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Hector Moncayo

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A.k.a.:  Hector Moncaya, Hector Moncayo Viteri.   23 auction records.  
Hector Moncayo (1895 - 1984) was active/lived in Mexico, Ecuador.  Hector Moncayo is known for Painting.

Hector Moncayo (1895-1984)

Patriarch of the "Moncayo Painters" of Ecuador, he attended the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Quito [School of Fine Arts of Quito].  He attended the school only for a short time, starting to paint independently in 1908.  Cultural landscapes, street-side scenes, flowers, human figures, and portraits became his characteristic themes.

He married Elena Merino who also developed a gift for the arts and began painting bucolic landscapes in small formats.  Two of their children as well as other members of the extended family also became painters.


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.  23 auction records.  

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