Sofiia Pomogaibo

Artist Biography and Background

Born 1995 Ukraine
Known for
Still Life, Portrait, Landscape, Interior
Art academy, Kiev, 2009-2013
Exhibition Record (Museums, Institutions and Awards):
2016, Exhibition of the Biryuchy Contemporary Art Project, Best cubist artist award, Biryuchy, Ukraine.

2019, Exhibition at French Institute, Best cubist artist award, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):
2016, Exhibition "Ukrainian cubism" at ComeIn Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

2017, Exhibition at Hudgraf Gallery, Best cubist artist award, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Art Explosion Studios, 2019, Member
Other Sources
reference Oleg Tistol, my teacher and mentor, Kiev, Ukraine
SaachArt gallery - in Europe.
Kateryna Pomogaibo - San Francisco, CA, USA.
Artist Statement
Was born in Kiev, Ukraine, 24 y.o. The artist is interested in the essence of objects and their connection with the surrounding reality. She analyzes the relationship between the elements of reality, their semantic and visual interconnection, and seeks to explore and ultimately convey the properties of different materials. Her still-lifes present everyday objects as sides of the conversation, color change, texture, light, and shadow. In her works, the artist uses techniques that best match her research tasks. She amazingly mixes Cubism and Cezanne toolkits, combining a planar interpretation of space with its tone-color interpretation. With such treatment of shape and space, the artist reveals the depth of illusiveness, and conventionality of the image. Combining a rational analytical method and a sensual intuitive approach in her work through the image of simple objects, the artist dissects reality, thus exposing its hidden structure and expanding the possibilities of its perception.
Sofiia Pomogaibo
333 Escuela ave
Mountain View, CA  94040
Phone: +1 (650) 210-6804
Cubist, Cubism
Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Pencil