About askART

About askART - launched in year 2000 as AskART.com

AskART is an online database containing close to 300,000 artists, with information ranging from biographies to auction records. At the time of our Internet debut in year 2000, we focused on American artists; however, in 2008, we expanded our coverage to include international records.

Our web site has become the preferred tool for collectors, gallery owners, researchers, appraisers, museum and library personnel, artists, insurers, scholars, art aficionados… really anyone with an interest in two and three-dimensional original fine art. We offer extensive biographical information about American artists, as well as book and periodical references, along with international artists’ auction records and images. Over 7,500 museums, dealers, and auction houses are referenced. AskART subscribers have complete access to this information, including artists’ financial graphics.

CEO and President

The roots of the company began in Scottsdale, Arizona, when Roger Dunbier (1934-1998), (Ph.D Oxford), working with programmer Charles Lefebvre, began in the 1980s's to build an artist database. After Dr. Dunbier’s unexpected death in 1998, his operations partnered with George Collins (BA, Stanford), a San Francisco financial advisor, art collector, and Dunbier friend. Collins became the founder of the new business model, as well as President and CEO, in order to transform the original database and publishing company into the initial Internet entity named AskART.com. Co-founder was Lonnie Dunbier, widow of Dunbier. A distinguished museum professional and art author, she skillfully managed research and many artist registration and biographical content operations for the company’s growing user base.


As askART’s popularity grew, Tea Cerkvenik Gebbie (BS, Iowa State University, Computer Science) joined the company in 2007 as COO handling the complex daily operations. Prior to askART, she had served as consultant to several Fortune 500 companies on e-commerce and information system implementations, and was one of only a handful of worldwide Commerce Server MVPs to be selected by Microsoft.

Content Manager

Valued senior member of the askART team is Veronika Roessler (MA, Northwestern). Fluent in German, she has lived and worked in Europe. In the U.S. since 1995, she has held various roles working in the art world and with online art information services, as registrar, senior editor, researcher (Sound View Press); and with the Art Price Index; as well as work for the expanded 1999 edition of Who Was Who in American Art.

Team Members

AskART is fortunate to have a first-in-class team whose members think and act like owners of the company, sharing our goal to provide the best visitor experience we can. Our team is international in scope and have been key to our 15 years of success.

Corporate Update - In May, 2015, the company launched its completely rebuilt and modernized web site.

AskART’s mission statement:

AskART is a privately held corporation dedicated to the creation and maintenance of the world’s most comprehensive centralized database of artists. The company does not buy, sell, auction, or inventory artworks, or act as representative for any artists, but rather we are committed to offering to the public the best possible educational and professional resource. Our content features painters, sculptors, and illustrators ranging from early artists to modern urban expressionists. We provide digital images, biographical documentation, book references, auction data, and the opportunity to contribute information about artists.

We take special pride in having trail-blazed computerized tracking, forecasting, and indexing models for those artists who have received some financial standing for their work. Additionally, it is our goal that through our efforts and the unique opportunities provided by our Internet site, no artist need be forgotten as an individual or a professional, regardless of financial success. We strive to enable art historians and scholars to define and analyze trends, make new connections, and establish reputations for those artists who, for whatever reason, may have eluded fame or fortune in their day.