,  Ejler Bille,  Olaf Rude,  Laurits Andersen Ring,  Jens Ferdinand Willumsen,  Hans Voigt Steffensen,  Kehnet Nielsen,  Laurits Tuxen,  Svend Engelund,  Poul Anker Bech,  Oluf Kristian Alexander Host,  Johannes Larsen,  Preben Hornung,  Johannes Hofmeister

Quick Stats

.  113 auction records.  

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Samples of Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen

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